Busted by my Daughter

This is a discussion on Busted by my Daughter within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I always like it when I'm with the family on a walk or in public and someone 'shady' comes along either my wife or one ...

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Thread: Busted by my Daughter

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    I always like it when I'm with the family on a walk or in public and someone 'shady' comes along either my wife or one of my kids will whisper to me, "You have your gun, right?"

    1) Lets me know they can't tell it's on me.
    2) Always makes them feel safer.
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    I seem to recall the hug thing and "getting made", on this forum (?) or another one.

    If you and your family are huggers (like mine is) you need to make sure that your (strong side) arm goes below their arm when you get ready to hug. That way, their arm should be above yours and theirs should not run into your grip/rig. If you're hugging a small(er) child, go down on one knee (if you still can ), and apply the same lower arm technique.
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    Funny how different kids can be. Mine are young adults now, so it's not an issue. My son (the oldest) could be told anything at any age and would keep it to himself. My daughter, on the other hand, was a blabber mouth and would tell just for the shock factor so we never told her anything.

    And thanks Spirit51 for the handy info! I never thought about a game plan for when someone is with me. Though I am new to this whole CCW thing.
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    My two grandkids will ask me at times ... " do you have your gun on " .... they are looking and can't tell. If I ask them "why", they just say " well, we hope you have it on and didn't forget it.... if you had, I was going to remind you".
    I've NEVER forgotten to have my gun on. But, they want to know I have it there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit51 View Post
    Besides my husband...my daughter and grand daughter know, because if "push comes to shove" and Mom is put in a shooting situation, they have to know what to do. In a parking lot...drop, roll under the nearest car and call 911 and DON'T come out until the Police arrive...no matter what. If outside a store.....run back in screaming for the Police. If walking, get behind Nana and drop to the ground and try to roll out of the line of fire.

    If, God forbid, Nana has a medical emergency....take it into their custody put it in Nana's purse and give it to Grandpa when they see him. This is one reason we are giving the Grand daughter lessons in gun safety. Daughter already knows.

    Just like the tactics Hubby and I discuss so we are both mentally prepared...the people with you have to know how to react.
    I agree with this, the people around you need to know how to behave if there is trouble of any kind. I have had countless conversations with my family
    about their awareness. And knowing if I say anything a certain way, do it now! If you don't talk about it how will they know how to react?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eeeZnow View Post
    And thanks Spirit51 for the handy info! I never thought about a game plan for when someone is with me. Though I am new to this whole CCW thing.
    Your very welcome. I am glad I could help.
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    About a year ago My wife and I and our youngest grandson were getting ready to leave a motel where we had been staying. I had holstered mu P-220 burt not tucked it. Out in the room my grandson asked me why a carry a gun. Oh I said, it for our protection. I OK to discuss it here in this room but once we leave this do not mention anything about it any more. To this day he has never again mentioned that I carry a concealed gun to anyone.
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    I don't have a any crossbreed product but I'll bet you can remove the emblem with little effort. If it is surface embossed try rubbing alcohol or fine sandpaper. If it is imprinted use a sharpie to color over it.
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    I've been CC'ing most of the time for about 6 months. I can't carry at work & most of our extra-curricular activities involve our kids either at school or church, so no carry there. But at most other times, I'm carrying IWB. My wife just realized it 2 weeks ago. She knew that I've carried sometimes, but this was at a "safe" restaurant. Being new to CC and concerned about the printing issue, etc, I wanted to see just when even she would realize it. That let me know that my concealed must be pretty well concealed.

    About a month ago, my oldest son, 11, & I were eating breakfast at Chick-fil-A. While we were talking, I had the newspaper on the table & he saw a picture on the front page with a man standing in the road pointing his finger at something. He thought the man was pointing a gun. As we talked about it, I showed him that the man, who was the local sheriff in plainclothes, did in fact have a gun, but it was holstered on his hip. I didn't tell him yet that is was the sheriff. We used that to talk for about 30-40 minutes about guns & carrying. He is in Boy Scouts & we spend a lot of time on gun safety & him shooting some, but this was a good oppurtunity to reinforce the notion that many GG carry guns. Usually you will never know it though, but even if you see someone OC, they are probably a GG. I also pointed out that usually a BG isn't going to OC. In the school, you indirectly learn that only LE & BG carry guns. So we talked about why I carry (I even asked to make sure he didn't think I was a robber or something- LOL). It was one of those great teachable moments that we as parents look for, where we don't set out to have a "gun talk", but through something that he saw, he was very inquisitive & I think he learned somethings that day.

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    A daughter with Situation Awareness....i like !!!

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    I endend up OCing at Thanksgiving dinner last year because it was too hot (from cooking) to wear the sweater I had planned as a cover garment. My whole extended family is packing so almost nobody cares.

    The only person who gave me any lip was my dad. He asked sarcastically "What are you expecting, some sort of an attack during dinner?" . I said as casually as possible "Nope, but I'm ready for one." and I kept eating. That took the wind out of him, he had no reply. Not that he really cared, he has his permit too (but doesn't usually carry). He just likes to stir the pot.

    As far as kids go, I put the gun on and take it off with my kids around so it's not a big deal to them. It's only a big deal if you try to be sneaky about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    I don't have a any crossbreed product but I'll bet you can remove the emblem with little effort. If it is surface embossed try rubbing alcohol or fine sandpaper. If it is imprinted use a sharpie to color over it.
    It's actually tool & die stamped in the steel itself with a hydraulic press
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    I told my wife and talked with my kids. They'd done a lot of shooting with me but this was new. My wife thought/still thinks it's silly but what got here is that I would continue to carry at home after I took off my jacket or suit coat; that drove her nutts. My kid's get it, my wife tolerates it and doesn't say anything anymore. It's all good but I would recommend that people tell their spouses about it when they start carrying. At the very least it will prevent them from thinking you're keeping secrets which usually isn't good in a relationship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    It's funny how many of us started out carrying discretely, without our families knowing.

    I understand. I remember when I first got my CWP, the first thing Mrs. Whec said was "this doesn't mean that you're going to carry that thing all the time, does it?"

    Now she reminds me to ensure I'm carrying when I leave the house, and Whec Jr. is starting to build up his own gun collection.
    And my wife moaned and groaned that if I was going to carry the gun when we went on our bike rides she was not going to go any more. In other words, how was I going to hide it while wearing the usual form fitting bike shorts. Good question. Fanny pack? Still working on a solution to that.

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    I've had three of my grandkids ...after giving me hugs...come back with "Whats that? Are you carrying?" Couple of the older ones know that I always have at least one pistol on me .(usually my LC9, and my LCP)
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