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This is a discussion on North Carolina Members within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The wife really seems to like the Charlotte area for transportation (airports) shopping and the downtown. For me, I have been a lifelong shooter and ...

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Thread: North Carolina Members

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    The wife really seems to like the Charlotte area for transportation (airports) shopping and the downtown. For me, I have been a lifelong shooter and shoot every week. (No small task in the Chicago area). I do not know from my research if the Charlotte area is all that gun friendly and if there are any good ranges to shoot. Maybe on the outskirts of the city???
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    LOL, I live in Charlotte, in the 485 loop. I carry every day all day, never had 1 single problem. Got my permit in 38 days....If I recall correctly it's the best permit in the country as far as reciprocity is concerned. Not sure about all this rampant crime people talk's the city...stuff happens. Personally I love living in a city, I need energy and action. Uptown is clean and safe....there are a ton of awesome things to do. And the climate is much better than up north IMHO (except for now when it's 80 degrees and humid at midnight). To me it's the perfect size...big enough and small enough at the same time.

    About a dozen awesome ranges within 20 minutes of anywhere in town - nice ones. There are gun shows about once a month, and really nice gun stores all over the metro.

    I LOVE Charlotte...I travel all over the US for work, and I love coming home every single time.

    Oh yeah and it's true that you can't carry anywhere where alcohol is served....I don't drink but I like going to a nice restaurant (what restaurant doesn't serve booze?); but it's like I always say: I'd rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Conceal well my friend, conceal well.....

    I've had several instances where I had to tell the coppers I was carrying - and ever single time they not only commended me, but THANKED me for being a responsible citizen. I have at least 20 friends that have their CCW, and I'm pretty sure they would all agree with everything I've said.

    Hope you make it down here....I think you'd really enjoy our city.....hope this feedback was helpful. If you ever have any questions just hit me up...

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    As mentioned, the downsidea are the purchase permit system and the fairly restrictive (compared to other places I've lived) list of places you can carry. Other than those relics of the past, it ain't bad, and it's a ******* lot better than Emanuel-town.

    I love how some of you think Raleigh or Charlotte are high crime. Can you say Fayettenam a.k.a. Braggistan? There are some nice places to live in NC, but that ain't one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HoganLongfellow View Post
    Not sure about all this rampant crime people talk's the city...stuff happens.
    Yeah, living in Durham for 28 years you can imagine I hear a little of that, too! My wife wears a T-shirt that says: Durham ... It's Not For Everybody. I'll stick to facts: in 28 years here I've never been the victim of a crime. We have 17 murders per 100K (about 30-35 per year) which is higher than US average but 98% of those are gang-related and are confined to certain areas of the hood. I've never seen a gun while out and about in Durham (legal or otherwise) except the one under my shirt since March. Could Aurora happen here? Of course it could. It could happen in any US city. Am I worried? Not in the least. I live here because I have a good-paying job here and don't want to spend my life in a car. And yes, the larger NC cities are just as liberal as the ones in CA or MA. Mine voted 92% for Obama in '08. And yet life goes on.

    P.S. My son lives on his grandparents property (my in-laws) which is five miles from the city limits of nearby Chapel Hill, quite possibly the most liberal city in America. We have a range set up out there where we fire not only handguns but .270, .30-.06, .30-.30, AR-15's, AK-47's, and 12-ga shotguns. Never had a single complaint. One time we were out there shooting and we saw a guy approaching from where houses are (we shoot the other way of course!). We thought, "Oh no, here it comes. Somebody bitching about the noise or their "safety"." But it was a 27-YO neighbor named Zach, and he was there to say he loves to shoot and has a bunch of guns and can he come join us. He and my son are great friends now. And his 25-YO wife is the cutest little thing. Dresses like Daisy Duke and shoots those big rifles and her .45-cal Glock (G30) like a pro. So what's not to love about Durham-Chapel Hill?

    Woo HOOO!!!

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    Check out York County, SC. For the money you save on Mecklenberg County taxes, you can get more land and shoot on your own property. Only restriction in York County on target shooting on your own land is it cannot be within 200 feet of a residence (excluding your own).

    ...and I wouldn't consider Charlotte high crime at all. Of course, I moved down from Philly 18 years ago, so my perspective may be skewed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
    My wife and I are considering retiring to the Charlotte area. However, looking at Handgunlawus and the like, I get the impression that NC may not be all that gun friendly for CCW holders. Now bear in mind that I come from Illinois which does not even recognize a citizens'a right to keep and bear arms, so anywhere else is probably more gun friendly that where I am at. Any recommendations from the NC crowd?
    We do have some restrictions regarding places that serve alchohol, paid admission venues. We also have the duty to inform. As a Charlotte native and life-long NC resident, I'll say this, Mecklenburg county is weird. I would go to either Union County or Iredell County. Both are in the Charlotte metro area and are much more gun friendly to CCW applicants than Mecklenburg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANGLICO View Post
    I did not read all the above posts. Biggest issue with NC is that every time there is some emergency (Snow, Weather or Other), NC Gov bans (mostly by region) the lawful carry, in any capacity, of firearms = even if you are evacuating, you legally have to leave you firearm at your home and cannot take it, in any manner of transportation within that region. It's a stupid felony if you do.
    Whoa, I never knew that.. I'll have to look into that and see if it's the same for SC. I live a hop, skip, and a jump away from NC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blitzburgh View Post
    Whoa, I never knew that.. I'll have to look into that and see if it's the same for SC. I live a hop, skip, and a jump away from NC.
    You can take a deep breath, that is no longer law in NC, between a court ruling the statute not legal and then the state statutes just got changed to allow carry of firearms and ammunition off ones premises effective Oct 1 this year I believe, it is no longer illegal to carry off your premise during a state of emergency.

    Edited to add link to new statute. House Bill 843
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    Hello from Eastern NC. Born here and lived here all my life. Most folks and LEO are gun friendly. Restrictions as noted in previous post. Great place to live.
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    as long as you dont show you will be fine
    do not morne death but celebrate life

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