Burglar Alarm goes off….

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Thread: Burglar Alarm goes off….

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    Burglar Alarm goes off….

    This did not happen to me, and I am reporting this as second hand/third party.

    A good friend (Kevin) of mine, who I have known since college, has had his CCW for many years. The two of us have gone shooting many times. Kevin’s boss is aware he carries almost 24/7 and the two of them have even gone shooting a few times. Kevin’s boss owns the business and is co-owner of the building it is located in. There is second business that operates out of the same building (different offices). The owner of the second business is the other co-owner of the building.

    From what I understand the burglar alarm is set off. The alarm is for the building and not for an individual business. Both owners are notified by the alarm company, and then the second owner calls Kevin’s boss and asked him to call Kevin so he could go “investigate”. Kevin lives very close (a few minutes walking distance) from work. The kicker is that the request was for Kevin to “get his gun and go investigate”.

    So when my friend tells me this, he is not a happy camper. He is very upset he was asked to “get his gun and go investigate”. He told me he just lied and said he was all the way across town, and now wishes he just said “call the cops”. I would have thought that the cops would have been notified and would investigate the alarm themselves. However, I was informed that alarms are almost always false alarms and seldom that they ever investigate the alarms anymore.

    Secondly he is very upset that his boss apparently has told others that he has an employee that carries. He know feels used and feels like he gets the evening shifts, and gets sent on the errands that takes him into higher risk areas. I asked him why he told his boss he carried, and I guess his boss had voice questions about gun laws, and wanted to learn to shoot, so Kevin filled him in, but was thought it clear that it wasn’t a “public knowledge” sort of thing. He is now also feeling betrayed about the knowledge being spread, and feels like he was used as a personal armed security guard.

    He decided to take a lot of accrued time off, and is looking for another job. He can’t just quit this one until he finds another one, so isn’t sure what to do.

    They alarm was indeed a false alarm.

    So, how would you have handled this situation?
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    Your friend did the wise thing as far as avoiding potential harm to himself and lots of legal troubles. His boss put
    him in a lousy position and was wrong for doing so. His boss still can put him in a lousy position because
    the boss probably needs no reason for firing your friend. He doesn't even have to tell him he is
    angry because he didn't go and respond to the alarm.

    (Don't get me started on the evils of "at will" employment laws. THis is a pretty good example of why it is wrong.)
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    I would have your friend check state laws regarding armed security guards. Investigating an alarm is either a security or police function. An owner can check their own property in every state I am aware of but him not being an owner would be crossing a very definite legal line in some states. This could get both him and his boss into some very hot water.
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