How do you check your 6:00 without looking paranoid?

How do you check your 6:00 without looking paranoid?

This is a discussion on How do you check your 6:00 without looking paranoid? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been wondering how others check their six when walking along. I have to turn at least 90 degrees to one side or the ...

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Thread: How do you check your 6:00 without looking paranoid?

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    Question How do you check your 6:00 without looking paranoid?

    I have been wondering how others check their six when walking along. I have to turn at least 90 degrees to one side or the other in order to see it and to try to keep up good SA, I would assume it is good to check that position fairly frequently as that is the most vulnerable. How do you do it without constantly turning around and looking like you're paranoid?
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    I use what ever is at my disposal,windows,mirrors,and watch other peoples eyes(ALOT)as they pass,and sometimes I will use the old looking at something on the ground,and sometimes I just look paranoid.

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    I look at other things. I'll walk and if I see a nice house, I'll look at it until I'm completely ahead of it and by that time, I'm already seeing my 6.
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    If you check 6 and someone is back there just give a friendly smile if they look inocuous. If they look like potential trouble, don't stare them down but give them a look.

    I'd rather someone think that I'm paranoid and check 6 when needed than to not do it and be oblivious to an assault.

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    Honestly, I don't walk around 'checking my six'.

    On the rare occasion that I have reason, I'll often just abruptly spin around and look. If I make I eye contact, I'll smile and nod. It may make the person behind me uncomfortable, but I'm just returning the favor.
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    My "spidey senses" are usually pretty good, so I never look behind me unless I feel like there is a reason to. I also tend to walk faster than everyone else because, so I have a good sense of what is behind me from passing everyone.

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    Looks like people have already covered the big ones. Anything available that offers a reflection is good as was pointed out. The other is listening which was covered. If I catch something in a reflection that raises an eyebrow or just hear them, I'll turn around to get a look so I know what I am dealing with.

    The funny thing is that our natural senses have been suppressed for so long because as a society we are taught being rude is bad. Sometimes you just have to be rude or appear paranoid according to current standards.
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    I don't turn and look behind me very often. If I'm going for a walk, usually I'd be able to hear somebody approaching me. If I'm in a parking lot, the noise of all of the engines and the ocassional jerkwad broadcasting his "music" to the rest of the world may drown out my ability to hear. But, there are ways to keep an eye out. During parts of the day the sun is your friend, casting a shadow in front of you. Often you'll be able to see if there are people walking behind you. Also you can look in the reflection of cars. Most cars are shiny, have reflective windows, etc. If there are other stores around, often you can see in the reflection of their front windows. Also keep in mind that the human field of vision is pretty impressive. We can see things in our peripheral vision that is basically 90 degrees off from center of vision. So if you need to see behind you, it is not necessary to move your head all that much. Even if you don't move your eyes, you can pretend you are looking at a car or some other object, and barely tilt your head. If still not enough, you can also move your eyes too. I suspect most people behind you would not notice unless they were actually stalking you and wondering if you are paying attention to them.
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    Just like a submarine, every once and awhile you do a "Crazy Ivan"!
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    all good points and id like to add my dislike for ads on the monitors

    people are teaching themselves to ignore motion--the jumpy, squiggly motions to get our attention
    and if this carries over into the real world....that we start to ignore small movements in our peripheral vision,

    we evolved with certain responses to danger but it is only going to work if we see the danger...and in time


    as for looking at your 6, people ride with me have asked if i ever watch the road.
    when in fact that is what im doing--looking from all directions besides trusting just my mirrors.
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    I make it a point to make it obvious and let other know I know they are there and if I have to I stop and put my back to something and let them pass so they have to figure out what I am doing behind them

    edit: by the way I am bald so there is no hair on the back of my neck to stand up
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    I just come across as looking paranoid. I don't care.

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    How do you check your 6:00 without looking paranoid?-spyglasses.jpg

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    Dangit! you beat me to the punch with the spy glasses! I used to have a pair of those when I was 10, and thought that I would grow up to be James Bond.

    On topic: I listen, and occasionally glance behind me.
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