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Concealing a full-sized gun

This is a discussion on Concealing a full-sized gun within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I too am in the process of rethinking my carry options and going to carrying a little bit larger guns. I have only CC'd a ...

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Thread: Concealing a full-sized gun

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    I too am in the process of rethinking my carry options and going to carrying a little bit larger guns. I have only CC'd a p3AT and PPK so no firsthand experience carrying full-sized weapons yet.

    However just some FYI info, I am a paramedic and you'd be suprised at the things we and LEOs take off of people and the things they have completely out of sight.

    One thing that really comes to mind is a training video where they took a typical looking 13 years oldish kid in 'gansta' clothing and then had him start pulling out weapons. he had multiple full-sized 1911s, K-frames, full-sized Bowie knives, various shanks/brassknuckles etc and then the real eye opener was when he pulled out two sawed-off dbl barrel shotguns (think of Mel Gibson's shotty in "Road Warrior.") from the 4 oclock and 8 oclock positions. He had all of these weapons on him at the same time without appreciable printing unless you were specifically looking for it.

    I have never taken a sawed-ff shotgun off anyone but I have found several full-sized vodka and tequila bottles off of drunks that were completely hidden under clothing and not apparent to an unsuspecting eye.

    Moral of the story is with a little creativity and some slight modification in dress, one can hide a pretty significantly sized object on them that is not readily visable to the unsuspecting eye.

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    Good to see other options, I myself have never had a problem carrying a full size gun IWB I do it every day so does the wife, granted I'm a bit bigger then her.
    I'm 5'8" @200# shes 5'7" and I'd guess 140 (she never say's) but it's no big deal unless she bends to tie he shoes or something similar, then it prints a bit.
    She may not be carrying a full size much longer throw one of the guys she works with wants to buy her carry gun (G34 same model I carry) we will know in the next 20 min or so.

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    I tried one, but didn't feel comfortable with a gun under my arm. My wife uses one, however. She likes it better than a belly band for her LCP.
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    looked at the site for the pants. Nothing for me but the hubby really liked the idea. I like the idea of a shoulder holster but so far I haven't found one that I can easily reach around my chest to get to the gun. Maybe they are showing me the wrong kinds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brademan View Post
    This looks interesting, and I'm glad you found something you like. For me,all of the 'under the clothes' type of pouches just don't seem tot work well. Too slow and too much garment to get out of the way in order to draw.'s all personal preference.

    I like the CCW Breakaway pants a lot. They allow for carry of a full size pistol or revolver, on wither side, with a dedicated, fitted pocket holster built right into a pair of great looking 'docker' style pants or cargo pants. They work for compacts, too of course. I have three pair and one set of their cargo shorts.

    Again....personal preference rules....but these are just right in my book. Thanks for the heads up on Kangaraoo carry. Hadn't seen those.
    I had never heard of these before your post. Had to do a search to find out. At first I thought it was a joke about wearing those tear away warmups like basketball players wear.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sensei2 View Post
    looked intriguing, so i followed your link. my first thought was, "well i don't resemble the model very much!"

    i think i'll give the Air Marshall a try. thanks.
    The holster or the girl in the picture?

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    I'd never seen these either - somehow looks more comfy than a belly band, not sure why I think so though. They really need to have some male models with nice chests showing these off too - when will holster makers realize women buy holsters too?! I got excited for a split second thinking they'd have a push up effect but alas no...
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    My nephew, all of 5f. 6 inches carries a FS M&P .40, IWB usually, but sometimes OWB.
    Me and his dad carry M&P compacts IWB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmagnuss View Post

    On a real note... I really like the idea, but I'm assuming that wearing an undershirt is a necessity with that holster... which isn't going to happen here in SW Florida 9 months out of the year. :(
    I am across the Gulf from you, in Texas, where it is hot and humid along the coast. I recommend trying some different undershirts! I am partial to Ex Officio, with the V-neck option being better. With one of these, worn tucked, under a textured, loose-fitting shirt, I can often be more comfortable than wearing the same outer shirt by itself. As a point of comparison, Under Armor's shirts made for the heat are not nearly as good as Ex Officio.

    In a non-air-conditioned environment, I am actually more comfortable wearing an Ex-Officio T-shirt, by itself, than no shirt at all.

    FWIW, I wear Ex Officio T-shirts under my body armor at work, too. I am not a rep for this company, nor its dealers; just a satisfied customer.

