My Ultimate CCW test

My Ultimate CCW test

This is a discussion on My Ultimate CCW test within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Since I cannot carry 24/7, (due to working in NY ), my experience has been mainly limited to "in and out" carry , such as ...

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Thread: My Ultimate CCW test

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    My Ultimate CCW test

    Since I cannot carry 24/7, (due to working in NY ), my experience
    has been mainly limited to "in and out" carry , such as shopping
    malls - convenience stores - and other areas where there are either not many people ,
    or I am only present briefly ( an hour or so at a time )

    And since I have only been carrying for less than a year , I still
    find myself worrying about being "made".

    So for two days this past week , I conducted my own impromptu
    "Carry Test".
    I volunteered to sell raffle tickets for my Gun Club at a local
    Country Fair!

    While not a Huge event there were 2000 + people present at any
    given time - coming and going - some working - some "people watching" - all in an area perhaps slightly bigger than a
    football field.

    Day 1 - I worked from 4:30 - 10:00 PM
    Dress was jeans , untucked short sleeve shirt , beneath
    which was my .357 snubbie carried IWB.
    I walked around the Fair quite a bit , chatted with people ,
    and practiced observing my surroundings from "Condition Yellow".
    ( )

    While I didn't spot any "threats" , I found that VERY FEW people
    even noticed me looking at them , and eye contact with those few
    was brief.

    None of the people I sold tickets to , or the several casual acquaintances I ran into seemed aware I was armed.
    After dark , the carnival atmosphere was such that I could
    probably have done cartwheels and not have been noticed.

    Day 2 - Started at 10:30 am - till 10:00 pm.
    Slacks , Polo Shirt, small 9 mm auto in front pocket holster.

    Spent most of my time at the ticket booth , sold lots of tickets ,
    talked to several hundred people easy , stood in line at concessions
    during meal breaks, quite uneventful from a CCW point of view.
    (of course that's a good thing )

    Both days I noticed that the uniformed security guys were usually
    talking on their radios or sheparding lost kids..

    Also , I did "armed escort" duty when we left each night with the
    Cash receipts.

    Anyway , the whole, experience was a great confidence builder, and
    a good learning experience.
    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

    know your rights!

    "If I walk in the woods, I feel much more comfortable carrying a gun. What if you meet a bear in the woods that's going to attack you? You shoot it."
    {Bernhard Goetz}

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    Sounds good to me. Being comfortable with carrying helps a lot with being able to relax a bit.

    Glad it went well.
    eschew obfuscation

    The only thing that stops bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. SgtD

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    Goes to show - however much we might early on think we'll get ''made'' - in fact the majority of folks are pretty much oblivious of anything much!

    You mention the eye contact thing - well that too and I often out of interest try and register in WalMart and similar - just how many folks I can ''engage'' in eye contact - it is usually not many due to most being cocooned in their own little world.

    Some might as well wear a ''I wanna be a victim'' label
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    Interesting! Of course lots and lots of longtime Pennsylvanians could care less if you are carrying; even if they notice, many of them won't think twice about it; and, they're, certainly, not going to say anything to you.

    Assuming you're right-handed, after the novelty wears off, it might help a little for you to remember to:

    Not bend over from the waist; kneel instead; and, don't bend over by bending sharply with your left knee because the gun's butt is sure to stick out.

    Learn to effortlessly tuck your elbow against your side, whenever necessary, as casually as possible. I like to hook my thumb over the front of my belt as if my arm were tired. (The gun's right there if you need it, too!)

    Not stand face-to-face while talking with others; and, don't turn completely around right in front of them. Instead, stand just off one shoulder and 3/4 your gun side away from them.

    Not put your hands in your pockets a lot because you might, 'blouse' the gun butt; and, never reach for your wallet by sweeping the front of your cover garment. Pull it up from the bottom, instead.

    Be keenly aware of anyone who approaches you from the right rear. (You might get, 'patted' hello!)

    Relax and smile a lot, and not act, 'armed'.

    I, once, walked into a local pizza parlor while carrying two guns and an ammo carrier on my belt. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by an entire class of armed state police cadets and several of their instructors - All of whom were looking at the guy who'd just walked into the room!

    (Not a sluggard in the group! Everyone was clearly in, 'Condition Orange'.)

    I, simply, acted nonchalant. Police officers, especially like those in PA, are trained to look for subtle, 'tells'. If you don't show any, then, they'll usually leave you alone.

