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Why did you start carrying?

This is a discussion on Why did you start carrying? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 1. 9/11 and the reality that we are at war. 2. Increasing crime in the neighborhood. 3. The ever increasing response time of the police ...

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Thread: Why did you start carrying?

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    1. 9/11 and the reality that we are at war.
    2. Increasing crime in the neighborhood.
    3. The ever increasing response time of the police and the realization that the police cannot be everywhere at once and that they have no legal responsibility to protect you.
    4. A family member was held up at gunpoint by a group of scum bunnies while at college.
    5. I have always known that after a man made or natural disaster you are basically on your own for days or weeks.

    I live in Houston, since I obtained my CCL we have had Katrina which has only solidified my decision.

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    I own a business and often work late. Late one night about 9 years ago I locked the door to my office and walked toward my car. Suddenly the driver of a passing car spotted me and whipped into the parking lot. I immediately sized up the situation and my options. I got in my car, started the engine and was ready to use my car as a battering ram if necessary in case the other vehicle blocked me in. The car pulled up beside me a one individual got out. I put my car in reverse and did the Rockford and left the guy standing. I don't know what he wanted, but wasn't going to take a chance and stick around to find out.

    I realized right then that my options were very limited if that vehicle had had several armed occupants and were successful in stopping my vehicle. So, I decided then to give myself more options. I am not interested in getting into a gun fight. Chances are someone is going to get shot. But if all else fails, it's good to have that final option.

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    There are so many reasons, so I will just list the reasons as they come to my mind:

    - Typical "bad guy can be anywhere, anytime; to project myself" reasoning (The same fundamental reason we all choose to carry)

    - My brother is a LEO and I have been confused by some bad people as him... And as a result some situations have been overly tense and sensitive.

    - I work as the only security guard for an apartment complex. It is not something I thought I'd ever really need a firearm until last night. Long story short, I would not of been running towards the location in question if I didn't feel safe enough to.

    It all boils down to the basic, "the bad guy doesnt care if you are a good person," sort of talk. God help me that I never need to pull the trigger, but myself, along with most-all of you are prepared to if we must.

    Have a nice day, everybody.
    Beretta 92FS

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    Lorain County, Ohio
    Recent years I was coming home from work and was the victim of a road rage driver, who used his 4x4 pickup to try and force me off the road. I was driving the wife's Pontiac with its touring suspension and bigger of the two optional engines. I dialed 9-1-1-SEND and while mashing the throttle in reverse, pulling a bootlegger's turn and making a quick get-away, heard "The number you have dialed is not a working number."
    The truck was hot after me and gaining. I dialed 9-1-1 again, making sure I had the right number this time -- stress, I could have misdialed -- the message now was, "The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service." I threw the phone into the passenger footwell, put both hands on the wheel and called on my late grandfather's moonrunner's shade to help get me out of this one! I lost that John Doe in the curves of a county road but soon as I got home I called OHP via the corded phone. They took care of it.

    This morning in the Sunday Plain Dealer, on the front page, they feature the Lorain Police Department: how a 9-1-1 operator slept through two emergency calls (phone rang 51 times and the fire department had to wake her) -- how an officer put a cuffed suspect in his cruiser without finding the gun hidden in the man's pants cuff -- the SWAT team member who left a weapon in his garage, a neighbor came over to get beer, found it and put 18 rounds through the man's garage door and through a neighbor's dwelling. The article continues, but you get the idea.
    These would be reasons enough for me.
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    Just seemed to be the natural progression of things.
    My Dad has had his Indiana CCW permit since before I was born. So it was ingrained in me from an early age that carrying a gun was what the good guys did to protect themselves and their families from the bad guys. And, since the police couldn't be everywhere and why would you want them to be? You have to depend on yourself, not the police or the kindness of strangers to protect your life.

    So, for my 15th birthday, I got a S&W Model 10 with the heavy barrel, and when I turned 21, I got my carry permit. Never did carry the S&W though. I bought a Taurus PT-99 that I still own and that was my first real carry gun. The S&W served me well for many years though. I carried it in the woods on my parents farm. It was always on my hip. I remember my Mom saying that she though that gun was growing to my hip since it was there so much.
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    It started off as a job requirement but has evolved into a personal defiance of the sheeple mentality that most seem to show.