    As for concealing a full-sized handgun, I have been doing this since 1984, in normal IWB holsters, as well as in some of the better OWB rigs. In the late 1980s, it was an N-frame, when I toted a 4" S&W Model 58 .41 Magnum, just about everywhere, all the time. I needed a duty handgun, and could not afford a medium or compact weapon. I did not feel comfortable carrying just my J-snub, so I dressed around the big sixgun.

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    I tried it again last night. We went out to eat, and once again I wore the Sig 229 in the Kangaroo Carry, it was no problem. I wore a loose, somewhat thick cloth t-shirt over it. It was fine, I have CC'd many times at 4:00 IWB in a belly band, and I havent missed that tightness/bulk when sitting or driving.

    I'm enjoying carrying full-sized and doing it comfortably.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    I usually pocket carry a LCP, and do so nearly everyday. Granted, it's not much of a defensive gun, but it does disappear in a pocket. For me, and the way I work, it doesn't get in my way and that's very important to me. Sometimes I CC a larger "concealed carry" designed gun like a PPS or most recently an XDs, I use a belly band for them.

    Last night, we decided to take an hour-long ride to "the city" with another couple. I decided to try concealing a much larger and heavier gun. When I finished dressing I had my wife "look me over" and she didn't have a clue. I drove for an hour, went out to eat, went to a movie, and drove an hour back home. No one noticed anything whatsoever, I was comfortable sitting, standing, problems. I did hug one woman on the street at random just to try frightened gasps from her (j/k, actually I did know her).

    I didn't use a belly band, I used the Kangaroo Carry, I think it was $30-40, they have various models. Let me say straight up, I'm not affiliated with them in any manner. When I originally made my order I called and asked a few questions to the helpful owner and that's been it. There are threads here about Kangaroo Carry, that I posted in where I mention it makes me feel a bit like wearing a brassiere. True enough, it does somewhat. I coped with that by making sure I didn't look in a mirror while I was dressing.

    Looking back on last night it actually worked very well. The gun I chose was a Sig 229 .40 SAS. The Kangaroo Carry is sort of like a slimmer belly band with a canvas-like pouch holster that's in the basic shape of a handgun. My G27 would fit in there very well also. You wear it around your lower chest and there is a strap with velcro ends that goes over one shoulder that helps support the weight of the gun on that heavy side. The 229 fit in there just fine, I wore it around the house as a test before we left. It did great and I was comfortable with it all evening. I was especially comfortable carrying a gun with an ample caliber and magazine capacity.

    I wore it under a tucked in, common short-sleeved shirt that buttons down the front. Naturally it wouldn't work with a very tight shirt, so it does need some room or the grip would print some. I think that two breast pockets would help in concealment as well. It's essentially a shoulder holster and one may think it's deep concealment, but I didn't feel that it was that deep, the main hindrance would be unbuttoning my top button. Otherwise it's pretty quick to get to, especially while sitting down.

    I'm happy enough to try it again, and it was nice to be "really armed".

    Kangaroo Carry
    I conceal full-size guns fine with a pair of Perry's Suspenders to distribute the weight between shoulders and waist which makes the gun feel much lighter - and a leather vest open, or a shirt unbuttoned. However, I can dress casually most of the time. (I highly recommend Perry's - look up using Google).

    I use OWB holsters. I'm 65 yrs old, 5'10" and 138lbs. If I can do it as a skinny, white-haired "old-guy" so can anybody. Hell, I do it with a shiny .357 Nickle Colt Python 4" sometimes. Just the sight of that thing pointed at you would make half the BGs hit the road FAST.

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    I carry a full-size Beretta PX4 Storm 45 pretty often in a Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC IWB holster at 4 o'clock. It does just fine, and by most measures this is a huge gun. Its not all that heavy though considering...

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    does the bellyband tend to get pretty uncomfortably warm or irritating? or is there a mark on your stomach when you take it off?

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    I carry my P89 ruger iwb sob with no problems. Imo sub compacts are overated. I like a pistol that I can Earp the BG with if I had to.
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    90% of the time, I carry a full-size handgun when I'm out of the house. I bounce back and forth between a Glock 23C and a Smith and Wesson 686+ w/ a 2.5" barrel. When I get home, and I know I'm probably going to be in for the evening, I change to a J Frame and put the full-size guns away. I just don't feel good about carrying a smaller gun when I leave the house. With the efficiency of today's holsters, you can carry and conceal pretty any reasonably sized piece.
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