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Yesterday made me proud

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Thread: Yesterday made me proud

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    I can relate.
    We just celebrated our 30th anniversary, and my wife is going tomorrow to her CHL class. I'm proud of her decision.
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    Having kids and understanding the extreme responsibility you have for them usually changes most of us in a good way. I’m sure my wife will ask soon but I don’t push it.
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    I'm glad your wife is wanting to carry. I have been working slowly w/ my wife to get her to come around. I wish she was already, as I have been gone for almost a year, but as soon as I get home I will really work on it. I think the hardest part w/ be finding a CCW class around Ft Walton and getting her to go.
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    I am glad things are working out for all. My wife does not like the fact that I carry or even have one in the house nor will she go shooting with me. She got mad when I started teaching my daughter about gun safety which by the way she is a quick learner.

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    Great news. I know you'll feel a lot better with her armed and ready. I'm lucky. My wife was raised on a farm and guns were part of the tools of the trade. She has her own pistols, which she picked out at a gun show, she has her CCW, and she'll shoot any SOB that tries to break into the house or attack her while she's out and about.

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    Just to address some of the comments I've seen here:

    I plan to start introducing guns to my daughter around the age of 5. If nothing else, she will get to see, handle, and ask questions about them while under my supervision. My aim is to take the curiosity factor away as early as possible. Pieces that are not being carried will be locked away (my wife and I have had numerous discussions on this topic).

    My favorite gun(s):
    I'm already afraid that if she can handle it, she's going to take my XD40sc from me. And she's already requested that I buy her a gun of her own (which is perfectly resonable as I want her to have something that fits her). Maybe I'll wind up with a couple of new ones out of this.

    Now, the bad news...

    The range was closed this past weekend. The shop had been planning a move recently as the area they were in had experienced quite a bit of development. Well, the old shop is gone (as in the building is down and cleared off the lot), and the new one has not opened yet. Looks like it'll be a couple weeks before they get their range opened.

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    Good deal! My spouse has gone from ,"What! You want a gun! You'll shoot the boys when they come in late at night!" to accompanying me to a basic handgun class, where she put 100 rounds through my PT 111. She also saw that I'm a pretty good shot, so she has mellowed out about my carrying when we go out at night.

    She still does not want a concealed pistol permit, but she does know where I keep the pistols and the combo to the gunvault under the bed...If worse comes to worse, she will defend our home and family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gwhall57 View Post
    She still does not want a concealed pistol permit, but she does know where I keep the pistols and the combo to the gunvault under the bed...
    Sounds just like my wife - she'll shoot with me and enjoys it - and she's good too, but isn't interested in getting her permit.

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    Good for you and your wife!

    Treat her well because she is a keeper!

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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