Cross eye dominance

Cross eye dominance

This is a discussion on Cross eye dominance within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Lately I have realized that I am cross eye'd dominant ( right handed with a dominant left eye). Does anyone have any tips for shooting ...

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Thread: Cross eye dominance

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    Cross eye dominance

    Lately I have realized that I am cross eye'd dominant ( right handed with a dominant left eye). Does anyone have any tips for shooting a pistol or long gun? I would greatly appreciate any tips that would help improve accuracy.
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    My GF is cross-dominant, south-paw and dominant right eye, funny as heck watching her shoot my AR because she holds it lefty and leans her head way over the stock. I have a buddy that is in the army who is cross dominant like her. He taught himself to shoot right-handed and is just as accurate with shooting from both hands. My GF does pretty dang good with her .38 revolver shooting with her strong hand and holding it across in front and using her right eye. Not the most "correct" shooting position but it serves her well for handgun shooting.

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    A pistol it's easy. I move my ready position more to the left ( I am right handed) and start from there. Step 2 is to work on shooting with both eyes open.
    A variation is to turn your head to the right. I prefer the latter myself. Rifles I just close my left eye, seems to work the best.

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    Watch some Hickok45 videos. I believe he has the same "condition" and he shoots alright.
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    I am cross eye dominant, right handed eye dominant. Solution I've found to help turn the gun so its at a 45 degree angle while moving the gut to the dominant eye, turn the head to bring the eye behind the gun and sight, lean the head over towards the shoulder to get the eye behind the sight or learn to shoot with the other hand.

    While I can shoot with both hands I use my dominant hand and find myself using the head lean and the 45 degree angle most times. When point shoot its the 45 degree and when shoot for group I use the head lean.

    For rifle close the dominant eye and shoot one eyed or learn to shoot with the other hand. Again I can shoot both ways. When I shot trap I shot left handed but when hunting I shoot right handed and close the one eye.

    What I've found to work.
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    I have the same issue. I shoot long guns with my left hand to properly aim with my left eye, but I will shoot pistols with my right hand and still aim with my left eye. Shooting long guns isn't to bad when you keep it all on one side except if you don't like shooting a right handed gun left handed. That's why I try to purchase left handed long guns now.

    As for pistol shooting though. You can close your right eye or slightly close your right eye until your left eye comes in focus with the sights. Or you can turn your head right until you have all your focus on your left eye looking down your sights.

    One of my other issues is that I can close my right eye with out closing my left eye, but not the other way around. If I close my left eye, my right eye will close with it. This made it a little bit of a challenge to find a way to shoot.

    In short what I found the best though with shooting pistol is turning my head till my left eye has total focus on the sights.
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    Since both of my eyes are corrected to slightly better than 20/20, here is what I do: when I shoot left-handed, I close my right eye, and when I shoot right-handed, I close my left eye.
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    Take a look at Fist-Fire. There is a thread HERE started buy the guy who developed this style.

    I haven't had any formal training with it but have been using the same grip style since I found it brings the pistol more on line with my cross dominant eye.
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    I am left-handed and right eye dominant. Shooting a handgun is no problem, as I simply sight with my right eye even though the handgun is in my left hand. I shoot a rifle right-handed and have had no problems with this at all.

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    Jimm Gregg's book covers this issue very well, I recommend reading it for this issue alone (not trying to start a point shooting debate). I have the same issue, I have to close my left eye using a rifle.
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    I was taught to keep both eyes open & focus on the front sight. I've been doing that for almost as many years as I am old & that's a loooong time, lol. I was in the military for 27 years & never failed to shoot Expert with rifle (M14, M16, M4) pistol ( 1911 .45, 9MM) & about anything else that requires aiming. Your gun will automatically track towards the center a small bit.

    Another idea, one that was also taught to me at an early age, is to become proficient with both hands. I've gone so far to do as many things left-handed that I do right-handed (dominant hand) so I'm almost ambidextrous. There are even things I can do better left-handed. I'm not much of a mechanic but I can use tools almost as good with either hand. I can shoot well (not bragging) with either hand.

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    I am left eye dominant. Shooting a hand gun is no problem.

    Shooting a scoped rifle is a different story. I have a problem with my right eye. It doesent focus correctly. I shoot right handed so i'm not as accurate as I could be. Don't get me wrong I have no problem hitting my target out to 300+ yards with my 300.

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    Im left eye, right hand when i shoot a handgun, but right eye right handed with a long gun. I squint my right eye about halfway and Its easier to get a correct sight picture on the handgun. Rifle, both eyes open. If i close my left eye, i cant shoot my famas worth crap, but i can shoot an ar15 like any other day. Dont know whats up with that. Probably something to do with my short stint as an amatuer kickboxer.
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    My Son-in-law and I were practicing this very thing this morning since he is left eye dominant. He is very proficient with right hand draw and shoot aiming with left eye. He wanted to keep both eyes open becuase to eliminate half his proiferal vision during a gunfight might be hazardous to his health. He worked with that until he had the correct sight picture with both eyes open. With rapid draw and shoot, 2 times out of 10 he missed the target 15" to the left when the wrong eye sight picture was dominant. Interesting that the group on target was as good as ever (3" diameter 5 shot @ 7 yards) and the misses were within an inch of each other. He intends to work on that until it is instinctive both eyes open. I did not have that problem because I often shoot both eyes open. My right eye is so dominant that the left eye open or not in no big deal. From this very small sample (just two of us) it may be that the "degree" of eye dominance may vary a lot and add to the difficulty of cross eye sight picture.
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    I'm lefty with right eye dominant.

    With pistols or rifles, I tend to tilt the gun over to the right a bit, and look slightly to the left. That little adjustment more-easily presents my right eye straight down the sights. Learned that by age ~10yrs or so, and it's worked fairly well so far. I'm sure there are different ways, but this way works for me.

    The only exception is with stationary (benchrest) rifle shooting, in which I leave the gun vertical but lean my head/eye over to the left a bit more, which brings the right eye straight down the sights. A bit awkward, but it works.

    I've toyed with switching to left-eye sighting, and practiced a bit with it, though it hasn't shown much improvement in ~35yrs+ of shooting. My heart's not really in it. So, I've stuck with right-eye sighting and lefty firing.
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