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Walmart ammunition case has been dismantled

This is a discussion on Walmart ammunition case has been dismantled within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; IF walmart stops selling ammo here in texas.................. we'll burn them out...

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Thread: Walmart ammunition case has been dismantled

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    IF walmart stops selling ammo here in texas.................. we'll burn them out

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    Having worked with Walmart corp IT in the past, I agree that they are experts not only on predictive analysis, but other various techniques of data-mining, correlating what would seem to be non-related events, as well as real-time inventory management. They understand subtle differences in demographics like few other retail corporations can fathom.

    What they can't do though, is predict politics nor world events any better than we can. I'm inclined to go with Gasmitty's assessment that this is likely all about maximizing profit and minimizing cost.
    Oh, I can agree that it's a conspiracy to make profits... and that they can't predict political outcomes... but I'm sure they can and do hedge their bets... It makes perfect sense for them to move ammo out to where it will be purchased... as long as it can be purchased... all I'm sayin' is if you want to know where the country is going... watch WalMart shelves... those shelves will tell you a lot.
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    A while back, many Wal-Marts removed their sewing departments and many reduced or removed the firearms and ammunition sections. Now one thing Wal-Mart is good at is figuring out numbers and statistics (to the point where the DOD has consulted with them for various inventory controls and management).

    What the numbers in many of these WalMarts showed was that, while these sections may not have been big money makers for them in and of themselves, so many people who used to stop by to grab some fabric, thread or ammunition were ALSO buying groceries and other things while they were in the store...and the stores where crafts and ammo were removed were seeing a downtrend in those other purchases. As a result, many WalMarts have been putting craft sections back in, and I'd be surprised to see them removing ammunition permanently.

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    I was just at my local WM yesterday speaking to the guy at the ammo counter. He stated that my particular Walmart, as of lately, has been receiving many new brands, amounts, cal. etc, expanding on the current selection. He stated that they now have more selection than they ever have (this is how it appeared visually to me also). Must be regional decisions for adding to or subtracting from our WM's. By far does not appear to be company wide.
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    They're just trying to make you nervous, up the demand. Ok, sir, these are the only 5 skids we presently have on hand of that caliber!
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    Moved behind the counter at my W.W. Seems like they have less but they have a huge selection. I liked when it was on the shelf. Now I got to wait for some guy to file a fishing license before the clerk can get my ammo. glad I reload most of my bullets. but the WWB is almost cheaper than reloading and I can reuse the brass.

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    WalMart in east Atlanta suburb shut down ammo sales for about a year following a big ammo robbery in the store. Replaced the case. It's back, for about a year, now.
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    Local WalMarts in Omaha Nebraska still have ammo but its behindnglass cases in most stores
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    Same as always here in West Tennessee. I hope Walmart doesn't drop out of the ammo business.
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    Heck, the WalMart closest to me just got the guns back in their store. They've been trying to keep a good stock of ammo on hand, but with me and one other local guy competing for it, the Tula .223 shelf is always empty!

    I think you may be reading too much into this. Isn't it possible that they are just rearranging some things?

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    Walmarts are hit and miss for ammo in my area. One has ammo and rifles, one has ammo only and one doesn't have either.

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    Here all the Walmart Super Centers have guns and ammo the regular size stores, some do some don't. We have alot of gunshops and many convienence stores out in the county carry a selection of ammo. I was just in Walmart on Sat and bought 400 rounds no problem. They are even finally putting in a paper target display,silloettes etc. I reckon it is about economics. Maybe your store didn't sell much ammo?

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    The Walmart I use the most is talking about taking out their ammo case put a bigger one in. It seems that they are spending too much time bringing stuff out of the back when the shelf gets low.

    As for the rifle/shotgun case, I wish they would get another one. They've go so many jammed in there now that they don't turn. They have four or five different models of ARs as well as something new just about everytime I go in there.

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    I'll go back in a couple of days and look again. This was the store that always had 100 round winchester white box in 45ACP. I did look around and didn't see anything other than shot shells and 30-06. Maybe they have plans for a better case, but it was disturbing to see the old glass case across from the register filled with backpacks, no glass, no ammo.

    The other Walmart near me still has ammo but they are always out of 45. They must be running a 45 buddy system.

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    I never buy ammo from Walmart so I could really care less. And besides, the Walmart in my area only sells sporting ammo.

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