Random thoughts on personal concealed carry evaluations

Random thoughts on personal concealed carry evaluations

This is a discussion on Random thoughts on personal concealed carry evaluations within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Every once in a while, I re-evaluate my carry system. By system, I mean equipment, training & mindset. Every time a shooting gets publicized, I ...

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Thread: Random thoughts on personal concealed carry evaluations

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    Random thoughts on personal concealed carry evaluations

    Every once in a while, I re-evaluate my carry system. By system, I mean equipment, training & mindset.

    Every time a shooting gets publicized, I question my means and methods; whether or not they would be up to the task, should I be faced with a similar situation. To base an evaluation on such things is definitely reactionary, and I think that more training would help me be more proactive in developing evaluations rather than wait for some awful scenario to play out.

    In my mind, the concealed carry lifestyle is an introspective journey. I am always learning, and therefore adapting. I believe that I've reached the point where my equipment is sufficient, and have decided that it's actually the least important behind training & mindset.

    You could argue that training & mindset are intertwined, and I would agree, but there are some who are trying to develop their mindset in the absence of training. So, I tried to separate the ideas in this post for the benefit of people who believe this way.

    These thoughts and evaluations are very personal ones. Some people have developed a keen sense of awareness, and some skills, without training. Personally, I am a proponent of professional training, but I don't want to exclude those who believe otherwise. My personal evaluations predominately conclude that more training is necessary.

    I have evolved quite a bit in my short concealed carry career. And I suspect that I will keep evolving with social developments, and my own experience.

    What type of things provoke a re-evaluation in your carry system?

    Are your evaluations put into effect only after a publicized shooting, or similar scenario? Or would you re-evaluate anyway?

    Or perhaps, you've already made your introspective journey and have already made up your mind come what may?
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    My gear has always been a tool. I look at it that way and will continue to do so. I evaluate my self a lot. I continue to learn and continue to train. Mindset can be expanded by training, but its up to the individual to make up there mind if they can do what needs to be done. There is only so much an instructor can give an individual. I applaud your re-evaluation of yourself, it is something we should do.
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    I have been training and toting a gun for over 30 years. I always evaluate my gear and carry system and have boxes of holsters I go through. I view guns and gear as tools and like any professional I buy the best. Cost is no object if your safety is at stake.
    My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.

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    I do the same thing when I hear or read about a shooting/defensive encounter. That is, mentally put myself in that situation and try to figure out how I would have handled it and whether or not my system would be up to the task.

    I'm pretty confident in my equipment and mindset, however, it is the training part I feel is the area I need to improve on the most. I definitely don't hit the range as much as I should and I need to be doing more draw-from-the-holster drills. I've taken a tactical carbine course but never done a defensive handgun class so I'm constantly telling myself it is something I need to do as I know it will improve my system and increase confidence.

    Anyway, I think it is normal and actually a good thing that we continually re-evaluate ourselves and our methods as it will only help to fine-tune our system and maybe remind us of the things we need to improve on. Stay safe out there.

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    I evaluate my "system" every time I read a thread like this be it equipment scenario or mindset. Training ends when you pass on to the next world.

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