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Why did you start carrying?

This is a discussion on Why did you start carrying? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Past LEO. Learned at too tender an age there are people who wish to do you harm. It is significant in my experience that, in ...

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Thread: Why did you start carrying?

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    Past LEO.
    Learned at too tender an age there are people who wish to do you harm.
    It is significant in my experience that, in uniform and carrying openly, I never had to resort to the defensive sidearm. Not once. Ever.
    Off duty, in civilian attire, I carried everywhere, everywhen.
    It was only off duty that I needed the defensive side arm.
    Three times.
    I breathe air today only because, when the moment came, I was armed.
    Our reasons for carry change with time: initially, because I wanted to keep myself safe; then because, as was previously posted, a felon you sent up the river can and will recognize you on the street, and now, because I am married and have responsibility to a family.
    Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, spare tire ... and the defensive sidearm.
    Makes sense to me!
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    I grew up shooting and hunting so guns have always been a part of my life. In fact, my dad and mom met while out with some mutual friends shooting pistols. So I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for guns I guess???

    Anyway, when I was 16 and old enough to drive I always kept a long gun in my truck, It was ok back then to do that kinda stuff. When I graduated from HS in '88 my dad gave me a 1911 .38 super as a grad present and I always kept it in my truck which has always been legal in FL as long as you followed certain rules. (two moves or plain sight) When they came out with the FL shall issue permits, I didn't get one because I didn't thik I needed it.

    Then a couple of buddies of mine were out shooting in the woods one day and on the way home got stopped by the PD. Long story short, PD charged them with Illegal concealement, although they swear that the guns were in plain sight in the cab, and ammo & mags were in the back tool box. I wasn't there, so don't know, but the police report said different. When my budy went to court to fight it, the charges were droped and when he asked how he could get his guns back the judge told him not to worry about getting his guns back..ie it wasn't going to happen. He lost a 9mm Browning HP, Mak-90, SKS, and Rem. 22.

    After that I went to get my permit, so no matter the circumstances, I couldn't be charged with Illegal concealment.
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    Honestly, because they made it so that I could.

    When I joined the AF and went to New Mexico I had NO idea of the laws. I didn't conceal carry but I bought guns, went shooting in the mountains, etc..

    When I got orders to New York, I still didn't know anything about the laws. Yes computers where around but the internet as we know it now wasn't. We had mil-net but it didn't have boards or chat rooms on it, it was a military thing.

    Also, a PC for normal folks would have costs around 2k plus. My 80-86 Kaypro costs me $500 used, had no hard drive (back then, they were up to 40 meg I think), and was a great "game machine" but not as good as my comadore 128.

    I drove from NM to NY with a loaded .357 magnum in the front seat of my car (concealed). Hey, I didn't know.

    I didn't know until I got to base and put the gun into the armory. It was a surprise when they told me the law (but they didn't say anything to anyone about it).

    AOL was coming out at this time and the 386SX (SuXs) had come out and were kinda affordable. I bought one and got hooked up with AOL.

    Still not much there but I searched out the gun laws as I could, very hard to find info., the internet was still very young and mostly just BB's.

    I then moved to Georgia and the internet was alot better, growing. Found Shooters.com and was learning more when I found out that Georgia had a concealed carry law that they had just enacted. I thought, what the hell, why not.

    Went, applied, paid my money. Got my permit and that started it for me. Been carrying and learning how to carry since then.

    In each state that I've been in since: Georgia, Idaho and now Oregon I've gotten my permit. Got my NH and PA just for the heck of it.

    So, long story short, I found out I could, so I did.


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    Self reliance.

    We live about 20 miles into the "Boonies."

    We've had the Sheriff/News helicopters circling the street down-the-way at least three times in the last ten years looking for some sort of fugitive.

    Last year we had an ice storm that had everyone without power for a week or more around the holidays.

    I applaud our Sheriff deputy's efforts, but I know they are too few and don't get paid enough.

    I'm a HUGE hypocrite. I've always sided with the "well regulated militia" camp and still do. The best example of this is where everyone has a rifle in their home and must be trained (Tel Aviv). I don't think the control folks would go for that.

    Call me a hypocrite, but I purchased my first handgun and took my class last month. I was a bit disappointed in the legal aspects of my class, but I'm waiting for my permit. I hope to learn a little more here.
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    I got my 1st permit when I was 18. Legal to obtain in Maine at that time, but you couldn't buy a handgun.
    Started carrying on/off duty in 91 when I started as LEO. When I got out of LE in 98, I stopped for the most part (hunting/fishing).
    About 2 years ago, I started paying attention again to the rising crime rate in Maine. Spoke with officers that I work next to (while I'm on the Rig) they told me more "War stories" about stuff that was going on. Looked at my wife, my daughter and my son. I work to save lives everyday-lives of strangers. My first responsiblity is to my family-to protect them- by ANY and ALL means.
    Now, I very rarely venture out of the house (unless I'm on the Rig-they won't let me carry on the ambulance, apparently afraid I may use it on one of the Great Unwashed and put them out of OUR misery ) without my 45 on me or with in arms reach
    Some people are alive simply because it's illegal to kill them.

