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My License Arrived

This is a discussion on My License Arrived within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; on your permit! Stay alert...stay safe! ...and...practice...a lot! ret...

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Thread: My License Arrived

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    on your permit!

    Stay alert...stay safe!
    ...and...practice...a lot!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Oh, just some other advice (if you want it):

    Cants: You will need to figure out what type of cant you want. Some like the FBI type, some like it even cantier (is that a word ), and some, like myself, like it straight up.

    What you need to do is figure out where you wish to carry. You can use a cheap UM IWB for this (or even the OWB if that is where you wish to carry).

    Try all places, appendix, 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock, etc.. (unless you're left handed then reverse the clock). Me, I had found that 4:30 was just right for me. It just snugged up into the fleshy part of my body between the hip bone and the kidney.

    Then "draw". Just find out how your hand/wrist "twists" as it comes into contact with the gun. Different people have different "twists" or natural angles that their hands/wrists take when in that position. That is why I went straight instead of a cant, with the cant I had to bend my wrist to access the firearm, my hand/wrist was a natural straight up and down configuation.

    Hard to explain.

    Also, if IWB/OWB on the waist isn't good for you, try other ways of carry. If you choose to carry off body then try the fanny pack. I used to carry IWB @ 4:30 and could do so even with a 1911 with comfort. Due to things that I could not control I had to go off body but I didn't want it completely off the body like in a gun binder thingy or something that I would have to continually hold. This is for a full sized firearm.

    I've gone to just having a .38 spl right now in an ankle holster. Gun gets dirty as heck but it's a revolver so I'm not worried about it .

    I am gaining weight again so the IWB may be coming into play soon .

    Also, with a holster, spend the money (let me say that again), Spend the Money. You can get many out of a gun store, even some with good names like Galco, etc...

    Don't buy them. They are great for carry into the woods, shooting range, etc.. but for everyday carry, nope. Most go for the "one size fits all" and they do that because they just can't afford to make alot of styles for each firearm. You get either a straight cant or the FBI. But the most important part to me:

    The mouth of the holster. Most that you buy in stores don't have a reinforced mouth (throat?, don't know the correct term but it's the point of where the gun goes into the holster). Most will collapse when you draw the firearm. Makes reholstering a two handed function. You want one that will stay open so you can reholster with one hand.

    It may not seem important now but in 5 years from now, when you pull out the holster box, you will marvel at yourself for not thinking about such little things earlier.

    As a matter of fact, I need to get the name (I always forget) of the holster maker on this board, I'm in the market for a holster for three guns, all about the same except for length:

    Model Super 9mm largo (Star)
    Ballister Molina (.45)
    Kimber Pro-Carry (the only one that is .5 shorter)
    Colt Sistema (I have faith on this one, that I will get and in good shape).


    *who for some reason, feels the need to talk alot this morning lol.

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    Congrats on the permit. I just received my life time permit, although I've had a regular permit for the last 12 years.

    I'll second (or 3rd or 4th) the comment on getting a good belt. I've had what I thought were good belts, but until I got a real gun belt from Rafter Leather last week, I didn't know what a good belt was. The difference in comfort is unbelievable.

    When you order a belt, make sure to first measure one of you current belts. You may be suprised on the length. If you are going to carry IWB, add an inch or two to the size. If you wear 34" pants, you may end up ordering a 37 or 38" belt.


    Carry safe, carry smart.

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