    I am no longer required to carry a gun professionally, but carry now to protect my family.
    Ranger Gunleather

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    I was on the receiving end of a 5 on 1 beat down last New Years Eve. Basically, I accepted that it was the end, but I wasn't going out without a fight...I lost. I am convinced that I would have died that night, but my wife is pretty fiesty, and when she showed up and started fighting with the ring leader because she was coming in, he called off the dogs. I stay armed about 95% of the time now. You never know when trouble is going to find you.

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    Similar reasons to everyone else

    We live out in the country, close to northern Virginia and a few years ago there were those two home-grown terrorists going around Virginia sniping at folks. I was in the vicinity of two of their attack sites within a few hours of the attacks. Made me very uncomfortable. I'm still disappointed that someone who was carrying didn't find them before the LEO's.

    We also have four adopted children and the biological father of the younger two is a career criminal - drugs, weapons, attempted murder - a real prince. He made some noises about what he could or might do. That's what pushed me over the edge to get the permit. He's back inside now, but I keep an eye on that state's inmate website at least once a month and make sure he's still "tucked in."

    He even violated parole in AR to go to a court hearing about the kids in CA! Then he came to Virginia, to "work" (still violating parole!) and was only about an hour away from my home. That's when I actually applied for the permit (not that I wasn't armed before that) and did the whole protective order thing so I'd be "covered" if he came near the property. The LEO's in several counties around us were very helpful during all that "stuff."

    At the time I worked on federal property and couldn't even have a gun in the car there. Since then I'm in a better situation and can have it in the car, but not in the building. I can live with that. There are no guarantees, but everyone in the building is checked out much further than for a CCW!
    The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good.

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    Because BGs practice the philosophy of "Might Makes Right" offensively. Therefore; I practice it defensively.

    My family or self have never been the victims of violence, fortunately, and because my father had enough situational awareness to get us out of what could have been a very bad situation when I was about twelve.

    And, I notice that violent gun crimes still occur in locations where guns are banned, on a regular basis. Those deceitful criminals aren't paying attention to the gun ban laws!
    "A government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims." - Ayn Rand, The Nature of Government, 1964

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    Northeastern U.S.
    Because, here in Vermont, you may without asking permission. Also to spread the good word to antis. And unconverted Liberals. Don't laugh, there are more of them that are pro-gun than you may think, at least around here!

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    Because the police, whom I admire for dealing with the less admirable elements in our society on a daily basis, are under no legal obligation to protect me or my family.

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    When I was 10 my father had taken me to the family farm to cut firewood. (My family now lives 100 yards from this spot on the same farm.) After a couple of hours of working 3 men cam out of the woods and shot at us in the valley that we were standing in. There was no doubt that they did it on purpose. Their reactions and mannerisms along with the fact of the geographic area left no doubts about their intentions. I took several #4 shot to the face. That was 30 years ago next month and it has left a lasting impression. Both my father and I had to make a run for the truck where he had a 12 gauge. He always had it loaded with slugs. I have never seen him this mad, before or since. The 3 men retreated into the woods, we drove around the gravel road and found their car parked on our property. I'm not going to discuss anything further in regards to this incident. You can probably imagine the rest. Self defense has been a priority for me ever since.


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    A family of four, including two little girls (ages 4 and 9) were tied-up in their basement and then their throats were cut by two sicko a$$holes New Year's day here in Richmond. The BGs, I am happy to report, have been caught and tried (one death penalty, one life without parole).

    The thought that there are wackos out there that can do this to people made me decide to get my permit, and I carry all the time at the house, too. I think of it as a necessity; like a spare tire for the car, or a fire extinguisher for the kitchen.
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    Reasons why I carry:
    1. I live in detroit
    2. It's my right to
    3. the 10 & 11 o'clock news

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    Reasons I carry:

    1. It's my right to.
    2. Read the newspapers lately?
    3. I can't throw a rock 1200fps.
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