Secrets and Keys to snub nose accuracy?

This is a discussion on Secrets and Keys to snub nose accuracy? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just thought I would start a new topic. Share with us any tips, techniques, secrets, or keys for being accurate with your Snub Nose Revolver. ...

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Thread: Secrets and Keys to snub nose accuracy?

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    Secrets and Keys to snub nose accuracy?

    Just thought I would start a new topic.

    Share with us any tips, techniques, secrets, or keys for being accurate with your Snub Nose Revolver.
    Also, share with us how you have improved your accuracy.
    And, with fixed sights, how do you adjust your impact points?


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    Same as ALL handguns,,,,, shoot a lot & shoot OFTEN.

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    firm grip

    proper high grip with the S&W's--get the web of your hand high on the backstrap

    practice a form of point shooting where you walk the bullets onto the target, a IDPA cardboard.
    practice till you can get the 1st shot, a snap shot to COM
    followed by a 2 handed grip using the sights ( if it aint all ready over after the 1st shot)
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    Be aware, be deliberate in your actions and be accurate.
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    Stand closer!

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    Put a 6 inch barrel on the little bugger.
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    I recommend getting some snap caps and dry firing. A lot. Makes the action smoother, and makes your hands stronger/steadier.

    After you've done that for a while, shoot it a lot. After a while, you won't worry about accuracy- it will be natural.

    That's how I've been doing it with my .357, for what it's worth.
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    Firm high grip, sight picture, trigger control, trigger control and trigger control.
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    I'm no expert, but here's what I try to do: firm grip (80% w/off hand, 20% w/strong hand), high grip and trigger pul with the pad of index finger, NOT the first joint. And double action only. Usually at 7 yds., point shooting at 5 yds.; until I get better.

    Looking forward to the advice of others in this thread.

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    Let your eyes and brain function like their supposed to. Darn near everyone knows what the sight picture is supposed to look like, but then they get too concerned with it. They get into a rut of shifting their focus from the target, to the front sight, to the rear sight over and over until their arms give out or they forget to breathe and then they're forced to pull the trigger NOW. Once you get the basic sight picture, focus very intently on the crystal clear top edge of the front sight. Your brain will naturally want to align it vertically with the top of the rear sight and vertically centered in the notch of the rear sight. Put that crystal clear top edge in the center of the fuzzy bullseye -again let your eyes and brain do the hard part. Now press the trigger.

    Snubbies are just as accurate as the longer barreled guns, they just let you know if you've really mastered the fundamentals - and real quick like too.

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    The fun part is, once you get surgical with that snubbie, you'll find that all of your other pistols suddenly got more accurate.
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    The thing that I am finding is working on the flinch. When you think that it is going to kick and anticipate it, the tenancy to over comp is there. As others have said before trigger control is foremost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    The fun part is, once you get surgical with that snubbie, you'll find that all of your other pistols suddenly got more accurate.
    Thats why when I am at the range I start of with the .357, then the .45, then the .40, and finally the 9mm. Like shooting a .22
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    Put a Houge on it to cut down on the ouch!
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    A professional trigger and action job.

    A slightly lighter rebound spring.

    Hand and finger exercises with a GRIPMASTER. <~~~The BEST few dollars you'll ever spend to improve your shooting.
    Search Ebay for one.
    Thank me later.

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    Firm grip and Press the trigger........

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