Female CCW gets arrested after calling 911 for help

Female CCW gets arrested after calling 911 for help

This is a discussion on Female CCW gets arrested after calling 911 for help within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Friend of mine has a kid that goes to school here and posted about the school calling all the parents about somebody with a gun ...

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Thread: Female CCW gets arrested after calling 911 for help

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    Female CCW gets arrested after calling 911 for help

    Friend of mine has a kid that goes to school here and posted about the school calling all the parents about somebody with a gun on campus.
    Police: Woman had gun on school campus | CharlotteObserver.com

    This story is just crazy and shows just how stupid the gun free zone laws are. Lady is being chased, calls 911, and gets arrested because she happened to stop in a gun free zone (school). I guess she should have just let the bad guy catch her and dealt with it herself.

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    Guess she should have just shot the follower? This is stupid.

    Add to her mistake, thinking that a school is a safe place.
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    The story doesnt have a lot of info, but based on what we have. She was Ignorant of the law and that is no excuse.
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    Contrary to popular belief, sometimes ignorance of the law actually is an excuse. Hopefully common sense will prevail if the limit facts of this story are true.
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    In Texas, you can have a gun on school property, the only time it becomes illegal is when you enter an actual building. Parking lots don't constitute as a building.
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    Another failure of the zero intelligence (tolerance) laws. Given the circumstances as reported there was no criminal intent on her part, once the problem with being followed was resolved she should have been warned about bringing a gun on campus then released.
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    Some states it is ok in the car if you have a permit and YOU and YOUR GUN remain in the car (i.e. drop off line at school). The minute YOU step out of your car (even if you leave your gun inside) it is a violation. Not sure about that state, but that's the way it was in the previous state I lived (VA).
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    What you expect of LEO today.
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    There really is nothing to this story. Regarding details that is. But maybe thats how the media wants it. It reads more as a woman arrested for bringing a gun to a school than a panicked woman seeking refuge. I actualy had to read it twice.

    I agree, to an extent that there is no excuse to ignorance of the law but she was (as it seems) in desperate need of help. She called 911 and left the gun in her car. I would have been more concerned over her leading her persuer to a school than her bringing her gun in.
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    Wow, CA isn't completely wrong on this one then. I can legally carry on campus. May get fired if you work there but not illegal. Ssshhh don't tell our criminals, I mean politicians.

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    What if you have to stop at a school and leave your gun locked in your car to avoid issues? A concealed carrier may be called by their child's school to report for an emergency or some other issue whereas they need to travel there from work.
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    Very few facts in this story. My big question is: why did the police search her car?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad426 View Post
    Contrary to popular belief, sometimes ignorance of the law actually is an excuse. Hopefully common sense will prevail if the limit facts of this story are true.
    As well as the fact that many (most?) states have a lesser-of-two-evils element in their statutes, to cover such choices. If indeed as reported/implied, fleeing from a violent attacker should be deemed an understandable reason for seeking sanctuary in what would otherwise be a gun-free zone. After all, the "gun-free" part of such damnable places is supposed to make them criminal-free, NOT to empower LE/DA to turn them into victim-victimization-by-the-system zones (as they all-too-often end up being, in practice).
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    This is why the state of MI is great when it comes to this. Some one that has a CPL can not carry inside a school however they can leave it in the parking lot.
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    So much for telling women to go to a well populated place for refuge...
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