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This is a discussion on need your help within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by rangerman2003 i have also tried to get her mom to see that when its on my its safe and that is safer ...

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Thread: need your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerman2003
    i have also tried to get her mom to see that when its on my its safe and that is safer on me then sitting in my truck were i cannot use it if need be.
    To my way of thinking, this was almost, but not quite, the right angle.

    You'd probably do better to try to get her mom to see that when it's on you it's safer than it is sitting in your truck because your truck might get broken into, or maybe her kids could get into it. As long as it is on you, no one can get to the gun without you knowing about it and preventing it.

    Forget trying to convince her (or anyone) that you need a gun for protection. You know it, I know it, but it's a losing battle. Stick with the fact that on your body is the very, very safest and most secure place for your firearm to be. Anywhere else, there's always a possibility (however remote) that children, the criminal, or the clueless could get it and do something stupid or dangerous. But when it is on your body, there's no chance at all that anyone else can handle it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerman2003 View Post
    ... i was pissed that her mom would say it when i wasnt there, and would say it in front of my girlfriends cousin and husband... Then when i came in she shut up that mad me even more mad..
    She's putting you in danger, by divulging to folks when you aren't there. This time, it happened to be (extended) family members, but she's likely telling them 'cause she feels they'll take her side and help with her control issues (over you and your "problem"). She immediately clammed up when you arrived. Who knows how many other folks she has told. A bad situation.

    I think she needs a fair hearing on what security and threat means. She needs to have it crystal clear as to what constitutes placing you and yours in a position of greater risk. She needs to keep her mouth shut ... or, you might well need to exit stage left. She doesn't get it, yet. She might not ever, seeing as how she's actively undermining you now.

    Good luck with all of this.
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    Yep, I think a stern talk about the danger of outing you to anyone is in order. Beyond that, I would respectfully limit my exposure to her parents and kids until they come around. I wouldn't work too hard at convincing them to change either. The more you attack this sort of thing, the more you will reinforce what a paranoid whacko they likely already think you are. That doesn't mean don't invite them to the range. I just mean if they say no, don't keep asking. And don't talk about it unless they bring it up. If they do bring it up, be very calm and limit your responses as best you can. Don't let them bait you into a protracted philosophical debate. I really hope this works out for you.
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    You are in a very bad situation. She is putting you in danger by telling people you are carrying. She may not understand that but I suspect that she wouldn't believe it if you explained it to her.

    I would suggest doing what I did with my Mother in law but I am sure many of you would say I was a serious jerk for suggesting it. You can PM me and Iwill tell you what I did if you want.

    I'm not sure what to tell you but I can ask you this, do you think that your girlfriend is "the one"? Do you think you may want to marry her? If so, then you have to find a way to work this out. If not, it may be time to think about finding a different girl, one whos family won't treat you like a second class citizen just because you take your protection and the protection of your loved ones lives seriously.

    Good luck.
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    thanks guys the help is very appreciated

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    PT-111, don't tease us!

    Maybe it's time to start dropping hints that visits to Mom's house are going to be few and far between.
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