Wisconsin has put another quirk in how states honor other states. This is what is on their website now!
*West Virginia passed a new law effective 6/9/12 that requires a background check similar to Wisconsin for all new concealed carry licenses issued. Therefore, a West Virginia license ISSUED OR RENEWED AFTER 6/8/12 is recognized in Wisconsin. Previously issued West Virginia licenses are not. West Virginia has not stated yet whether they will honor Wisconsin. WI Department of Justice - Law Enforcement Services

So WV permits are honored but only those issued after 6/8/12. It will be 5 years before all WV permits issued will be renewed and until then some in WV will not be legal in WI. If a WV resident needs for their WV permit to be valid in WI talk to your local Sheriff. There is a good chance they would renew it years earlier if you want to spend the money.

Virginia has passed a Parking Lot Storage Law that only covers Local Government Employees. At least those people can keep their firearms locked up in their vehicle when the go to work by law. Private employees can still ban firearms on their property and in their parking lots. This law covering local government workers goes into effect 7/1/12. LIS > Bill Tracking > HB375 > 2012 session

On a final note Missouri Legislature passed HB1647 and sent it to the Governor. From all I have heard the Governor will sign the bill shortly. This bill will allow Active Duty Military Personnel 18 to 20 Y/O to obtain a permit/license to carry in Missouri. The only drawback to this bill is that it may cost Missouri some Reciprocity Agreements as some states will not honor other states if they issue to those under 21 Y/O. Time will tell. Missouri House of Representatives