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how effective is OC spray?

This is a discussion on how effective is OC spray? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by MP9NewMexico Recently, there have been a string of armed invasions taking place near my parents' home. They both refuse to carry or ...

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Thread: how effective is OC spray?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MP9NewMexico View Post
    Recently, there have been a string of armed invasions taking place near my parents' home. They both refuse to carry or have a firearm in the Home despite my advice. They did however purchase several canisters of Sabre RED oc spray to have in their pockets and stashed throughout their home. My concern with this is that the one burgular who was caught so far was high on Meth. If my parents find an angry and likely armed Meth head in their home, would oc spray stop him from hurting them?

    I really wish they'd get a 12 gauge and a concealable piece or four!
    OC spray is like anything else, dosen't work on everyone /thing 100% of the time. It works by pain compliance and sensory deprivation(you can not open your eyes because it burns, therefore incapacitating you), so having someone who has a altered mentation or perception of pain you can not predict how they will respond.
    Saber Red and Fox OC are some of the nastiest around. I would suggest that they get a few of the inert trainers to practice, know the distance that it will spray, etc. I'd also suggest a spray with a stream rather than a fog or cone, especially indoors.
    If they are not receptive to having a weapon in the home, it may do more harm than good.
    I'd look into having a "panic room" where they can go, call 911, and await help as well as practice strong situational awareness and take steps to alleviate crimes of "opportunity ". External lights, dogs, and locked doors will go along way

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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    Foaming wasp and hornet spray with a trigger handle (for paint) on it. That stuff shoots 20+ feet and since it foams it may not create vapor that bothers them. Shoot it and aim for the head.
    This keeps coming back. Maybe it should be made a sticky?

    Wasp Spray is NOT “Self-Defense” Spray

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    OC spray doesn't work very well on me, for some reason, but I haven't been sprayed with a variety of them, just Sabre Red, and another foaming one.

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    Very valid piont, I forgot all about that. I know it burns the eyes and privates like a freight train..inmates are use to oc, most civilains havent had that **** sprayed on them. Tasers-very very effective...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GettingOld2 View Post
    This keeps coming back. Maybe it should be made a sticky?

    Wasp Spray is NOT “Self-Defense” Spray

    Forget wasp spray. Why does this keep coming up?

    There are foams and gels from MSI (my preferred brand) and Fox (highly recommended). You might also look at the ones with trigger-tops that are the size of small (or...not so small) fire extinguishers. The gel styles won't cross-contaminate or vaporize.

    I have covered the local prison and jails for EMS calls for several years and I have met people who weren't affected at all by OC.
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    I'm not a fan of Sabre. I could spray it on my eggs for seasoning! I have seen it fail too many times. Fox Labs, however, is highly effective. I have been sprayed multiple times with both and there is no comparison.
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    I didn't get sprayed, but having some Sabre dabbed under each eye with a cotton ball convinced me I didn't want to get sprayed.

    Pepper spray and expandable baton training.
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    Pepper spray just make violent individuals more angry, works great on dogs though.
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