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CCW permit - leaving gun in car??

This is a discussion on CCW permit - leaving gun in car?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been struggling with this myself. Mostly due to the "gun free zones" here in Michigan. I have been leaving my gun in my ...

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Thread: CCW permit - leaving gun in car??

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    I have been struggling with this myself. Mostly due to the "gun free zones" here in Michigan. I have been leaving my gun in my glove box while at church quite a bit. My wife thinks I should leave it at home, but more often than not we wind up at a WalMart afterward, and I really want to have it on me there. I will look into a Nano lock box though. A very good post.. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by rm3482 View Post
    I bought a small nano vault that chains to my seat. Just another layer to deter theft. It sits under drivers seat floor mat. Just an idea.

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    +1 on a NanoVault or similar safe that can be either bolted down or tethered to a solid point via a steel cable. They're only $20-$30 and add a good layer of protection. I pull the mag and clear the chamber of my Sig when I stow it in the safe as an extra measure.

    As already mentioned, gun-related stickers on a vehicle are simply a bad idea... and keep that "Got Sig?" baseball hat off the dashboard too :)

    It also helps to not offer a would-be thief any other desireable targets... keep anything that might be tempting out of sight or out of the vehicle. A LOT of firearms have been stolen from vehicles as a bonus to the GPS that was stuck to the windsheild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badey View Post
    When you say school, are you talking about college or an elementary of secondary school?

    You are fine on a college campus with a gun in your car (or carrying it for that matter), although the school may or may not have a policy.

    I know people who leave guns in their cars, and while I do not think it is the best practice, it seems to work for them.
    Really? I always thought that college campuses are the same as grade schools when it comes to weapons.

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    When I went to vote today I noticed the new gunbuster sign and I popped the slide off and took the rest with me in my pockets. At least use a cable lock to chain it to the bottom of the seat. Ive attached mine to the spring lever under the seat a few times. A simple reach under the seat would not locate it if it were broken into...

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    I carry a revolver also. When I have to go someplace that's posted, I just empty the cylinder, drop the cartridges in my pocket and put the gun in the glove compartment or console. Both my cars are alarmed. If a locked car with an alarm doesn't deter you, hey, you've got yourself an empty gun. If they are determined enough to steal your car in spite of the alarm, they are going to steal your nifty gun safe along with it. That's just my thinking.

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    I usually have something in the glove box, and I plan to get a revolver to be the dedicated "truck gun." All my locks are functional, my windows are tinted, and it has a very loud, annoying alarm that goes off if the doors are opened without the use of the key or FOB. I'm confident in how it's stored.

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    Welcome from Delaware! Center of Mass safes are not all that expensive, and will give you a little better safety than just breaking the glass to get in.
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    Not so the university I worked for forbid guns on campus property be it classroom,dorms or off campus housing even.So while a few may permit it many will not.
    Out of sight locked and not viewable what its locked in,as a locked box spells something to steal.Take the ammo out and lock elsewhere.Taking even loose ammo inside if you reach for change and come up with 38 special will get you special att real quick.For sure know or have your serial numbers written down in case your relieved of it-truck car guns are generally not expensive and something that can take punishment.
    In my case a hipoint jhp 45 in the truck door cant be viewed from outside,can be reached while sitting,can be locked in center console even placed in another locked container within, if left for any time-$179

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    I have a government job that prohibits firearms in the workplace so I always leave it in the car. My car has a "secret" compartment that is part of the passenger seat and is small enough to conceal a handgun. I know that if a thief had a long time to search my vehicle, he would probably figure it out but odds are he'll only break the window and grab what is out in the open and take off. I park my car facing a busy street so pedestrians are always near the gated lot. My car is visible from that street.
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    I use hinged handcuffs...

    Much more secure than 90% of lock boxes
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    Quote Originally Posted by NotMallNinja View Post
    Get a cable lock and run it through the open cylinder and then lock it to the seat rail. By doing this the gun is protected from the typical smash and grab. It is also what I believe to be the minimum one should do when leaving a revolver in a car.
    Sometimes the simple solutions are the best. Good idea. Absent cutting tools, a thief would probably destroy the revolver trying to steal it, which would be fine by me - better to have it destroyed and useless than stolen and intact.

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    I take off the slide and lock the slide in my center console and lock the lower in the glove box lock box. Not the best solution but it's better than not having it when I get off of work or visiting school.
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    I agree with the others on this forum I'm in the same situation, work on a military installation and go to school, ahve to go home just to retrieve gun when not in my truck with a gun safe I have a Academy - Stack-On Portable Security Case with Combination Lock stack on gun safe from academey resonable and can go anywhere
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    Get one of these either keyed or combination you can even use them in the house to keep little hands from finding a loaded gun
    In Car Gun Lockers
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