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How do you carry in the rain???

This is a discussion on How do you carry in the rain??? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This has obviously gotten many good replies so I'll keep mine brief. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. A little moisture won't hurt anything. I carry IWB ...

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Thread: How do you carry in the rain???

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    This has obviously gotten many good replies so I'll keep mine brief. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. A little moisture won't hurt anything. I carry IWB and I sweat a good bit. Human perspiration is much worse for a gun than rain. Just give it a decent cleaning/drying and treat with the usual lube when you get back home and you will be golden.

    Edit: Oh, and about your ammo. Modern cartridges have a very tight primer pocket so you have a very snug primer fit. Moisture will not be a problem, unless, for example, you drop a full mag in your toilet and don't notice it for a few days. I have heard of people putting nail polish on their primers, but it's best not to mess with it. Nail polish will harden and make it potentially more difficult for the firing pin/striker to get a good enough hit to ignite the priming compound. If you still feel the need to do it, then just a very thin line around the perimeter of the pocket/ primer junction is all you need. But again, I would advise against it.

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    Weapons fire when wet. They should be cleaned well when you get home but water does not kill a weapon or the rounds.
    Oil kills powered and primers not water

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    For years working as a uniformed PO, I carried a revolver openly and it got wet. No problems and all ammo went bang! I did clean and lube it as needed (more after getting caught in the rain/snowstorm).

    Nowadays ccw'g I don't worry about it and occasionally I might get caught w/o a jacket and the gun gets a bit wet . . . inspect, wipe down and clean/lube if required.

    As an NRA instructor teaching PPOH, we spent 5.5 hrs on the range in torrential downpours, all our (instructors and students) clothing got soaked thru including light jackets (late Spring)! One of my students borrowed a Glock 22 from me to use in the class. I swear that when I cleaned it there were two minnows in the barrel and I just stripped it down and thoroughly cleaned/lubed it. <j/k about the minnows but it was real bad that day>

    Never mess around with factory ammo, it's all sealed adequately for weather conditions unless you are going deep-sea diving with it.

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    I have a little umbrella that attaches to the grip to keep it dry.

    Seriously I keep all my guns wiped with a silicone cloth and my cover garments prevent them from getting wet unless it comes down in a real gully washer then I just dry them off and rewipe.
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    Same as I do anyother time. My Glock doesn't melt in the rain.

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    How do you carry in the rain???-pg_950.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldnfat View Post
    Rain? What is rain? I think it used to do that around here. Hasn't happened for a while. If it would make it rain I would put all my guns in the backyard on the dirt. No grass, it died .
    Ditto ! We got a little rain about two weeks ago. The heat has cranked back up and it all evaporated. Except at my brother's range. It's still standing in the main area. :(
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    Just like normal. I don't know about you, but I normally don't get drenched when it rains and my gun IWB is the last thing to get wet. Sweat gets it more often.

    I take my EDC swimming to the river with me. It survives a heckofa lot better than my wallet does, my car insurance cards died a watery death one time. To solve that, I punched a hole through my DL and CHL to carry them on a keyring when I'm at the river and keep my paper-ish wallet stuff safe. My gun leather is in fine shape too. Even if you don't "think" you'll be swimming, the last time I took the dogs out my Lab had a seizure in the water and I had to drag him out so he wouldn't drown!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tala View Post
    To solve that, I punched a hole through my DL and CHL to carry them on a keyring when I'm at the river and keep my paper-ish wallet stuff safe.
    FYI, some states punch holes in driver's licenses to indicate that they have been suspended/cancelled/replaced.

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    My concern is more printing when my shirt gets soaked rather than being concerned about the gun getting wet. I keep a rain coat in my car in case I get caught out in a heavy rain - especially during the kids football seasons when I'll have to be out in it awhile.

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    No difference wet or dry. 642 in a pocket holster or XD40 carried IWB. Both laugh at the elements. Me, I'm old and like to stay dry. I'll put the 642 (still in one of it's pocket holsters) in the pocket of my rain gear when out and about. If either gun gets soaked, I'll simply hose it down with some CLP and wipe it down.

    Nail polish on carry ammo? I hope you at least picked a sexy color...
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    It's usually carried under a protective layer of clothing. Never been a problem.

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    You EDC a Kel-tec pf9 yet you give your ammo a manicure? I EDC a GLOCK 19 and let Speer concern itself with my ammo. The last thing I want is for a hardened chunk of home-applied Revlon to get caught under my extractor at the WORST POSSIBLE moment.
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    We used to call it " liquid sunshine ". Maybe you should get with some military vets or outdoors men and have a chat.
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    How do you carry in the rain???
    If I anticipate getting wet in the field I like to use nylon holsters when possible.
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