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Is It Time To Re-Sole Your Shoes?

This is a discussion on Is It Time To Re-Sole Your Shoes? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by .45acpguy Just some food for thought that I thought I'd share. Uh oh, I feel a rant coming on. Feel free to ...

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Thread: Is It Time To Re-Sole Your Shoes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by .45acpguy View Post
    Just some food for thought that I thought I'd share.
    Uh oh, I feel a rant coming on. Feel free to skip if you wish.

    .45acpguy, I share your thoughts. I've started fights on other forums for what I am about to say, so I hope that doesn't happen here. I am a believer in being prepared. In so doing, I am not a slave to fashion or trends. One of my chief peeves are folks who wear flip-flops in public. Not only are they bad for your feet for long-term wear but you are more exposed to human and animal waste contamination every time you walk across a lawn, or visit the restroom. If you're a surfer dude living in Margaritaville, that's one thing, but it is quite another to be prepared to defend your life without a proper foundation. There are several brands of sandals that are securely strapped to your feet if you so desire.

    Remember the Bruce Willis character in Die Hard? Remember that he slipped off his shoes to get a little temporary comfort just before the ship hit the sand? He wound up fighting the bad guys bare footed in broken glass and other sharp pointy things on the floors. I understand that it was only a movie, but couldn't something like that happen? If you should find yourself in a gun fight, chances are you will have to move fast and make some radical evasive movements to avoid incoming fire. Wearing flip flops can make that a very difficult proposition. Not only gun fights, but how about unarmed defense, or natural or man-made disasters? Earthquakes, tornadoes, explosions, fires, volcano eruptions, etc. (I threw in the eruption thing because I literally live in the shadow of Mt. St. Helens.)

    Or, how about shorts and tee shirts in winter? I know not everyone lives in a snow zone, but I do and in the dead of winter (Dec-Jan-Feb) I routinely see folks out and about in not only flip flops, but tee shirts and shorts. They assume nothing bad will ever happen to them, only other people. Assumptions are there will be no sudden blizzard, and that government, or AAA will always be available to dig them out. Every winter, people die because they were not properly prepared. Can't possibly happen to you? Oh. OK.

    There is also the unlikely possibility of a nuclear attack, or EMP that will disable everything electronic and we will suddenly find ourselves living in the 1800's. [I suggest the novel; "One Second After"]. We know that OTM (Other Than Mexicans) have infiltrated our country through the southern border. Are all former Soviet nukes accounted for? Can't possibly happen here and now you say? Really? Are we the most loved and respected country in the world? Imagine finding yourself on the upper floors of a sky scraper office building or hotel, wearing tee shirt, shorts and flip flops. No one but a hand full of terrorists ever imagined anyone would intentionally fly planes into tall buildings. Imagine trying to evacuate in all of that destruction and confusion.

    As I said, I hope no one takes personal offense. I conduct myself as if every time I leave home, I may have to fight my way back, for whatever reason. I have a good [shoe] foundation, dress for the weather, one or sometimes two firearms, extra ammo for each, a knife, a flashlight, and a multi-tool. All carried in my pockets. Some of the tools and equipment are available in very small and compact sizes. I try to consider what happens if my car becomes my temporary shelter for a day or so? What if because of unexpected conditions, I need to abandon my car? I work about 20 miles from home and although there are two major rivers in the city, I don't have to cross either of them to get home. Bridges have been known to fail. I didn't choose my home's location on a whim.

    I'm paranoid you say? OK, I can live with that. I call it preparation, but what-ever. How you conduct yourself is your business and as long as it does not effect me and my family, I don't care.

    (By the way, in case you're curious why I chose to live where I live? Here are a couple of reasons near my neck of the woods.)

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    I wear flip flops occasionally in winter but it is to boycott the weather and let whoever is controlling it know that I am not falling for it. However as to a similar line of thought as the pioneer I keep a bag of various supplies in my vehicle and one of the categories of supplies is weather appropropriate clothing. Never know when I may need it.

    I only wear the flip flops for short trips to the store and such, and winter here gets down to a mean 60 degrees and might include a little precipitation, nothing like many of you get to experience.
    I need boots though and the retread idea seems great especially as was pointed out, for good boots already broken in.

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    Re-soling boots was a way of life.
    Appalachian Ohio.
    When I took my good old comfortable Rocky Eliminators in to be re-soled, I found the soles are bonded, not sewn.
    Can't re-sole bonded.
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    As a Pedorthist, we can resole shoes with just about any type of tread desired. I agree that the wearing of new shoes or boots is a real pain in the foot but resoling and reheeling can make that comfortable shoes last a lot longer and be cheaper (read extra ammo).
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