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Many relying less on police, more on personal protection from concealed weapons

This is a discussion on Many relying less on police, more on personal protection from concealed weapons within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; And the need will increase in the future, we've only seen the top of the iceberg. Just wait until the money runs out for many ...

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Thread: Many relying less on police, more on personal protection from concealed weapons

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    And the need will increase in the future, we've only seen the top of the iceberg. Just wait until the money runs out for many of the government entities, then you will really see the prisons opend up, the police cut to the rediculous level, etc. Then you will be for real, on your own!
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    I think the world or our sheriff, and police department, and this is not a detremental statement, but to me, out where i live, they would only show up in time to do the paperwork..... if it was time to call 911 , someone is gonna b in trouble...
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    I have the utmost respect for our Law Enforcement Officers but being a realist, I know they can't follow me around all day in the case I might run into a situation that may require their actions. I don't carry a sidearm because I'm "scared." I simply believe in being prepared.
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    I understand the issues that the LE community has to deal with. In my interview for my CCW the Sheriff told me that he didnt know "how I could do it" as a high school teacher. I responded that I felt the same way about his job. As a public employee we are both being stripped of our needs due to irrational spending of money that isnt really there in the first place. The mutual respect that was established there endowed me with even more respect than I previously had for my LE community. I understand their desires to serve and protect are limited by the constraints placed on them by politicians who generally know nothing of the actual nitty gritty. I expect my LE community to do their job and am blessed with one that is amazing. That means, to me, that I can do my part by not relying on them to protect me without me protecting myself (and my family).

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    The police officers in our county, and the state police we have here that I have met are really good people. And I believe they do thier best to do thier jobs. But the night the drug idiot tried to break into my house, and I had my wife call 911 it took over ten minutes for them to get here. And as I was having a stand off with the jerk, the dispatcher kept telling my wife to tell me to put the gun away. I told her to hang up on her she was doing us no good. Anyway five police cruisers county and state came and arrest the guy. And when I told them what the operator said about putting the gun away, they all asked why would you do that. I told them I didn't.

    Cops where great. Dispatcher needs a new job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgb View Post
    We don't have Police (Peace) Officers anymore. They've been replaced with Law Enforcement Officers. In either case it was never either's place to protect the individual.
    Well said sgb. PS: And the point of this thread is?

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    If someone attacks me in my home or a parking lot, my survival will be determined way before the police show up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elk Hunter View Post
    I hope they didn't spend a lot of money to come to that conclusion!
    I hope it was a group of dirtbags who DID the study.
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    2,714 100% right on the money......IMO.

    Couldn't have said it better although I live in one of those F'd Up States.....NJ......and can't leave yet as my wife won't move away from her elderly parents.....understandably.
    But rest home......we are secure......on the streets is another matter here. I walk our GS alot and always take my OC spray everywhere I go.
    I see NJ as a haven for criminals............most everyone here is disarmed and the laws are written to prevent one from protecting themselves and their's just that simple.
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    Keep defending our rights to keep and bear arms...
    The police are not there to protect you from crime, they are there to arrest the guy after the crime has been committed, assuming they find him. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    Well said sgb. PS: And the point of this thread is?
    That should be obvious even to you.
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    I remember as a young child the sheriff stopped by our house way out here in the country saying there had been a triple murder a few miles down the then dirt road that went by our house...he told us to be careful & take care of our selves...he went off to try & find the perps...i remember being concerned but not afraid because my dad had the means to protect us...also we had a mean biting dog...being able to protect yourself...not depending on others is a freeing experience...

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    I like how they attribute "being scared" or hearing bumps in the night to mostly responsible people buying guns & getting their carry permit.

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    I shoot with the police chief of our town. Very pro carry guy. Our kind of guy. County sheriff does OK as well. Cops will do an excellent job of sorting out a crime, figuring who to hunt for, catching the guy, and hauling them in. But if you were the victim, what do you care? You're dead. Being dead would suck. I trust our cops, would count several as friends. But they and I know that if the wheels come off and they were there before anybody got hurt, it would be sheer luck.

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    Makes simple sense. These days, with budget cuts and less funds available, the police departments have turned form being an active force into a reactionary force. This has happened locally over the past ten years in my area. Nice transition. Simply cannot depend on local, regional, or state law enforcement any more. Likewise...many law enforcement agencies are outright telling you that you need to be more independent even if you don't read the newspapers or are not aware.

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