I did it for the first time...

I did it for the first time...

This is a discussion on I did it for the first time... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well my papers came through and I went and got my official CCW Id from the DMV today. I needed a quart of motor oil ...

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Thread: I did it for the first time...

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    I did it for the first time...

    Well my papers came through and I went and got my official CCW Id from the DMV today. I needed a quart of motor oil so I thought it would be only fitting that my first carry would be to Walmart. I was a little apprehensive pulling in the parking lot. Made my journey in to the store, got my oil, visited sporting goods and chatted it up with the associate about never having my Federal 100 rd packs in stock. Checked out. Left. It was strange, although I know no one was the wiser, like others say, I felt as if everyone was looking at that tiny bulge on my hip... I know they weren't, everybody else is in their own little world. With the first one out of the way, ready to see what journeys lie ahead. Cheers to my fellow members.
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    Welcome to the club. It won't be long before you forget that it's on you - then the trick is to remember that, when you enter a place where you have to disarm.

    Be safe.
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    Well then! See, that wasn't hard! Nobody sees it... and if they do, it's likely to be someone else that's carrying... And looking for (ahem) "fellow travelers."

    The other person who sees it, is the bad guy... and only if he's a smart, astute bad guy... and most of them ain't. Those that are ain't gonna mess wid you... unless you got something they must have... unlikely if you are shopping at Wally World.
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    It'll get easier. Carry everywhere you're lawfully allowed, whenever you can. In awhile, you won't give it much thought, as it'll be just like a wallet or keys that you carry every day.

    Congrats on the newfound responsibilities.
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    Welcome to the world of carrying. While it will become easier over time, you never want to become complacent while carrying.
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    Congratulations! The world just got safer for the good guys.
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    Feels good doesn't it? Finally got my holster broken in and now I can hardly tell I'm carrying my g23.

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    Congrats, just a couple of weeks for me and I already miss it if it's not on.

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    As soon as you get in WM, pause, and activate your cell phone to play "The good, the bad, and ugly" ringtone. Continue shopping and repeat often.

    Seriously, congratulations, the odd-feeling will quickly go away and begin to feel normal. Soon it will change; if you happen to go somewhere that doesn't allow you to CCW, a different sort of odd-feeling returns.
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    Congrats! Welcome to the club, feels nice huh? Yep still under a year for me, man, actually under a half a year of carrying. You get used to it real quick.

    Heck, I went to a credit union today to open up an account. Met the lady, she took me back, we started doing paper work. She went to get something, Im sitting there reading a pamplet then it hits me "oh crap, I didn;t even look for the sign. I prob am not able to carry in here!"
    Well, I wasn't gonna run out, plus my girlfriend dropped me off. Got done 10 min later, walked out, looked at the entrance - "ALRIGHT :)" no sign. I guess another plus for the credit union over my bank.

    Yes, this was bad of me though. Need to pay more attention. Luckily I was not breaking the law, but point of the story - you get real used to it.
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