Mens' Warehouse fit me up with shoulder rig in place!

This is a discussion on Mens' Warehouse fit me up with shoulder rig in place! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For some reason my suits were getting tight in the seat and stomach areas. I think they shrink over time. But that is a entire ...

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Thread: Mens' Warehouse fit me up with shoulder rig in place!

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    Mens' Warehouse fit me up with shoulder rig in place!

    For some reason my suits were getting tight in the seat and stomach areas. I think they shrink over time. But that is a entire topic of another matter.
    I purchased many suits at the Boston Store over the years and had been very happy with the suits. However since they are in the mall and there is the gun buster sign posted. I do not shop there or even go there.

    The Men's Warehouse in Brookfield did not have the gun buster sign so I went in and looked for a new suit. I asked the salesman if they could adjust the suit around my holster set ups. He said they do it all the time. So I got fit up with my shoulder rig. I was able to talk with the taylor and made a purchase.

    So I will pick up the new suit in a few days and get you an update on how it works out. But It was nice to do business with a gun friendly store who seems to value my business.
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    Thanks for sharing. I might have to check out their selection. I've seen their commercials for years, never been in one.

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    When I was a full time Peace Officer I bought several suits from them and they always were very good about altering them for concealed carry.

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    Great to hear! Seems suits are a great way to help hide gear (see 21 jumpstreet ) and it is nice to see that they seem helpful in that regard. I am in need of a new suit and was happy when I went to them last time. The carry scenario/option was not present then so we will see how this one goes, when I get a chance to get over there.

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    Good to hear
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    MW has had a good reputation for working with folks to fit their firearms. Definitely a class act store. Next time I need a suit, that's where I'm headed.

    Here's some info that may also help, if you have to shop elsewhere: 10 Conceal Carry Firearm Tips - Wearing a gun with a mens suit blazer or sport jacket
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    Men's warehouse is great! When I lived in Milwaukee I use to frequent the Greenfield and Brookfield stores. They've always been helpful.
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    You need to write a letter to the other store and let them know they lost your business for just that reason... the sign
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    You'll like how you look; they guarentee it.
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    For me it was my IWB Glock 19. They modified 2 jackets and four trousers for me.

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    Might give them a try when it's time for a new suit!
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    I used to have to get all my suits personally tailored. At the time I was 6'2", a solid 240lbs and on top of that I wore body armor and needed to conceal as much weaponry, equipment, comm gear, etc as possible. I used a local Mens Warehouse outside of DC on a few occasions and they were always accommodating and did solid work at a decent price. I was an operator at the time so it wasn't out of the norm in my case, I'm glad to see they're still willing to do that in this day and age.
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    It isnt time that shrinks the suit, it is the darkness of the closet that does it. Even drawers are dark. Ask me how I know!!
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    LMAO...Chief1297....I agree...good one.

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    You need to write a letter to the other store and let them know they lost your business for just that reason... the sign
    Copy the HQ too - MW has a great gun friendly reputation they have worked very hard to nurture and develop. That renegade store should slapped around and kicked into line

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