When do you take off your holster?

When do you take off your holster?

This is a discussion on When do you take off your holster? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I asked this question in another thread and Bud felt it deserved its own thread. So the question is: When do you take off your ...

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Thread: When do you take off your holster?

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    When do you take off your holster?

    I asked this question in another thread and Bud felt it deserved its own thread.

    So the question is: When do you take off your holster (or remove your carry piece) when you get home at the end of the day?

    Since I have yet to get my CHL, I don't have an answer, although I do carry in a holster around the apartment (to get used to the weight for when I do get my CHL). If not wearing a holster around the house, I have a pistol at hand (they're stored within reach of where I spend most of my time).

    Thanks for the thoughts, answers and information.
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    I put it (Sig P239 SAS .40) on when I get dressed in the morning and take it off when I get undressed before bed. A different gun sleeps beside me at night (S&W M&P .40).

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    I just leave it on my belt until I change pants, which is every other day or so. If I am not carrying at home due to the end of the night or not feeling like getting dressed yet or whatever, I place my gun in my safe and leave my pants by the bed, because my wife loves it when I do that. Right now I am enjoying a couple beers (ok, ok, more than a couple) so my gun is in the safe, my pants are laying next to the bed and I just have regular sweat pants on. But my holster is still attached to my belt.

    If I disarm out in public when entering a no-carry zone I just take the gun out of the holster and leave the holster on. Too much messing around with taking a holster off and putting it back on. I get back in, slide my gun in the holster and go on with life.

    Pretty sure it is legal to carry in your home without a CHL. I suggest doing that until your permit arrives. It will get you used to the weight and carrying a gun with a chambered round. I am sure many of us did that before our permit got here.
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    only when I'm not wearing pants...no choice then! (Well, almost!)

    There are several nearby when I'm sleeping, and always one on me when I'm awake...usually another by any door...and several others scattered around the house. (No kids to worry about!)

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    if my belt is on my jeans, so is my holster. When I'm in for the evening my holster remains in place but my firearm is within reach.

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    It depends. While sleeping I have a compact 9 mm in a *** bag- along with a knife, light, and spare mag (sort of like a mini Bug out bag), So, if I happened to be carrying that gun, it will often go in the bag as soon as I get home. Of course, the fanny pack is next to me anyway, so it is at hand if I need it. If I had one of the other guns on it will usually stay on until 8:30 or so. That's when I usually take a shower, and that is one place I don't feel the need to be armed.
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    I take it off when i knwo im not going anywhere else ..

    The old lady made me a custom holster job that hangs on my easy chair when i stroll to different parts of house i carry gun with me if there is not one in that part of the house

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    I put it on at the same time I get dressed in the morning.

    When I go to bed, I take the gun out of my holster and put it into the fanny pack which lives in a lockbox near my bed. Also in the fanny pack is a spare magazine, a cell phone, and a flashlight. Bedroom door gets locked, so the lockbox can safely be left closed but unlocked while I sleep. If I get up in the middle of the night, I either grab the fanny pack or lock the lockbox before leaving the room, depending on the circumstances.

    In the morning, I move the gun back into my daytime holster as I get dressed.

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    In addition to bedtime, I have to take it off and place it in an oil-cloth that lays on my bathroom vanity while I shower.

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    When I get home and not going back out. But sometimes still carry j-frame in pocket.

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    Normally my rig stays put on my belt which is on current pants - and EDC becomes floor oriented for the night time. So basically, never comes off as such.

    Exception would be as per a wedding a few weeks ago - where it was hot plus and so I had just a formal shirt - then rig off and R9 lived in pocket.
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    usually once I am headed for bed. Sometimes I just carry the pistol around and set it next to me though, if dressed in bed time clothes.
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    I put it on when I get dressed in the morning and take it off when I get undressed before bed.
    That's about it, for me. Too may local home invasions to be concerned with being parted for too long.
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    I only take it off when I go to bed or when I do yardwork. The weapon sleeps beside me at "night".
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    If I change clothes to some thing beltless like gym shorts when I get home, the leather holster comes off, but the gun stays around, either in a fanny pack or a smartcarry. At bedtime, it goes in the nightstand next to the bed. Next morning, its back on the belt.
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