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This is a discussion on Sig p226 within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Dutch I have a new P226 enroute, and I wonder how you folks carry yours. This is my first pistol, since I ...

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Thread: Sig p226

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
    I have a new P226 enroute, and I wonder how you folks carry yours. This is my first pistol, since I started carrying full time, with a hammer. Do most of you carry cocked and locked, or do you carry with the hammer down.
    great choice and congrats..i'm no Sig expert but i'm sure the proper way to carry the p226 is with 1 in the chamber and decocked..the first shot is double action meaning it pulls the hammer back as the trigger is pulled then follow up shots become single action (hammer stays back in the cocked position) with no external safety,you wouldn't want to carry that around cocked. congrats on the new Sig p226

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    Hammer down

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    Great gun with the P226.

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    You can't beat a 226. They are big for carry, but I do it all the time.

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    Congrats on the Sig.

    Just a note that after firing if you still have one in the chamber you really need to decocker it. Some people transitioning from striker fired guns tend to forget to decock.

    I have the P229 which is the smaller version of the 229 and it is one of my favorite guns and often my EDC.
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    The P226 was the first handgun I ever purchased. Mine is in 9mm and is one of the softest shooting handguns I have. Very accurate...... My only issue with it is that the stock is "fat" making it a little difficult for me to reach the trigger for the first da shot. Like all Sigs, it is a little heavy at 34 oz, but many people carry 1911's that have similar weights. My edc is a Sig P220 "Carry" in 45acp.......I like it because it is a single stack with slim grips making it much easier to reach the trigger.

    A note of sure to check utube and the Sig Forum to get the skinny on how to maintain the Sig. They're not like Glocks and other polymer pistols in that they require more lubrication in order to function properly and not to wear prematurely. Since you have a steel slide on an aluminum frame, grease on the frame rails is very important. I didn't lub my P226 properly in the beginning and experienced some wear on the rails that could have been avoided.

    In any case, you purchased a fine, quality, accurate firearm....enjoy!

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    If it's a "normal" 226 you carry with a round in the chamber and the pistol decocked (hammer down). Just remember ALWAYS use the decocker, never lower the hammer with anything else!

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    Lots of good advice here so far. I also have a Sig P226 and the newer ones are slightly less chunky and a bit more ergonomic than previous models. The "E2" style grip is now standard on the regular P226 and a couple of other models IIRC.

    Definitely use good lube on the rails. Oil will migrate pretty fast from all the important places on the slide and after shooting a box or so you'll find it can be almost dry. The same is true when storing it on its side when not using it. You'll find that it will come pre-greased with Mil Comm TW25 grease and you'll also get a small sample. Buy a syringe of the stuff and use it! Grease the frame rails (easier than the slide, but ends up with the same result) and grease the barrel up a bit too. Fire a box, see where you're getting metal to metal contact, and make sure you get grease on there next time.

    Awesome gun for home defense and the range but most people get tired of carrying the thing around any amount of time. I did.

    Practice the DA trigger pull over and over again, and then practice the DA to SA transition. DA, SA, decock, DA, SA, decock, etc.
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    Thanks to all you good folks for the replies and great advice. I picked up my new P226 last week, and I am counting the hours until I can get to the range this weekend. My 226 is chambered for 357 Sig, and that is the main reason I bought it. I have heard a lot of good things about that round. I actually started off trying to locate an M&P in 357 Sig, but I didn't have any luck with that. I am glad now that I didn't because of all the good things I have heard about the P226. Again thanks to all.

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    I've got a 357 barrel but I don't use it much for this reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadRunner71 View Post
    The classic Sig is a wonderful handgun. It is more accurate that most who shoot them .
    I can attest to that. My Dad has.a.P226 Dark Elite and the last time I.shot.with.him he.was.very.innacurate. .I then.gave

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    Try following your drill only do two shots. Training for the first DA shot is fine but I find training with the transition to the SA second shot is a help.

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