How do you handle a routine traffic stops?

How do you handle a routine traffic stops?

This is a discussion on How do you handle a routine traffic stops? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys- I'm curious how you guys go about handling a traffic stop while CCWing.. The local state troopers love to put up check points ...

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Thread: How do you handle a routine traffic stops?

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    How do you handle a routine traffic stops?

    Hey guys-

    I'm curious how you guys go about handling a traffic stop while CCWing..

    The local state troopers love to put up check points on the backroads near my house, so I hit one or two a month and every time I get a different reaction from the officer who I see..

    Generally, I'll hand them my DL, CCW permit and insurance card. The response back is almost always "Where is your weapon?" Generally the answer is "right here" and I point to the holster I have setup near the console. However, sometimes it's in my waist band, or laying on the passenger seat. Which is then generally followed by 1 of 3 common scenarios.

    1. Some guys want to take my weapon and clear it.
    2. Some guys want me to clear the weapon and then hand it to them.
    3. Some guys simply don't care and never ask to see it, clear it, etc.

    I've also heard a huge list of rules and regs that simply don't exist.

    Had one officer tell me it was illegal for me to leave my weapon in the open, I.E. passenger seat, and that it was illegal because my permit only gave me permission to conceal the weapon, not to carry it in plain sight, nevermind the fact that Alabama is an open carry state. I'm not arguing the intelligence of leaving a weapon laying in the pax seat while driving, I can see both pro's and con's for that, but the "law" that the officer made up on the spot almost made me LOL. So I simply asked him if I could conceal it real quick. "Sure" he said, so I stuck it in my pocket. He was happy with that..

    I'm also curious how you feel about or legalities concerning the ability of an officer to disarm me, arbitrarily. I was pulled over recently for an expired tag and the officer was adamant that I give him the weapon for "our safety." Is there law that allows them to disarm me like this? I'm not trying to be obtuse with the officers, I'm firmly of the mind that arguing with the guy who can or cannot let you ride away freely is a bad idea, however, I firmly believe in the 2nd amendment as well..

    Just thought I'd see what everyone thought..

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    I live in a must inform state. So if im pulled over, they are informed of the fact that I have my CPL and that I am armed. If they want to disarm me, then they will do that, Im not reaching for my weapon. If they choose to disarm me, they will be informed that the weapon is loaded and inform how the weapon operates. Not all officers are gun guys. If they do not want me disarm, the common line used is, Dont reach for yours and I wont reach for mine, fair enough....
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    I roll down the window, gun hand and yell "officer I have gun" and wait for lead to fly, ok, not really just had to throw some bad humor out there.

    Myself, I keep both hands in sight and wait for direction, and always inform that I am armed as soon as I can as that is the law in my state. The one time I was stopped in another state, and the only time I have been disarmed was in Texas and the officer had me lay the gun on the seat and he carefully picked it up and placed it in the glovebox, did not clear it or anything, then had me walk back to his car to seperate me from the firearm.

    As for being able to disarm, if it makes them FEEL safer then I allow it, again I beleive the law in my state says I have to comply with the lawful order of a police officer so I do comply. I do not see why they feel safer, the legal gun owners are not the ones that usually cause problems, its the guy who does not tell you that I would be concerned with.
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    When asked for my DL, Sure thing I am also carrying concealed with a permit on my right side or whereever, what would you like me to do?

    So far whenever I have been stopped they simply ask to see my permit and conduct business and go on about their merry way. If they want to disarm me not an issue.
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    I thoroughly study the concealed handgun laws for the state in which I am traveling beforehand, and comply with them fully when stopped for an official LEO encounter.
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    Maine does not require you to tell the officer, and I haven't been pulled over carrying, but I plan to give him my license/reg./ins. as well as my CC card and tell him that I have my CC permit and it is located "X". Of course there's never a reason for me to be pulled over anyways.

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    Is there law that allows them to disarm me like this? I'm not trying to be obtuse with the officers, I'm firmly of the mind that arguing with the guy who can or cannot let you ride away freely is a bad idea, however, I firmly believe in the 2nd amendment as well..
    Any officer can relieve you of any gun for any reason. Those that do will say that its an "officer safety" issue. The law allows a lot of wiggle room there in favor of the officer.

    Different officers have different comfort levels. A lot of that depends on the circumstances, the locations, the dept. policy, how gun ownership is perceived in that area, there are a lot of things that can affect how an officer responds.

    Its different everywhere you go. Where I patrol, nearly everyone carries some sort of firearm so its not the issue with us that it might be if was patrolling in New York City where only crooks or politicians can carry.

    You are correct that arguing with the guy on the side of the road is not the place do it.
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    I like Harryball also live in Michigan. If an officer stops me and he would like to disarm me then he has that authority. Upon completion of the stop, he or she gives me my weapon back and all is well. I'd suggest looking up your states laws. If it says the officer can disarm you then expect that from time to time. Its nothing personal.

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    I know where I'm required to notify or not, but it doesn't matter. I just do it anyway. Gets a potential bad situation off on the right foot. You establish several good facts with your CWP. I've never been disarmed.
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    I've never been in trouble, but I have been stopped due to the heavy sole on my right foot.
    A couple of tickets down through the years, but nothing else. I always inform, but don't have to in FL.
    FL leo's have always been calm and seemingly thankful but uncaring about the weapon.
    No complaints here...
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    As Harry and kmf already mentioned that MI is a must inform state, so here are the MI State Police mandated steps we must follow when officially dealing with a LE encounter:

    MSP - Proper Conduct During Encounters with Police

    BTW, I got pulled over once while I was carrying, for running an "orange" light. It was dark out, so I switched on both dome lights and placed both hands on the steering wheel, before I followed the prescribed steps. Things went smoothly, I only received a warning, and went merrily along my way.
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    Both hands on the wheel when they approach, have DL, CC Permit, and Insurance card in my one of hands. Hand the LE all of them. If asked, I state where the firearm is on my person. If they are that jumpy to ask, I don't point as my hand is moving and I don't want them to think it is a furtive movement. Most of the time they don't even ask.

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    I've had several "professional" interactions with LEO's in South Carolina. Speeding ticket, official call for a response to an out of control panhandler at an Interstate exit, etc. In ALL of the encounters, I've always presented my Conceal Weapons Permit. For the traffic stops, whether checkpoints or for my leadfoot, I present my DL, my CWP, and my Insurance Card. After presentation I then put my hands on the steering wheel, if it's nighttime I will already have turned on my overhead lights, and say "Officer, I am armed, how would you like me to proceed?" I have NEVER been asked to turn over my weapon. I have been asked the location, what I was carrying, and why I carried. All questions were very polite and respectful. I have NO complaints about any interactions I've had, PERIOD!
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    I don't tell them unless required by law.

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    routine, I answer the questions and keep my hands in site at all times, if they ask i say yes sir the weapon is on my hip or in the center console, but I can't remember the last time i was stopped.

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