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check my weapon??

This is a discussion on check my weapon?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I agree with most of the responses that it means people bringing in firearms other than concealed carry. One shop I frequent had a sign ...

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Thread: check my weapon??

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    I agree with most of the responses that it means people bringing in firearms other than concealed carry. One shop I frequent had a sign up saying basically the same thing. When it was pointed out to them they laughed at their mistake and corrected the sign to clarify that it did not mean concealed carry weapons. They just did not want people walking around in the store with weapons in their hands was all.

    Why not ask the folks at the store what the intent of the sign is?


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    Geez..................CONCEALED is CONCEALED...What part of CONCEALED is that difficult to interpret...Unless the store employee is "feeling you up", or unless you are doing cartwheels through the store and your cover garment is flopping all over the place, how in the world will they know you are carrying CONCEALED? The Texas law gives the specifics on signage. IF it doesn't meet the law, then it DOESN'T MEET THE LAW! Where is the problem? JMO
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    Get 15 or so of your buddies and all go in at once. Check your weapons then get your escorts. 15 guys wandering around the store not buying anything but tieng up 15 employee escorts should change their mind aout the policy.

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    Thanks for the posts, but I guess what I'm asking is can a store employee ask to check my weapon?
    As a requirement for entering the store? Of course he can. You can also say *no* and not enter the store. My guess is that you have misconstrued the meaning and intent of the sign. As others have pointed out these signs generally require people entering the store carrying a gun in for trade or repair to have the gun checked and be escorted to the counter. I walk past such signs carrying concealed every time I enter Cabelas or Sportsmans Warehouse. I suggest you re-read the sign. If you still see something there you can't accept then shop somewhere else.
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    One GS I go to has a sign at the door, this is not the exact wording. Unload your weapon before entering store if you plan on unholstering the weapon.
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    I'm going to assume that you want to take the firearm in for servicing or trade in and you have your license and so you're wondering what rules you need to follow. Even though you have your license since you will be exposing the weapon I think you need to follow the store rules. If you're only walking into the store you do not need to tell anybody about your weapon.

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    My local "Big R" store has the same sign on the front door. As others here have opined the sign is for persons bringing in firearms to be serviced or returned, it does not refer to concealed carry. This store also notifies the cashiers when you exit the counter with guns or ammo purchases. They do this for their own protection, I guess?

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    Gander Mountain has a sign with almost identical language here in Roanoke - only at the bottom of the sign they say it doesn't apply to CCW.

    Could be the sign you saw just isn't clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountryGal View Post
    Gander Mountain has a sign with almost identical language here in Roanoke - only at the bottom of the sign they say it doesn't apply to CCW.

    Could be the sign you saw just isn't clear.
    Hello neighbor, I actually posted about that exact sign, but didn't mention location. I remember when it was first posted there was quite an uproar from local 2nd Amend. groups. I think the fine print was an addendum if I remember correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Like Others have said,Firearms being sold or traded,they don't want somebody walking thru the store with a loaded gun that "They were sure was unloaded",you would be surprised how many times I've seen people hand somebody a gun without clearing it and stating it's ok it's not loaded and watching the person clear the gun and watch a round of ammunition pop out,or at a Gun Show had a guy I know looked at a shotgun on a table,picked it up and unloaded 4 rounds out of the mag tube,the Vendor almost crapped his pants since he just purchased it from somebody at the Gun Show and the chamber was empty
    Lol, that happened to me at a class III dealer. The weapon in question was a full-auto MP5. (Dropped the mag, it was empty, grabbed the charging handle and a 9 mil fell out.) I thought it was funny as balls, the guy behind the counter was extremely pissed (not at me, obviously). I guess as a reward he let me put 3 rounds through his suppressed 9 mil HK. First (and only) time I'd ever fired a suppressed weapon.

    Anywho, I agree with the guess that they want to ensure that the unloaded weapons really are unloaded.

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