Chime in West Virginia

Chime in West Virginia

This is a discussion on Chime in West Virginia within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thinking of getting out of upstate NY in a few years. want better weather for winter but not too hot for summer. What are the ...

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Thread: Chime in West Virginia

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    Chime in West Virginia

    Thinking of getting out of upstate NY in a few years. want better weather for winter but not too hot for summer. What are the rules in WV for handguns or guns IN general?

    I will look into it but looking for a nice state with conceal carry and nice to live.

    I will read the rules but I though W Virginians can chime hunting, motorcycling and boating and beleive in right to carry, concealed and having longs guns too

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    I lived in WV. Winter weather in WV ain't much better than NY. I'd look a little further south if that is a big criteria.

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    Gun friendly state, almost no rules. Check out the West Virginia Citizens Defense League for info: West Virginia Citizens Defense League (WVCDL) Where hunting is concerned, it is definitely a strong part of the culture. But as a result, a lot of public lands are very crowded with low-skill, unconscientious hunters during some seasons. Best would be if you can get permission to hunt on private property; some big commercial landowners lease hunting rights.

    As for weather, depends on your altitude. I doubt there are very many places in the state that would have anywhere near as severe winter weather as upstate New York. But you can definitely get a lot of snow from year to year, it's just not guaranteed that you will.

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    Thank you for your inquiry about the State of West Virginia.

    We are a fairly gun friendly state and people. Most of the firearms rules are simple, we tend to not be too restrictive. Getting a WV Concealed Revolver/Pistol License (that is the name of ours officially) is fairly straighforward. Take the Sheriff's or an approved class, (no felonies or D.V.P guys) and be 21 years old and shoot a hand gun. Apply at the Sheriff Office in the County of residence. The whole fee is about $100. No fingerprints are required but they do a background check and if you are clean, in about 45 days you have a permit. About 21 states either have reciprocity with WV or just recognize outright. Many of the surrounding states such as Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia do. Maryland does not.

    I have lived in WV all my life in the southern part, Huntington to be exact. Our weather is kind of in the middle. We can have really cold snowy winters, like last year, but that is unusual. Summers can be hot and humid but I say overall it is very tolerable.

    Up in the Allegheny and Appalachian Mountains is another story. Not a great place to WANT to live, if you happen to have been born and raised there, then you are more forgiving of the climate. I love the mountains, just don't want to live there. I prefer the foothills of the Allegheny range and adjacent to the Ohio River where I call home.

    Economy-wise it is not the greatest. Depends on what you do or what skills you have with the job situation. Most of the area that I live depends upon Marshall University, Hospitals and Doctors, much of our heavy industry has ceased. A lot is tied into the Coal Mining industry and some tourism in the interior of the state.

    Kind of a Reader's Digest story, hope that it helps.
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    I've lived here a long time and it's a great place if you don't need to be near a big city.

    If you are accustomed to winters in upstate NY you will find any part of WV a lot warmer. The exception would be the higher elevations in the eastern mountains. I'm guessing that even Terra Alta, about the coldest place in the state, would be a little easier than upstate NY. Winters in a place like Huntington or Charleston can be really mild. Of course, we can get four or five weeks of real heat in July and August but nothing like Atlanta or any other place down south.

    WV is shall issue for concealed carry and pretty gun friendly in general. Hunting and fishing opportunities abound. If you like riding the twisties on your bike there are plenty of winding secondary roads just about everywhere.
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    I agree with most of the comments, I live in the Eastern Panhandle and the weather is not like New York. I live in my camper along the Potomac River from May to November. We have about 13 miles of deep water for boating and fishing. My location is about 80 miles from Washington,DC and Baltimore,MD. Many of my hunter friends have hunting camps for Whitetail deer, turkey. Rabbits, Squirrel and other small game is plentiful. If you have a skilled vocation do an internet search to see what is available.
    Good Luck!
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    I lived just outside of Clarksburg (Nutter Fort) for 4 years and right on the Kanawha River 12 miles SE of Charleston, the capital, for 4 years. Motorcycling in this state is as good as it gets, especially in the fall. As others have said, the winters aren't nearly as bad as most of New York and in the lower elevations it's no big deal at all. In the 4 years I lived outside of Charleston I was able to clear most snow off of my walkway and sidewalk with a leaf blower. Concealed carry is the norm there, although open carry is legal in most areas of the state, I don't recall ever seeing anyone open carry and I traveled all over the state on business. If you can get past the shaky economics it's a great place to live.
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    Come on down to Tennessee. One can carry open or concealed. Mild winters here just north of Nashville.

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