    If guns cause crime, then pens cause illiteracy

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    My family became victims of a violent crime.

    Changed my view on guns on July 9th, 1994.

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    I have been carrying concealed every day for the last 17 years.

    At first it was just for personal protection but now its also to protect my family. I'm going to start teaching my 10 year old daughter to shoot handguns. So when she is 21 then she will be familiar and comfortable with using a handgun if she decides to carry one for protection.

    I hope I never have to use my guns for self defense. But if I do, then I know I have the ability and training to do so.
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    I was the victum of an armed robbery many years ago. It was illegal to carry in NC back then. I kind of put it out of my mind, but over the past few years with so many gangs and illegals coming in - car jackings, road rage, etc. it seemed like the most common sense thing to do. I changed jobs about a year ago and a new office mate, female and conserative, had a lot in common. Turns out see has been carrying for a long time and I became more interested. The bottom line is I'm 5'6" tall and about 160 lbs. I'm not going to be a victum or let my family get victumized if I can help it.
    Walk steathly - and carry a big Springfield.

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    I'm still not licensed, but Katrina/New Orleans pushed me to consider CC licensing. I've always thought I should have it for motorcycle trips/camping, but never took the thought too seriously.

    After New Orleans and realizing what a fine line it is between civilized society and anarchy, I took the thought more seriously and purchased a weapon and have been at the range a lot.

    Still don't know if I will CC; still deciding.

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    Multi tiered answer for me:

    First and foremost; a right that is not exercised is a right that could be taken away from me! That is why I am a leader for "Ohio's most influential grassroots organization" that is fighting to defend our gun rights!

    But firstly, my Mother was raped in August 1978. On that day, I decided that I would NEVER be a willing victim. Unfortunately, I had to wait another 26 years for Ohio to pass concealed carry.

    Nextly; I am a Realtor and have to meet strangers in strange properties, that quite often are vacant. Didn't enjoy those first 2 1/2 years in the business going defenseless.

    I carry to self protect and to protect my family. I do it for the ones I love!
    Member of the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors
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    for the safety of me, my family and others

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    A few circumstances:

    Our old neighborhood changed from one where you could leave your doors unlocked and children could wander all day to one where folks were putting bars on their windows & driving their children 4 blocks to school. Had guns in the house but didn't carry.

    We bought a motorhome and started traveling around the US. Carried a revolver in the motorhome, but not outside of it.

    Our new neighborhood is growing way too fast and, of course, the crime rate is increasing. We're planning to move a couple hours from Dallas, where I've heard the crime rate is pretty bad, and we'll be visiting relatives there frequently. And the grandkids are in Phoenix, where again the crime rate is pretty bad.

    Not to mention the possibility/probability of more terrorist attacks and the attending social problems.

    Taking all the above into account, and since it's pretty easy to get a permit in Arizona, we decided it's time to get our permits & start carrying at all possible times.

    After re-reading this, looks as if it can be summarized as: protection of ourselves, family, friends and others - as circumstances dictate.

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    I was 18, working for a buddy's dad clearing land and stringing fence in southern Indiana, limestone country. After a days work we went swimming in some of the old quarrys in the area, it was common in the area. One day 3 prime examples of pure white trash with an H&R single shot shotgun "screwed" with us and 2 couples that were also swimming at the same quarry for about 30 minutes. From some of the things they made us (and particularly the girls) do I am sure they were working themselves up to raping the girls. Then they were scared off by someone else coming to swim, I swore that day no man would ever lord over me like that again. My buddy and I bought M-1 carbines with our next pay and always took them with us to the quarries, fortunately we never saw our antagonists again.

    The day I turned 21 I applied for my first CCW (1974) and except for the first 6 years I lived here in Missouri (no CCW) I have carried virtually every day. I had my Florida permit in hand the day our supreme court ruled our CCW law constitutional and have carried every day since. I will never again move to a non-CCW state again. The wife has spent her entire life in acediamia and was fairly liberal when we first met, now we watch FOX NEWS together and cuss the liberals and she has her CCW

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    Because no one cares more about me and mine more than I do.
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
    - Sir Winston Churchill

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    I began carrying while I still lived in Georgia, as soon as I turned 21, I got my first permit. While stationed at Fort Stewart, I would make trips back up north of the Atlanta area every weekend I could get a pass (the things we do to try and win the hearts of women). If anyone has traveled I-16 between Savannah and Macon, you'll understand why I carried--there was absolutely nothing out there -- though much has probably changed in the intervening 24 years.

    Now that we've settled in after retirement, and after my last job in the military, dealing with miscreants in the USDB, and finding my name plastered on inmate (inmate family) sponsored websites, I realize that the only person capable and responsible enough for the safety of my family and myself is yours truly.
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