Now this is a person who gets it.

Now this is a person who gets it.

This is a discussion on Now this is a person who gets it. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's a long read, I have only read several parts of it, but this lady covers all aspects of WHY people are afraid of guns, ...

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Thread: Now this is a person who gets it.

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    Now this is a person who gets it.

    It's a long read, I have only read several parts of it, but this lady covers all aspects of WHY people are afraid of guns, and those of us who choose to carry and be willing to protect ourselves.

    Sarah Thompson M.D.

    Now where are the shrinks like this when I'm feeling a little

    "a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged"
    Check it out
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    Excellent article.

    (1) People who identify themselves as "victims" harbor excessive amounts of rage at other people, whom they perceive as "not victims."

    (2) In order psychologically to deal with this rage, these "victims" utilize defense mechanisms that enable them to harm others in socially acceptable ways, without accepting responsibility or suffering guilt, and without having to give up their status as "victims."

    (3) Gun owners are frequently the targets of professional victims because gun owners are willing and able to prevent their own victimization.
    That is it in a nutshell.

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    JPFO is a great, under-recognized, no-hogwash organization.

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    Excellent reading. Dr. Thompson is extremely well informed and articulate. Every gun owner should read this article to gain an understanding of the workings of the mind of anti-gun people.
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    Superb - and that was just skip reading. I have saved that to refer to later.
    Every organization that supports gun control apparently wants its members to be helpless, terrified and totally dependent on someone else to control every aspect of their lives.
    This was just one of dozens of things we could quote - so so true.
    Chris - P95
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    I printed it out to read throughly.....

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    Excellent article! Saved for future reference and distribution.
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    Excellent article, I wonder if the Jewish author of the email lived next door to Mel Gibson? Sorry, IT IS FUNNY. But as previously stated it is a very good article going in depth much more than the "Stupid Liberal" norm that I am accustomed to hearing on other sites, after all "Know thy enemy" and "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" has always been good advice. ***Attention any stupid liberal types*** I do not feel that your are truly my "Enemy" and wish you no harm, well no serious harm other than attacking you with a spork.
    Please disregard this post as you have obvioulsy came to the wrong place to ask for directions to the Brady Bunch's site.

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    Wow, one awesome find. I'll definitely be reading that a few more times.

    One of my favorite parts:
    Quote Originally Posted by Article
    Most gun owners, when confronted by an anti-gun person, become angry and hostile. This is understandable, because gun owners increasingly face ridicule, persecution and discrimination. (If you don't believe this, ask yourself if anyone would seriously introduce legislation to ban African- Americans, women, or Jews from post offices, schools, and churches. Even convicted felons aren't banned from such places – but peaceful armed citizens are!) But an angry response is counterproductive.

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    Great article.

    I wish she was my Doctor.

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    +1 on that. Read the article and wish there were more people out there that would read that article and let it sink in. A must read for all people if you ask me =o)

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    I printed it out, so to have the wife read it. She doesnt understand why I carry, and this is pretty clear of reasonings to carry.
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    Excellent article...thanks 4my son for bringing it out to our attention.
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    I'm Jewish, liberal-to-moderate on most social issues and yet I carry a handgun for self protection. My wife goes to the range with me (though not as often as I would like) and took a handgun safety class with me. She could apply for her carry permit but has not yet done so. She doesn't mind loaded guns lying around the house.

    My Rabbi & his wife, on the other hand, are strident anti-gun "victims," as defined in the article. In gun arguments, she makes up anti-gun statistics, once stating that "most gun owners die by being shot by their own guns!" I told her that most gun owners keep their guns in the nightstand or their car's govebox and never even fire them, let alone die from gunshot wounds. I don't know the facts, but I did concede that it seems more reasonable that out of the small percentage of gun owners who do die from gunshots, it may be true that a majority of them die from being shot by their own weapons.

    Several years ago, before I was a gun owner, they invited me to attend the Million Mom March. I refused, telling them that those zealots are trying to take legal guns away from law-abiding citizens. That sure fried them!

    1-1/2 years ago, he preached an anti-self-defence sermon that implied that shooting in self defence always ends up with stray bullets killing children. I told him it was his worst sermon ever, and that it only presented one side. I had the chance about three months later to lead Friday evening prayer services, while they were away, so I presented Biblical arguments supporting self defense. Just imagine where the modern nation of Israel would be today if they did not believe in self defense!

    In Virginia, I am NOT allowed to carry concealed in any alcohol-serving establishment, although it is legal to open carry there. I used to just leave the gun in the car, but in the last month I've started legally open carrying in restaurants. Although I dine with them (Rabbi & wife) once or twice a week, they have not yet noticed (or at least they haven't indicated to me if they have), but I'm sure there will be fireworks soon!

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