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North Carolina Members

This is a discussion on North Carolina Members within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife and I are considering retiring to the Charlotte area. However, looking at Handgunlawus and the like, I get the impression that NC may ...

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Thread: North Carolina Members

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    North Carolina Members

    My wife and I are considering retiring to the Charlotte area. However, looking at Handgunlawus and the like, I get the impression that NC may not be all that gun friendly for CCW holders. Now bear in mind that I come from Illinois which does not even recognize a citizens'a right to keep and bear arms, so anywhere else is probably more gun friendly that where I am at. Any recommendations from the NC crowd?
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    Wife and I have been in NC since 2007...both of us carry. Haven't had any issues. Some areas are off limits but as long as you are mindful of the them, no issues.

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    Welcome from Missouri.
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    NC has its good points and bad points. The good points are that it is shall issue, has no registry, no purchase limit, allows OC (no funky keep it concealed or else), and a high level of reciprocity. The castle doctrine is pretty good here too. The bad is that restaurants are pretty much off limits still, it has funny restrictions like "places that charge admission" hitting places like movie theaters, signs are legally binding, and you must notify.

    Charlotte City is probably more uptight than the surrounding communities. If your out in the country with property you can shoot and hunt and nobody will bother you.

    Overall, I wouldn't let gun laws disuade you from moving here as they are manageable, but could be better and there is effort to improve.

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    Compared to IL, NC will seem like Oz.
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    Welcome from KY

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    Noway2 pretty well covered it . I came here from florida and most states have something that cause's some issues but not bad by anymeans. Atleast to me. Oh The restraunt thing as where alcohol is served. So in some you can go in CC'n . maybe next years that will change. I am in the mountains so can't comment on charolette area.


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    You might also consider VA to settle in when you move. Very gun friendly. No restriction on places that charge admission, no restriction on restuarant carry, signs do not hold the weight of law, OC and CC both legal and no requirement to notify.
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    Gaius, I have lived in NC for the past 36 years and love it. Both the wife and I have our permits and carry daily without any problems. NC is basically a conservative state, but Charlotte is crowded with liberals from up north. Good luck with whatever choice you make.
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    I grew up and lived in NC for many years, and still visit family there often so I have to keep up on the carry laws. I lived in Virginia for 14 years and it is indeed more gun friendly as described by archer. I now live in Florida, and it is very comparable to Virginia other than the "no OC, must keep it concealed" thing. No big deal, really, as I had pretty much gone to all concealed the last few years in Virginia anyway.
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    Fellow Chicagoan, I'm likin' eastern TN more'n NC, but that's me.

    I'm not there yet...but it's where I'm lookin' to retire...

    Either way, we might be close enough to actually meet one of these here first days...
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    Pick up a copy of The Places Rated Almanac too, just for fun. David Savageau's Places Rated Home Page | Places Rated

    These condense a lot of data into a useable form.

    Welcome too! Is it Gaius Germanicus, BTW?
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    Just about any place outside of Illinois IS OZ when it comes to gunanything. You can only improve your situation in just about any other state. I'm in VA. but love NC. I think you'd be happy in most any state mentioned.
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    As most states, it has it's pluses and minuses for carry but the people and the landscape make up for any short comings in the carry laws. Carry is very manageable and with a little planning you can do fine.

    I teach the class for NC carry so I'm a bit partial but if you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

    I'd recommend if at all possible, look to areas other than in Charlotte. You can be in a totally different atmosphere by being 30 minutes out of Charlotte.

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    I did not read all the above posts. Biggest issue with NC is that every time there is some emergency (Snow, Weather or Other), NC Gov bans (mostly by region) the lawful carry, in any capacity, of firearms = even if you are evacuating, you legally have to leave you firearm at your home and cannot take it, in any manner of transportation within that region. It's a stupid felony if you do.
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