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What should I have done ?

This is a discussion on What should I have done ? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by sjp2452 Pull out ye old cell phone and pretend to have a conversation with a buddy. "Yeah, so I'm thinkin' about picking ...

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Thread: What should I have done ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjp2452 View Post
    Pull out ye old cell phone and pretend to have a conversation with a buddy. "Yeah, so I'm thinkin' about picking up an HK to conceal" (in an audible voice). ;)

    Seriously, I probably would have done just what you did. Seeing "a man with a gun" means nothing unless he's doing something illegal with it.
    Actually seeing the gun in the first place IS illegal.

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    An accidental uncovering of a concealed weapon in NOT "illegal" in Florida. It is just that, an accident. Frowned upon, for sure. But not something that should land you in front of a judge.

    Open carry is not allowed, and a charge of "brandishing" has certain requirements to be met.

    You might want to check Gutmacher's Book, Florida Firearms Law, Use, & Ownership, as he covered this subject, in depth, and is a practicing attorney in Florida.

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    I have to add that I also agree with your original decision to notice and follow your instinct. Had you taken the chance to advise the individual of his error, you could have been confronted by the entire group. Not good for public relations. If your gut instincts did not warn you of iminent danger then you did the right thing by walking away.

    As for those who mentioned the thought of seeing someone carrying a shotgun down the street....this was an HK handgun, there is a difference. Obviously, we can all agree that if this individual was carrying a shotgun, the police would have been called ASAP.

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    I'm all for leaving the guy alone. He's not doing anything bad that we know of, best not to give him a reason. But, it does strike me as odd that a construction worker is packing. Seems that the type of work involved would make CCW inconvenient (think plumber's crack). I would be so preoccupied that I was showing, or the gun would get banged up, that I'd never get anything done. Maybe all his buddies and his employer are OK with it, it just seems odd.
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