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Pros and Cons of CCW

This is a discussion on Pros and Cons of CCW within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We are all adults (more or less) here and free to make our own decisions. CANT is a decision you have made. Find a way ...

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Thread: Pros and Cons of CCW

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    We are all adults (more or less) here and free to make our own decisions. CANT is a decision you have made. Find a way to live with your decision or, change your decision. Balance the "costs" associated with CANT. You named a few, I am certain there are others. If you can reconcile the pros and cons, there is your answer.

    Any violent situation in which we may find ourselves involved holds the possibility of failure or even catastrophic failure. That is why we should all rely more on our situational awareness so that we may avoid those violent encounters. The idea of drawing against the drop should be frightening to any of us and, thus, should be avoided any way possible. My point is, rather than worry about how you would draw down in that last, critical moment, ponder what you could do to AVOID the NEED to do so at all.

    There will be legal ramifications to any shooting. PERIOD. Expect it, plan for it. Even if you are completely justified, you will likely be spending the night in custody at least and, your job and your friends may disappear anyway. In my mind, taking a human life is a life-changing action no matter how it turns out. My rule of thumb is this. If I have failed in everything leading up to a violent encounter and going to jail for the rest of my life is the GOOD option, I will do what needs to be done and let the lawyers worry about the rest.

    Your second item is purely a training issue. Five to ten minutes a day practicing your presentation will increase your speed remarkably. Deep concealment is not fast. That is the trade off. Perhaps when you leave work, you could transition to a more accessible mode of carry. Work with what you've got and do the best you can. That is all any of us can do.
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    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurgerBoy View Post
    Never take a knife to a gun fight. You'll lose every time.
    This is not always the case. Sure, you are at a disadvantage, but skill, cunning, and violence of action blur the outcome.
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    Even if your shirt is tucked in we still have the benefit of surprise.
    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable- JFK

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    Quote Originally Posted by paching View Post
    It seems to me that change is needed in NM's cc laws, many states allow cc in restaurants that serve alcohol as long as YOU don't sit at the bar.
    And even that little bastion of liberalism, Connecticut, doesn't dictate anything about going into places that sell booze or where you can sit or even whether you can drink or not while carrying. You're expected to act responsibly. (Gotta wonder how long that will last, though.)
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    What I think, Is that your over thinking this. Carry everywhere you legally can, stay practiced and hope you never have to put your practice to the test. End of story. You can not avoid a terrible tragedy if you've got one coming. It won't be at 3am in the shady neighborhood while at an ATM, it'll be at lunch time in a flower shop in some uppity part of town. As far as misdemeanor crimes, fines, job loss..... dude, if the alternative is DEATH who gives a crap about any of that?

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    When I was in college I kept a nice big bottle of bear spray...the 30 foot range my backpack, and funniest thing was it was on accident. (at first) I used the bag on a camping trip to the middle of nowhere, Maine, USA and bought the spray as a line of defense if I needed it...shotgun also went with me on that trip. Ended up keeping it in my bag after finding it there a couple months later in a side pocket I never used. Never looked up the schools policy on the stuff but then again I never needed it.

    Maine allows carry in alcohol serving establishments as long as it's not posted. I've noticed even the generally anti gun chain places aren't even posted, but this is Maine we're talking about and almost everyone owns some sort of gun.

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    For 1, as mentioned, just do what's legal. Or move back up here to CO where they aren't so restrictive :)

    For 2...what training have you gone through? I've been through a couple of decent courses and have no doubts about drawing from concealment (even tucked in, providing we're not talking super-long tails here...I'm also 6'3" so there's almost no such thing for me so I can see where that might be an issue) and getting rounds on target in well under 2 seconds. If you're interested, I can hook you up with an instructor up here when you're visiting (or you could time a visit for one of his classes).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MP9NewMexico View Post

    I have considered a knife. If BG's are shooting, or someone's coming at you with a bat, how much good will a knife REALLY do? Really think about it.
    It's better than nothing. I don't think a knife is the ideal defense weapon, but you can take someone out with it if they turn their back. If someone is shooting at you, yes, the knife isn't a good idea.
    "Though defensive violence will always be a 'sad necessity' in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men." - St. Augustine

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    carry whenever you can, here is a product that many folks haven't seen yet that may solve your problem of tuckable carry...CCW Breakaways.. I'm in a similar situation I can't carry at work (military installation) but from the second I'm off work and pickup my EDC it doesn't leave my side.. would rather be a boscout ( always prepared) than to think of the alternative
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    In Mississippi we can't carry in an establishment where alcohol is the primary source of revenue. We can carry I'm a restaurant that serves alcohol.

    We also have am enhanced carry endorsement that allows for legal carry anywhere except LEO stations, jails, and "places of nuisance(bars)." All you have to do is take a NRA certified handgun basics class to get the endorsement. I just took the class this past weekend.

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    My answer when I can't carry for some reason is a Kimber Pepper Blaster. One in my car, one in the wife's car, one in my pocket (in a pocket holster) and one in the wife's handbag. It gives you two shots, fires 13' at 90 mph, and supposedly is effective in all weather even if the BG is wearing glasses or a face mask. Much better than nothing, and if I do have to use it I probably won't get arrested for doing so, as I invariably would be if I'd used a gun.

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    The legal issue is something for you to decide on your own, you seem to not be interested in changing your habits to prevent either breaking the law or being unarmed. That is your choice.

    On #2, I would continue to practice, but don't think of it as drawing on someone with the drop on you. That would be more the case on a home invasion where you are the primary target. In a bar/restraunt, they will not know who is armed, and in the initial chaos, you should be able to discretely unholster, or at least untuck your shirt and position yourslf as to make a draw unnoticed. You could think about this for deciding where to sit and how you position yourself at the table. I'm not saying it will be easy or you will be able to think clearly, but it probably won't be a robber coming in and walking straight up to you watching to see if you are armed, they will most likely be distracted at some point or at least have their attention divided.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    1. Carry where it is legal. Do not, where it is not.

    2. I don't tuck. Either my shirt is on the outside where I can draw fairly quickly, or I pocket carry. Although, I'd still rather be tucked and armed than not armed.

    1) Someone is going to kill you and your going to worry about going to jail for 90 days? Check your priorities. Kind of like better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    2) If your going to rely on a quick draw... your probably done. Exchange the quick draw practice for situational awareness practice

    Just my opinion anyway.

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