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This is a discussion on CPL renewal denied/mich. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A firearms instructor I know has this atty listed on his website. He may be able to help and is in MI. Chapman Law Group ...

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Thread: CPL renewal denied/mich.

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    A firearms instructor I know has this atty listed on his website. He may be able to help and is in MI. Chapman Law Group | Attorneys at Law | Michigan & Florida Hope this helps.
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    When I was with teh 60 others at teh County Gun Board meeting for my CPL back in October, the Sheriff asked if there were any questions. One guy stated that he had been diagnosed with PTSD and depression. Sheriff asked if he had spoken to his Dr. about getting his CPL and what that would mean.. long story short, the guy was on medications and getting treatment, and so the Sheriff said, hey if your Dr says you're fine with the meds and he's confident you're stable, then I don;t have an issue either.

    I'm paraphrasing of course.. but this was the Bay county Sheriffs comment on a similar matter.

    I think that since this therapist is getting paid to see you, you need to take that money somewhere else and see a different therapist, as has been mentioned. If you cant get a different diagnosis, you may only have legal options left, however MI law is what it is, and if 2 mental health professionals say you're depressed (whether you think so or not) and neither will affirm that you are safe to carry a handgun, to me, that sounds like the end all right there.

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    I would seriously consider filing a suit against the therapist for overstepping her authority as she has definitely caused you harm. If nothing else, it may put the brakes on her doing this to anyone else.

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    Thankfully in my county 98% of applications are approved without ever having to go before the gun board.
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    Gun Board Never heard of such a thing,, I live in FL. though PS I would also like to know the outcome
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    Quote Originally Posted by hogdaddy View Post
    Gun Board Never heard of such a thing,, I live in FL. though PS I would also like to know the outcome
    I never heard of one either. Hopefully everything will work out for you. I hope so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glock27mark View Post
    have some news i'd like to share and get of my chest. has to do with the deniel of my CPL renewal. i first applied for my CPL back in
    july of 2006. took my mich. CPL course as required under mich law. went in front of the gun board on aug. 25. went home with my
    CPL one happy camper. the expiration date was nov. 2010. i started to process of renewal for my license alittle late (may 2011) and
    applied for renewal in june 2011. (which has no bering on approval or denieal.

    that being said, back in nov. 2004 i recieved an injury to my back at work and having be able to work and am now on disability. i was
    seeing a therapist to help me in my situation. (not being able to work) to make a long story short, she (therapist) had wrote in her
    report that i suffer from major depression. which is as false a statement can be. i enjoy life and all that goes with living a happy life.

    well i'm sure that you all can understand how the gun board would see this. included in the letter from the gun board was their reason
    for denieal was "you have a diagnosed mental illness". now i have talked to the chairman of the gun board on a couple occasions and
    he had mentioned that if i could get the diagnosis changed that the board would reconsider the approvral of my CPL.
    The bummer of it all is i put together paperwork concering laws about michigan CPL rules and regulations and the therapist would not
    even listen to me or read the paper work i have put together. sorry so long but am wondering if anyone has any advice or been
    in a goofy predicament such as this. thank you in advance for any advice...
    And now we see firsthand why requiring psychiatric evaluations for gun ownership would be a bad idea. Some wacked out shrink decides that you're too depressed, and next thing you know, your rights are gone.
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    Question is...if in 2004 the diagnosis was "depression" and you applied and received a license in 2006...why deny you to get it renewed?

    Dates incorrect?
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    Did you EVER reveal to your therapist that you had a CPL, or had guns? If so, she may have an reason why she won't bother with your paperwork.

    If she refuses to "listen" to you, what kind of therapist is she?
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    Like the others suggested,maybe consider seeking another therapist,or attorney.i'm wondering,like someone else,is the therapist qualified,for that?

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    My experience, I've never seen nor met a social worker of any kind that was not anti-gun. In our state, they are not considered qualified in any way to make such a diagnosis, and would be liable to lose any license they had, and be open to a lawsuit.
    Most 'normal ' forms of depression are not disqualifiers.
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