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am i at work?

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Thread: am i at work?

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    Smartcarry or Thunderwear.

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    Is this something you have to do? If it's optional, decide if you need the money that badly.

    I'm a retired police officer, now working as a contract executive protection agent (body guard). If I'm not in my home, I'm armed [PERIOD]. I've turned down some contracts because a) they wanted me to disarm, or b) the nature and circumstances of the event wasn't worth the risk. I do realize that not everyone is in a position to make that choice.

    Everything is a trade-off. Only you can decide.

    PS: I'm already booked this weekend.
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    I wish you well and stay safe. You are going to have to be aware and make a descision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksholder View Post

    I would ask if they could provide the tent workers with 1) parking close to the tent and 2) armed security (cops) to escort them to their cars.

    Are the Hells Angles providing security at this event???
    I asked if i can park close..... parking is up to me, which will mean, far away and walk. security is my police. the police will be stationed at the event and can't walk blocks to my car and leave their post.

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    I am not getting paid by check or cash, but my hospital is covering my malpractice, so that is like payment. this has nothing to do with money, I'm doing it because I like pre hospital medicine and taking care of people ( but i'm getting tired of that :) ) .
    if i had to push the subject, i could probably carry since i'm just in the city....not on hospital property,etc... but alot of great ideas have been brought up, which i need to think about more... like there will be a lot of drunk, drugged, crazy people and if they get a handle on my firearm...bad news.
    i will try and get an escort ( let me clarify, police escort) to my vehicle...maybe they would give me a ride.... usually the police and docs work well together... .usually..
    also, they will probably be very busy too....
    i think i will go with pepper spray......and crossed fingers.

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    From one Doc to another, I'd say "don't do it." You risk losing your job and maybe even being reported to your state medical board (I'm not saying that that WILL happen, but I can see someone trying to do it). If I were in your position I would assume that I am representing my hospital/group, especially since you were asked to wear ID. Not worth it to me. Carry your non-lethal defense and pray.
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    If it's NOT illegal, I would probably tuck my P-3AT (rather than my Glock-36) in a front pocket...never to be seen by anyone.
    Better safe than sorry...
    I've been in professional situations where it was NOT illegal, just not permitted/appreciated, so to speak...I sided with my personal safety.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    If you're not on the hospital clock and they're not paying you for working the event, then their policy doesn't apply. I think you are good to go.
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