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Concealed Carry during robbery at gunpoint

This is a discussion on Concealed Carry during robbery at gunpoint within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I feel that I need to clarify the point I was trying to make by relating my story of what happened to me years ago. ...

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Thread: Concealed Carry during robbery at gunpoint

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    I feel that I need to clarify the point I was trying to make by relating my story of what happened to me years ago. Reference post #23 if you haven't read the whole thread.

    At the time this happened I was eighteen years old. The older BG was big, really big. The younger BG was about my size which was well built average size. They both had guns inches from my head and standing at the 11 and 3 O'Clock positions. The older BG probably could have killed me with his bare hands. I was a wrestler in High School but other than that I had no training in self defense methods, physical or otherwise. I didn't really have very many options available to me. I recognized that one of them was young and afraid. I saw this as my best option. Keep in mind the BG already stated that he is going to kill me. I knew I needed to do something or else I would die right there.

    I survived that night. But I feel it was because I was very lucky. And because of that night my life changed. I swore never to be at the mercy of the BG again. I began to train in martial arts and various self defense techniques. I grew up shooting guns and hunting but after that night weapons took on a new meaning for me.

    In the pursit of self defense I learned some very important lessons. The most important one was that I could have recognized what was going down by using 'Situational Awareness'. There was a moment where I could have drawn on them before they got the drop on me.

    But know this. If I ever find myself with guns pointed at me again, I will use the gun and or ability that I have trained myself with for the last 35 years! I won't be depending on luck. Remember, I gave them what they wanted and they were still going to kill me. Would having a gun made a difference that night? Would I be here today if one of them hadn't been a minor and afraid? I don't know. I do know that I can increase the odds in my favor should I ever be faced with it again.

    To the OP; Just having a gun isn't enough. Start training now and never stop. Give yourself every advantage you can. Learn to shoot your gun in every situation you can think of. Learn 'Situational Awareness'. Learn from others. This forum is a good place to learn. I wish I had discovered it long ago. There are lots of really informative threads and mature, experienced members here. We all have different views of how and when we would use a gun but we all agree that using a gun to defend yourself and your family is a good thing. Welcome to the forum.

    A gun is like a toolbox. To achieve its full potential you have to fill it with tools and learn how to use them.

    Serve my country, swear an oath to protect it, pay my taxes, fly old glory in the front yard, love and protect my family, honor the vets before me and help fellow americans in need.
    By definition my country now calls me a radical

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    From personel experience, this similar situation happened to me, and that moment all kinds of things go through your mind. But when some nervious kid has a gun to your head, the odds are not in your favor.
    So to answer your question, give up your stuff and live another day (at least in my case).

    On a side note; In my case it turned out well, I got my truck back, and the BG was caught and is now sitting in jail for a long time.
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