Reommendations on a Shoulder Holster....

Reommendations on a Shoulder Holster....

This is a discussion on Reommendations on a Shoulder Holster.... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Need some survey help here... I am looking for a good, inexpensive shoulder holster for conceal carry...(I know...stop me if you've heard this before).... I ...

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Thread: Reommendations on a Shoulder Holster....

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    Reommendations on a Shoulder Holster....

    Need some survey help here...

    I am looking for a good, inexpensive shoulder holster for conceal carry...(I know...stop me if you've heard this before).... I currently carry either a M&P 9m or a Sig P239 and commonly use a King Tuk which I do like a lot. However, I am 6' 210lbs and depending on what I am wearing, sometimes the king tuk (ok, my love handles) don't conceal too well. So I have been looking at getting a Shoulder rig to wear under my golf shirts or bowling style summer shirts.

    The problem is I don't have any friends that have a rig I can borrow to try out and I don't have the money to spend $300 on 3 or 4 options to find the best fit for me....

    Any recommendations or experiences would be appreciated.


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    Andrews Monarch---a spectacular shoulder rig.
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    Some years ago, I spent a lot of trial and error time making my own homemade under-the-shirt vertical shoulder holster for my titanium/scandium .357 snubby. The final design worked well, and I carried that way full-time for years ... perfectly concealed and very comfortable.

    Then (last September), I bought a 10mm full-size, all-steel 1911 ... weighs 3-1/2 times as much as my snubby! I wasn't sure I could figure out how to carry it reasonably ... didn't like several shoulder, IWB and OWB holsters I bought very much ... not good enough concealment (compared to what I was used to), and not comfortable and convenient enough to suit me. So I built an under-the-shirt shoulder holster for it, similar to the one for my snubby, but with wider (2", knit) elastic straps. It works very well ... I've been carrying in it full time for more than a month now, and I think it's going to be a permanent solution. Concealment is nearly perfect, and it supports the heavy weight of my 1911 very well ... much better than my belt holsters do. My 1911 is definitely much more bulky than my snubby, and I am often aware of feeling the edge of the grip with my underarm (especially when my left arm is angling across my body) ... I always know it's there (in contrast to my snubby), but I think it's going to be a viable full-time solution.

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    Shoulder holsters are not designed to be worn under a golf shirt or t-shirt. They are designed to be worn under a jacket or an unbuttoned shirt.
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    I agree you are trying to do something with a shoulder rig that it is not suited for. Too bulky under the arm. Not being rude, but this subject has been debated ad nauseum, try the search feature as to opinions on different makers.
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    Save your $$$...get a good IWB/OWB holster and call it done!
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    Simple, low cost,light weight. comfortable for many. Gets the job done and easy to get use to.
    Kangaroo Carry

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    i have used a shoulder holster for over 30 years on the job. you have to learn how to dress with one. in the winter it is easy to dress around one. in summer i use an open outer shirt over a t-shirt type shirt. i have all my suites cut for a shoulder holster so they do not print. do not go cheap. a cheap shoulder holster does not wear good and will not hold the gun/mags right. i like the galco miami classic and/or the old jackass rig.
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    Give a try. They're about the same price as the kangaroo carry. The harness uses a lot less elastic. After wearing a kangaroo holster for 8-10 hours, I found that the pistol had sagged to my waist. The deepconceal holsters stretch enough to fit right but don't sag later in the day. I wear them over a tee shirt and under a dress shirt. Just watch out for the "huggy" ladies. By the way, i use it with an M&P 9c.

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    Shoulder rig under a jacket = OK. Shoulder rig under a polo or other lightweight shirt is a no go. Not enough fabric and not thick enough to conceal the harness material, not even considering the actual holster portion which needs a very loose fitting cover garment with drape.

    What type of belt are you currently using with your King Tuck? If it isn't a sturdy gun belt made to support the weight of a weapon there is your problem. The belt is allowing the holster to lean away from your body. You may also need to lower the clips to allow the gun to ride lower in your waistband.

    Also a good concealment position is AIWB with a polo/T-shirt/button down. I've been carrying a G23 in a Dale Fricke Arch Angel or Sig P229 in a Garrett Industries Slim AIWB for ~ six months. I feel I have a much cleaner profile with no give away bulges in very light clothing.

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    I own a Galco Miami classic. It was given to me by somone, who had bought it thinking that a shoulder holster was the way to go.
    They quickly learned its not.
    I will not say they are useless. I have used it on various occasions and it works well in it's niche areas.
    Long car trips...
    Under heavy coats in cold weather...
    On the couch watching Miami Vice re-runs.....

    But, for everyday carry they just dont work real well for most people.
    Then again you might not be most people, and come to use it everday.

    I give the Galco Miami Classic an A+ rating as far as shoulder holsters go. So that gets my vote if you really gotta have one.
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    I think shoulder holsters have a place. For me a long car ride, comfortable winter carry. I have a Miami Classic which I only use occasionally for my Sig P226 but works well. A Friend has an Andrews which seems of a better quality and fit but considerably more expensive for a holster I would rarely use. I would go to ebay and buy a real CHEAP nylon holster to judge how you like it being aware that the fit and hold will be better with the leather.
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    Miami Classic II or Highnoon Undertaker.

    Not cheap, but not outrageous either IMO.

    As stated, great for long driving trips.

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