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This is a discussion on Online CCH courses within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As I've said before, I believe that even the state of NH's licensing requirement is unconstitutional. It's a "shall issue" in 14 days, and requires ...

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Thread: Online CCH courses

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    As I've said before, I believe that even the state of NH's licensing requirement is unconstitutional. It's a "shall issue" in 14 days, and requires $10, a one-page application, three references, and a stated purpose (self defense, hunting, and target shooting are all valid purposes). No training requirements. Alaska's new rules probably come the closest to Constitutional carry, but even that falls short.

    But, I've relented to the requirements of other states for practicality and will continue to do so (though I'm currently refusing to play in MA... just can't bring myself to donate $100/yr to their blatantly anti-Constitution mindset. If given the choice of doing online vs. live required training, I probably would do the online course on my own timeline.

    Is live training better than online? In many cases yes, but let's be real - almost all of the "training" required by the various states is not true training, but merely informing.

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    We have a course in NC, and you certainly can't call it training. It's basically an orientation class. That said, I think the people who design and deliver the course do a superb job with the time and materials they have.

    Half is about gun maintenance, operation, and safety. The other half about legal issues of self defense.

    What I have learned since becoming a concealed carrier is it's not about HOW to use a pistol as a self-defense tool, it's almost all about WHY and WHEN.

    My safety mindset and risk avoidance strategies have been sharpened as a carrier, and I am more active in seeking ways to totally eliminate the likelihood I will ever need to deploy that last-ditch tool. I find it interesting that the more I study, read stuff here, and work on my risk management plan, the less likely I will ever need to use a firearm to defend myself or my family.

    I'm not wasting time or money attempting to become a pistolero or combat-ready gunfighter. I am using those resources to better ensure I never need to get into a gunfight at all. I carry a sidearm to get me out of a very unlikely scenario very quickly, not to stay in the fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spidey2011 View Post
    I would think that people unfamiliar with guns might want to learn a little more about them. Then they might do some research that could "in theory" prompt them to find real training. The instructor's don't tell them squat. They "teach" them basic safety and give them a "teacher assisted test." If it happens to be an NRA course, then you're even worse off. They ONLY teach revolvers, and many of the videos shown and methods taught are seriously outdated. There's a lot better material out there now, and no reason not to incorporate it into a class.

    I'm also not a fan of the live fire portion. When I took my class (purely for S&G's since I had already had my permit for quite some time) they let you shoot 25 rounds of .22 and 25 rounds of .38 out of revolvers. While that is fine for emphasizing safety, it does nothing for proficiency. We shot at 15 feet and most people there had groups that spanned the entire torso, and were told this was acceptable! It was all done in a non-rushed environment and everyone there was taking their sweet time. IMO, there was no reason for anything larger than a fist sized grouping.

    The instructors were great people, and I know most of them personally, but the class material is seriously lacking. Even the law portion left a sour taste in my mouth. I was just overall dissatisfied with the level of training found in these "concealed carry courses." I feel that people would be much better off if left to find their own training, rather than be forced to take one of these courses and have the illusion of training.
    I can't find a thing I agree with in this post, based on experience and known fact. I emerged from my NRA-sponsored class knowing a lot more about handguns than I did going in, and we fired a semi-auto. The class isn't supposed to make you a weapons expert, just teach basic gun safety, maintenance and operation, along with the laws of your state. My class was very successful on all counts. It's hilarious to expect first-time shooters to get a "fist-sized grouping" from 15'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveH View Post
    Many of us who are ranting about about the existing system are putting even more energy into enhancing the system in ways to restore our rights.

    OTOH, energy supporting the existing "Nanny May I" laws and draconian restrictions on the 2A is counterproductive to the RKBA, IMHO.

    There is no dichotomy between ranting about about the existing system vs. working hard to improve it. I can and I am doing both -- as do a lot of other folk.
    Quote Originally Posted by noway2 View Post
    And this is to be commended. However, most of the "the only permit I need is the constitution" posts in this forum do not reflect this view. Whether or not NH_Esau, whom I quoted, falls into this camp or not I can't say and I am not trying to single him/her out. The perpetual rant, that is pervasive every time these types of questions come up is getting old.

    There is a difference between supporting "Nanny" laws and working towards an improved system. It isn't an all or nothing. In many states, it will be a very long time and require a lot of intermediate steps working within the system to get there. My state is a good example in that it has some pretty screwed up restrictions. Many, myself included (by financially supporting gun rights organizations and actively campaigning the legislature), are trying to get the most egregious of these changed, but it is an uphill battle. Constitutional carry, isn't anywhere near being in the cards.

    No there is not. But posts spewing "I shouldn't need no stink'in permit.." are less than worthless in terms of value add. In all likelihood, the vast majority of this forums member base would agree with constitutional carry.
    Quote Originally Posted by DaveH View Post

    +1 here.

    I fully understand incremental improvement/advances.

    Walking the talk and investing sweat equity in advancing the RKBA is what I ask.

    I wonder how many members have ever lobbied (physically not just sent an email) at their State legislative session? How many have spoken pro-RKBA at local councils/assemblies/etc? Attended protest/demonstrations against anti-RKBA actions? Are publicly identified with the RKBA movement?

    Just agreeing with constitutional carry isn't going to get it done, IMHO.

    Suggesting that requiring training or profession test to carry is counterproductive, IMHO.
    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    I've been doing this for 20+ years on a variety of issues, including RKBA. It takes some doing, but getting 'face' time with sitting politicos can be done. IMO, it can make all the difference, above and beyond just a letter or email that can be round-filed and forgotten about. A handshake, brief discussion and photo 'evidence' can be harder to ignore.

    Haven't spoken, no.

    Have done this on several occasions.

    My affiliations are publicly stated, though I'm not publicly "known" per se. Just another citizen doing what I can.

    Pushing it in the right direction hopefully will keep it going in the right direction.
    While it's important to engage in the political system to work towards the improvement of CCW laws by voting, writing letters, and even becoming a known voice/face of RKBA; you can also have meaningful discussions with friends and peers that do not know about or even favor CC (or OC).

    You have to be diplomatic... you have to be tactful... and you can not go in to a discussion with the attitude that you are right and become argumentative.

    Bugdude recently posted a discussion ( Influencing Opinions ) he had with someone who was not in favor of defensive carry... a person who changed their mind and started asking about the process... Such a conversion is rare. Usually, all you can do is incrementally change the mind of an anti. It's like turning an ocean liner... they don't turn on a dime. It's a process.

    Going in with "guns a blazing" in this case will not win the day... Look how long it took us to get "shall issue" in states like Wisconsin, Iowa, and others...

    But if you don't want to get into the political fray... you can engage people you know... a little at a time.... that will make it easier for the "power hitters" to deal with the politicians... you see if their constituency isn't all in a lather over changes in the law to more freedom... there's more chance for those pols to help enact laws that are less draconian... at the least... and let the snowball effect take over.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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