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carry around anti gun family

This is a discussion on carry around anti gun family within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First off, please respect your parents wishes. It is their house with their rules. This is a no win situation. However your sister is another ...

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Thread: carry around anti gun family

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    First off, please respect your parents wishes. It is their house with their rules. This is a no win situation.

    However your sister is another story. Carrying your gun in your car is YOUR business. Simply tell her she is not welcome in your car unless she follows your rules. And having a fit about your gun in your car is not considered appropriate behavior by you. Sometimes you just gotta be the bad guy. Remember she is still a child and needs to learn a few lessons the hard way.
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    My family isnt anti gun but they seem to not like me carrying. I just keep it concealed and dont say anything. And god forbid I have to use it someday to save ther bacon or mine they might appreciate it more.

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    Im glad my family is Pro gun. When I took my CCW class it was 6 of us. All my family. My cousin and his wife, my Father-in-Law, Brother-in-Law, Myself and my lovely Wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongGoneDays View Post
    I don't have an anti gun relatives but my grandmother has very strange ideas about what skills/mindset/maturity level I have and practically started bawling as I told a story about a rude fat chick in Wal Mart almost knocking my concealed pistol out its holster.

    Haven't brought it up since.
    Sharing with others that one carries is the invitation for drama. Why does your grandmother have to know you carry and why, when you know she is so bothered by it, would you tell a story that involves your carry experience. As the saying goes "carry always NEVER tell".
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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    My sister in law is such an anti she won't even let my brother possess a gun in the home. Needless to say, she has never been clued in to the fact that I carry.
    My wife tried that shortly after we got married. She told me "no guns in the house". She quickly figured out she was not successful when she saw my brand new Colt Python .357 magnun 6" stainless. Not long after that she started going to the range with me. Now we are going through the same thing but with the CWP issue. It is irrelevant to me whether she wants to accept it or not. We'll see what happens.

    My father always had a gun in the house, also my uncles, etc. For me is like having a hammer or any other tool. I really don't understand people that are against them. I suspect they have fallen victim of a massive subliminal brain washing or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwbackpacker View Post
    I've heard odd attitudes like this. One I've heard from people is something along the lines of "I'd never be able to kill someone even if they were pointing a gun at me and were about to shoot me."
    Brings to mind a situation back in '67.

    My wife was a teacher.

    We were at a get-together of teachers and spouses at a new school, for her.

    A couple of antis brought up the issue of guns. A number of statements like that.

    My wife said she shoot someone threatening her kids (meaning student) in a heart beat and asked "why wouldn't you?" Silence. Then told of the time she, as a teen, had protected her sister and herself w/ a dbl barrel when an escaped con broke into their house.

    Lots of embarrassed looks. End of discussion.
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    As far as the sister goes, there is a general mindset in teenages that they are invincible. She probably feels that things like car accidents, kidnappings, molestations and other things never happen to real people that she might know. Unfortunately the world is someday soon going to pick her up by the scruff of the neck and shake her up big time.
    They say that 1 in 30 high school freshman will not live to graduate. It's a cruel lessen. All you can hope is she learns the lesson without being the one directly effected. If and when the lesson comes, and she losses a classmate, be supportive and understanding, and when she has had time to grieve, gently try to use the event to show her that there are things mature individuals can do to try and avoid tragic outcomes.

    Don't talk or text and drive, don't drink and drive, don't make bad decisions, don't hang out with bad or stupid people, and take steps to be able to protect yourself if all else fails.

    Then explain that protection from the evil in the world is why you decided to carry.

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    I'm going to step out on a limb here and say the sister's fear of guns has a lot to do with two parts; her limited knowledge/experiance with them. The other (major in my mind) part is scarry and sad news stories of students killing each other. The antis negativity is guns are seen as an enabler. For example; without the guns the pair used in the Columbine shootings, could they've killed/maimed/injured so many? Another well known fear of guns is the horrible news stories "how an irresponsible gun owner left their gun in the reach of a child shot themself or their sibling." Not many rationalize that it was the psychos' crazed mentality that allowed them to murder many innocents, or the irresponsibility of the parents inaction to safeguard such dangerous weapons.

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    I do not have that problem,,,, but if I did ,,,,,then
    we would have to socialize at MY HOUSE.

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    home carry

    I have a problem that is somewhat the same besides im 23 and still living with mom who is antigun and when im carry
    around our own home i can just tell she is nerves so one day i asked her how she feels about me carrying at home and she
    said its weird and paranode we went on talking for a while telling her i only do this to protect her my sister and me but
    theres no reasoning even if i have all the facts saying I right and not paranode. she says and i quoto
    "PEOPLE DONT DO THIS" like she knows what everyone in the gun community does. the bottom line is should i still
    carry but just cc the gun in house i ve though of getting a kel tec pf9 for cc in my own home thought anyone

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    I am one of the lucky ones. We have a majority of CHL holders in my immediate family. My parents don't carry but have guns in the house. My uncle put his hand on my gun the other day while giving me a hug. Just moved his hand and gave me a smile when he looked at me.
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    If it is well concealed it shouldn't make any difference, I will carry mine every where the Law allows. I guess when you get to be my age you can do things like that....just sayin

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    Re: carry around anti gun family

    Wow, sorry to hear the anti responses.

    I grew up around guns and was educated at a young age. My father has been carrying as long as I can remeber and passed down his S&W Airweight .38 special snubby to me when I got my CCW. While my mom doesnt own a gun she has no issue with me carrying nor do my 3 sisters.

    My wife grew up shooting in her dad and brothers gun range and store and owning a Kimber .45 which is her favorite gun.

    My wife knows where every gun is in the house and wouldnt hesitate grabbing the Mossberg 12g or any pistol to stop an intruder in my absence.

    Sounds like a lot more educating is needed for a lot of folks out there.

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    my 78 yr old father carries a little .380 colt mustang everywhere he cgoes(concealed) so me carrying around him is not an issue.. my sister on the other hand made a huge issue out of me carrying at a family get together at herhouse this year. she would have never known until my girlfriend hit my weapon with her hand that she had hurt at work and made a comment. my sister made a huge issue by aggressively questioning me in front of family and friends if i was carrying . i told herwith an affirmative yes that i was . funny thing is her son is a fayetteville pd officer and carries concealed all the time. of the 20 or so people at the house 12 of us were armed. she questioned my GF about it and i can proudly say that my wonderful woman told her straight up it makes her feel safer knowing that i am armed and ready to defend her and our daughter at a moments notice.

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    I think as we have more and more gun laws that people are more and more afraid of guns. If you have a law against something, it must be bad, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't have laws against them.
    It's the direction our society is going in. Ramp up the irrational fears and you can gain control to steer more laws "your" way.

    I remember back in the early 60's when I was young, a man in our small town took his 4 kids out into a field and shot them all and killed himself. The whole town was in a state of shock and talked about it for months, including my parents and family.
    I don't remember ONE person saying anything negative about guns. They were horrified over the fact that the man had killed his children...not that the GUN had killed the children.

    If that happened today, the gun would be blamed, as if the man was an innocent bystander who happened to be holding the gun. That's a big difference between now and then.

    My point to go back to the OP's original post (which I see was back in Feb) is that now days people hear constantly that guns kill indiscriminately. If you hear this enough you start to believe it. A lot of the posters are young so their parents are probably younger too. In the 60's-70's the war on guns started and it's not going to stop. I live 5 miles south of "The People's Republic Of Maryland" and it seems every year new legislation is introduced that make it harder to own a gun. Of course this doesn't apply to Baltimore where every street thug has just applies to you and me.
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