Mel Robbins and the Colorado Mass shooting

Mel Robbins and the Colorado Mass shooting

This is a discussion on Mel Robbins and the Colorado Mass shooting within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Want Answers in Aurora: Stop Talking About Guns Want to do something to prevent future Aurora massacres? Then let’s stop talking about gun control. Let’s ...

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Thread: Mel Robbins and the Colorado Mass shooting

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    Mel Robbins and the Colorado Mass shooting

    Want Answers in Aurora: Stop Talking About Guns

    Want to do something to prevent future Aurora massacres? Then let’s stop talking about gun control. Let’s stop piggy-backing political agendas on top of this human tragedy. Let’s have the real conversation.
    Guns are not the problem. James Holmes was deranged and wanted to inflict mass carnage, and tighter gun controls wouldn’t have stopped him. He would have just planted a bomb in the theater or rolled a couple grenades down the aisles. of the article here:

    In the wake of Aurora - let's talk mental illness reform, not gun control | Mel Robbins
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    I agree.


    There's one little problem. She is basing her assumption that his mother was aware of his issues on sensationalized media hype. ABC news called the mother before she knew of the shooting and said, "Is this Arlene Holmes?" and she replied, "Yes" mother of James Holmes?" and she replied, "You have the right person."

    She was informing the caller that they indeed had the correct Arlene Holmes. She was still unaware of the shooting at that time or her son's involvement. Big media actually took her statement out of context, spun it, and hyped it. Her attorney has come out now and clarified the conversation based on the media sensationalism.

    Other than that one little tidbit, which she was going from what was reported, I agree 100%.
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    pretty big problem

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    As a bit of a side note, a new tenant is now occupying the office directly across from mine. He is one of numerous doctors in my particular building.

    Twice in the span of a week, and shortly after he opened shop, I encountered two men in my hall that raised my SA quotient. To this day, I don't know what it was about these guys that made me suspicious of them. They weren't dressed odd, but there was something about the look in their eyes that made me uncomfortable.

    In fact, after the second incident, I became uncomfortable to such a degree that I felt compelled to look up what the good Dr. specializes in.

    Turns out he is a psychiatrist.

    Now, that doesn't automatically make think that anyone going into our out of his office poses any more danger to me than anyone else on the street or in my hallway. But, there was something about those two guys...

    I've wondered about this a lot. Perhaps they simply looked the way they did because they thought I was judging them. Who knows?

    But, what I am sure of, is that psychiatrists deal with folks with chemical imbalances that can affect their emotions and behaviors. They also prescribe drugs that they hope will do the same, only in a predictable way... to bring them back to 'normal'.

    At any rate, I agree that mental illness deserves attention. Having a mental illness does not make one bad or dangerous, but it can... but so too can the drugs that are used to treat mental illness.

    Stay safe.

    ”Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”

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    I'm with BugDude. The mom claims that answer was in response to (paraphrased) "Is this Arlene Holmes, the mother of [he whose name shall not be spoken]?" Yes, it's a he-said/she said. However, ABC has been caught stretching the truth about this crime in order to promote their agenda. The mother, to my knowledge, has not; thus, she gets the benefit of the doubt, IMO.
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