Sig 938 & 238 cocked and locked?

Sig 938 & 238 cocked and locked?

This is a discussion on Sig 938 & 238 cocked and locked? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay... I know this probably been ask on this forum before, and I know i will be verbally assaulted for it, but i really need ...

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Thread: Sig 938 & 238 cocked and locked?

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    Sig 938 & 238 cocked and locked?

    Okay... I know this probably been ask on this forum before, and I know i will be verbally assaulted for it, but i really need to know.... How many of you carry (and please be honest) a 1911 style hand gun - from full size down to a sig p238, "Cocked and Locked" I have a sig p238 & sig P938 and it just freaks me out to carry cocked and locked - so most of the time i carry it with just the magazine loaded and waiting to be racked. okay... let me have it.

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    I carry a Kimber ultra carry 2, cocked and locked always.
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    back in the 70's and 80's i carried a 1911 cocked and locked on duty all the time. that is the way you should carry a 1911 type gun. the safety systems on a 1911 makes it safe to carry cocked and locked.
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    I've done plenty of 1911 carry cocked and locked. I carry my SIG P220 SAO cocked and locked. What's the big deal? You're the one to disengage the safety and you're the one who pulls the trigger. Would you feel better carrying a Glock with no external safety? You should.
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    I've carried:

    1911s, the Sig 220 SAO, a Hi Power, a couple of Colt Mustangs, the 238, and now my HK45 and HK P30 cocked and locked. With the exception of the HKs*, Cocked and locked is the preferred carry method for single action only guns. Flubbing racking one in the side is all too easy and can create more issues than simply missing the thumb safety etc. the slide can be short stroked, the slide can not return to full battery, you could induce a jam should the first round hang up...

    I'll list the usual references, but leave this open as it's more related to the Sigs in general despite asking about other C&L firearms.

    I will just simply say that from a mechanical standpoint, cocked and locked makes the most sense regarding your firearms.

    *The HK Variants I have can either could be carried DA/SA safety on or DA/SA Safety off.

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    I have a P238 & a P938. Both have ambi safeties, and I carry both cocked & locked, safety ON.

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    I don't think I've ever carried my 1911s except cocked and locked. You learn the gun, you shoot it a lot, and it's second nature.

    It also pays to understand why Condition One is safe. Spend a few minutes with our own mod Lima: Conditions of Readiness for the 1911 - YouTube
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    Absolutely. It's very difficult to accidentally click off a P238 thumb safety. Here's my rig, in post #222: (the link text is just the name of the topic, not my post)

    Why the .380 won't protect you

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    I would not feel comfortable carrying a 1911 style pistol cocked and locked in my pocket.

    I would have no problem carrying the same in a good holster on my belt.

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    I have a P238 cocked and locked in my pocket, in a pocket holster, as I type this. It's been there almost every day since I bought it. As soon as sweatshirt weather arrives it will go in the safe and I'll have the Glock 26 or 36 in an IWB.

    I carry my LCP with one in the chamber and no safety in my pocket, in a pocket holster, when the pocket won't hide the P238.

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    I carry all my 1911 style handguns "cocked and locked". Like the others, I have never had a single issue. All I'll say to ya is; man, I'd carry the thing fully loaded and hammer down before I go with one needing to be racked before it could be fired. A draw, rack and acquire is gonna take longer than draw, cock and push. I'd really suggest you work to overcome the fear of "cocked and locked", or park them bad boys and pick yourself up a good DAO carry pistol or two. Stay safe.

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    I have a friend that was scared to carry a Glock (no safety) with a round jacked. I convinced him that it was safer for him if he had to draw & shoot with a chambered round. He started doing that & eventually he felt comfortable. I reviewed safe handling of a fully loaded firearm with him & drawing procedures & when he found that he didn't have any accidents he now pulls the slide right after loading a magazine & that's the way it stays until he unloads.

    With all the safety features you have with your gun & a good holster you won't have any problems, but you have to feel comfortable when carrying.

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    Any 1911 I have or have had is carried cocked and locked. My DA/SA CZ RAMI with a safety is normally carried the same.
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    Cocked and LOCKED!! Just make sure you carry it in such a manner that the safety can not be accidentally disengaged (holstered in a good holster). However, even if the safety is disengaged, the trigger still has to be pulled. So, protect the safety and protect the trigger.

    Good luck.
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