Why did you start carrying?

Why did you start carrying?

This is a discussion on Why did you start carrying? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Way back when, what initially prompted you to begin carrying a firearm? A sense of duty? A job requirement? Self-protection, for you or your family ...

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Thread: Why did you start carrying?

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    Why did you start carrying?

    Way back when, what initially prompted you to begin carrying a firearm? A sense of duty? A job requirement? Self-protection, for you or your family members? A particular situation that convinced you of the wisdom of doing so? To frustrate the anti's?

    For me: personal protection. I did not like the changing odds of being victimized, with increasing person and property crimes where I lived. Having a damaged leg precludes me from many alternative options. In other words, aikido is out. Hence, I carry. In the past 10yrs, I've had a half-dozen situations brew into a storm right in front of me and I was very glad to have the ability to defend myself. In once instance, it required drawing to defuse the situation. Otherwise, I've been lucky.
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    I only got my CCW a couple of years ago. My previous places of employement were "safe" (guards on duty 24/7, suburban environment, and company policy was no weapons in or on company property and they owned the parking lot). Recently I started a new job at night in the city. So I got my CCW and aquired a couple smaller firearms.
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    I think just being bombarded with news stories about innocent people being subjected to car jacking, home invasions, mass shootings in malls, etc., and recognizing after 9/11, the world (as we know it in America) changed. I guess I no longer felt the police or the government were enough to protect me and my family, that I had to assume more of that responsibility myself. I'm convinced that I'm not paranoid, just prepared.
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    EX LEO here. Never know when some of the inmates might reconize ya on the street. Have had it happen before. Plus , I like to do things myself, rather than depend on others.
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    I have carried a firearm ever since I was legally able to carry one.
    When I was lots younger I worked in a very wild/wicked~bad neighborhood and could have easily been just another toe~tag victim of a street robbery assault by multiple attackers.
    I did get "Very Sharp Object" wounded in that attack.
    I got hurt just bad enough to make me a lot smarter from that day forward.
    It's not an event that I ever want to experience too many more times in my life.

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    Because I Could. It's a right that I have, and I choose to excersise that right just like any other right i'm guarenteed. I don't live in a high crime area but crime could happen to anyone at anytime so personal protection and the responsibility that goes along with that would be a good reason why I carry too.

    Finally, since I've always been into firearms since a young age I feel this right just compliments my firearms hobby nicely. If that makes any sense.
    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

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    First off, remember this - I was until 2000 in UK!!!! Carry was NOT legal - but ..................

    Once I was able near five years ago I got my CCW as a means to reflect my own wish to take responsibility for my own and family protection. All my adult life I felt the wish to have the choice to carry, seeing as I value my life!!!

    I still hope never to use it.
    Chris - P95
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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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    glockmav and 500Mag pretty much said it for me.

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    Reasons why I started packing...

    1. I'm not going to become another crime statistic, and will take the appropriate actions to prevent that.

    2. It's my constitutional right

    3. I fully realize that anything can happen, anytime, and anywhere, no matter where you're at.

    4. Personal experience with a drunk

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    Not carrying yet, but plan on it ASA I can take the course and apply for the CCW permit. My cousin had to take someone out in the line of duty, and it affected me somewhat. Granted, he is LEO and was chasing the guy, but...

    I have a family now, and since Katrina, violent crime seems to have grown here in Baton Rouge. One of my greatest fears is that my wife, baby, and I will be leaving from a place of buisness at night, and face an armed attacker with no way to defend ourselves.

    My work is non-firearm friendly. I asked a guard today if they were armed, and she said no. I said so what happens if some disgruntled guy comes in here with a gun and starts shooting people? (we work in a high rise) She said "We call 911". I asked the bldg manager why they even hire security, and he said it was to make the insurance go down. I asked what they did for security, and he said 'walk around.' He said if you want real protection, they would hire an off-duty LEO, but that would be too expensive.

    I worry too, on the other hand, that all of this is too excessive. Granted, I have a level head and a cool demenour, but all you have to do to get a CCW is pass a background check and put 6 holes in a target up to 15ft away. I know way too many people that could do the above and carry, but they are the type that would pick fights and look for trouble just to get a rush to be able to pull that weapon and watch someone bow down to 'the powah'. That's the part about an armed citizenry that scares me. I would never give in to such a blatant attempt to push my buttons and escalate it any further. But lots will.

    Anywho, I'm getting my CCW come hell or high water. Getting an adequate defense gun, well, that's another battle. I will have to settle for the time being with my H&R 733 in 32 S&W Long....

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    In the90's...

    living in Michigan getting a CCW permit was almost impossible. We moved to Florida in 2000 and I immediately applied and got my first permit. I don't believe Michigan became 'shall issue' until 2001...but I have never looked back, nor have I shoveled snow since... YES!

    Stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I have become disabled and wouldn't stand a chance in a physical altercation. Being ex-military, going to the range once a week, and reading up on defensive tactics...I feel that carrying a firearm is a wise decision. These days, you cannot depend on anyone but yourself.

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    Just got into it last year. Wife(then girlfriend) and her roommates had a peeper on there second story deck in a "safe" neighborhood. Just made me realize we weren't as safe as I thought we were. Since joining this site and reading a lot I realize what a I was. My eyes have really been opened.

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    Personal and family protection. I just got my CCW a few weeks ago. I relocated to Montana which is a gun friendly state from Iowa which is not so gun friendly.
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    George S. Patton

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    I went to work for a private security company that was armed when I got out of the military. While I didn't start carrying as a lifestyle then, I was later employed by a casino in Reno as a security officer. After effecting several arrests on sluggers and game cheats, I was recognized by one on the street a couple of days later. He wasn't very happy the day that I arrested him, and was rather suprised when we crossed paths. I thought then that it was prudent to do what ever necessary to protect myself and my then wife from the potential problems that could arise in the future.

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