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    It Changes...
    Be careful and check your local laws, here in NC you can't carry anywhere admission was paid or in large crowds like fairs, Parades etc. Nevertheless, as you carry it will get easier. Be safe...
    Listen, Think and React.....Nuff Said.....

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    I wouldn't worry too much about "being made". I open carry about 80% of the time now and I have never seen anyone elven act like they noticed the XD .40sc on my right hip nor the big silver 12 round magazine on my left hip. Even if the shirt I wear is a white T-shirt, as it was today that outlines the black gun, they still do not notice.

    Most people go about their daily lives in a state of what I call "atomic white". Even more oblivious than what we consider condition white. I think I could honestly walk into just about any public business with a shotgun over my shoulder and very few if any people would notice.
    ,=====o00o _
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    Quote Originally Posted by PT-111 View Post
    Most people go about their daily lives in a state of what I call "atomic white". Even more oblivious than what we consider condition white.
    Sadly this seems to be all to true. Between Ipods, cell phones and pure sheep like behavior most people seem to be in an almost fantasy like mental state these days.

    But the good news is it also means they don't generaly have a clue that you're carrying!
    If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good. ~ Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

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    I always wondered if people notice if I am carrying but I do not think the general public is looking for that or even care. Before I leave the house I always look in the mirror to see if my weapon is conceal enough but can not stop from printing a little. Never had anyone say anything to me as of yet.

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    I think more notice than you think; but, do not consider open carry a problem since it seems form various forum comments I have seen here and other places open carry is not unusual in TN.

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    I have lost interest in being "completely concealed" except for some special occasions. As long as there is fabric over the weapon, NOBODY NOTICES.

    Now for something really interesting.....

    I am in VA, where CCW is illegal in a restaurant/alcohol setting, but open carry is OK.

    Friday afternoon the wife asks me to go by a Mexican restaurant and pick up dinner after I get off work. As I get off from where I can't carry, I do the usual "arm up". IWB R hip, shirt partially untucked. This is a gray EMS t shirt. I usually wear navy blue, but that morning I picked up the gray, which doesn't do quite as well to disguise the bulge.

    Walk into the restaurant to pick up dinner. Firmly in STUPID MODE. Totally forgot about the law, probably because I wasn't in the mind set of sitting down to eat. All I had to do was pull my shirt up over my weapon, or leave it in the car, but just didn't. Not to mention seeing EMS carrying a weapon would be downright unusual.

    So I'm standing at the counter waiting for my food, sense some people walking behind me, and suddenly I get body-checked, right on the weapon. As I spin the weapon away, preparing for who knows what, I see that the three people behind me are LEOs, none of whom I am particularly tight with. I have about 5 different thought processes going on at the same time.

    De-escalate the adrenalin.
    Did he/they see the weapon?
    Did he feel it?
    Will he say anything, since I am in uniform?
    And last but not least, oh c**p, I'm in violation.

    Well, the "bumper" never missed a beat with the Good Ole Boy banter. They paid and were on their way. But I can't shake the feeling that I got made.

    Gotta get some smart pills.
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18

    Guns Save Lives. Paramedics Save Lives. But...
    Paramedics With Guns Scare People!

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    Funny story. Yup, you got made; and, he let you know it, too! Those OWB's often, 'blouse the gun' and are easy to see from the rear.

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    Congratulations on your successful venture into the world of self defense preparadness.
    When you accept mediocrity you sow the seeds for future failure.
    One should never confuse good fortune with good training.
    Illegitimus Non Carborundum. In God we trust.

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    Spunds like the weekend was a good 'field training' exercise !

    Don't forget about the 'hug trick'.... when you see someone coming up to hug you, automatically go in low around their waist with your arms, that forces their arms to go higher up around you and eliminates them from discovering your gun.

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    I’m convinced that appendix IWB is the best place to carry… getting bumped into is only one of them.


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    I carry in PA and NY... Never had any issues... Just keep aware of your surroundings... Complacency Kills..!

    BTW paramedic70002, as I soon as I get off duty my IWB holster goes right on my I always have to do the same untuck routine or change into "Civies"

    I found most cops who know your EMS don't care... Maybe it was a "LOVE TAP" to see if you would know you were needing to fix something...
    ::: NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Military Veteran, Public Safety Professional :::

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