Yesterday made me proud

Yesterday made me proud

This is a discussion on Yesterday made me proud within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife came to me and said: 1) She wants to go shooting, and 2) She wants her carry permit We have a 5 month-old ...

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Thread: Yesterday made me proud

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    Yesterday made me proud

    My wife came to me and said:

    1) She wants to go shooting, and
    2) She wants her carry permit

    We have a 5 month-old daughter, and I really think this is what's driving my wife toward this decision. She's started going for walks with our daughter through our neighborhood. Mind you, it's a nice neighborhood, with virtually no crime. But, I've finally gotten my wife to realize that anything can happen at any time to anybody. She's come to the realization that if she's out on one of her walks and someone attacks, she can't retreat (because of child in stroller); she's going to need a way to stop the attack.

    So, this Saturday we're going on our first range trip togethr. I'm taking our S&W .38 Chief's Special and my XD40 sc. I've offered to get my dad's single-action Colt .22 revolver to start her on (less flash, bang, and recoil), but she insists she can start with the .38. We're also going to start looking at a gun specifically to fit her.

    I just can't describe how excited I am.

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    Congrats! My wife did the same thing, but wanted to do it all on her own, and did! Beware however; she will probably outshoot you...
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    That's good news - probably all us guys would like to hear our wives saythat!

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    funny thing, my wife called me on her way to work yesterday and asked me how much it was for her to get a ccw and when she sould take the class. i think that the rise in crime in our area and the school shootings made her consider this more and of course our 6 month old son. she also works for three schools close to denver. this must mean i get to buy another gun
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    Excellent news!
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    Bring the .22 anyway.

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    That's great! If your wife is willing to take on the responsibility of carrying, more power to her. I think starting with the .38 is fine. Basically the only hand gun my wife will shoot is a 38 snubby. she has shot autos, but all the buttons and safties just weird her out. She likes the DA revolver because with a hammer block, it's not going to AD if dropped, it's not going to jam (NO CLEARING DRILLS), and all she has to do is pull the trigger if she needs to. I hope she never does. Your wife might be different, but kudos to her in any case.

    Secondly: I would never be so presumptuous as to tell anyone how to raise their kids, but I will tell you what I did. Keeping this as short as possible, as soon as mine started to crawl, I began firearms avoidance training. People have different views on this, but I can assure you at age five that my little one knows all about what guns can do, just like my sister and I did, and can recite Eddie the eagle in her sleep. Hence, guns are not a mystery to her or a fascination, but she knows they are DEADLY and knows what death is, because she has been hunting with me a lot. Even though, they stay locked up, except my carry gun which is on me or next to my bed at night after she's asleep. Just food for thought. For all I know you may know more about this stuff than me, but I actually feel like it is a duty of every gun owner to discuss this types of issue, and I feel I would be remise in not bringing it up, in the off chance that no one else had.

    Again, congrats on God blessing you with a good woman.
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    Congratulations, my friend, and my compliments to your wife for her clear-sighted grasp of today's realities!
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    My wife has started talking too! I almost fainted! She has never shown interest, and always rolled her eyes to me carrying. I will start a new thread with my details.

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    This is most pleasing and encouraging.

    I did have to ''work'' on my wife over time to go ahead and do something about it but in the end it was all but her decision (nearly LOL!).

    In some respects where small kids are involved, we could say that in effect the mother should almost have the major wish to carry - maternal protectiveness etc - sadly as always some do not see it.

    Here tho is a real triumph!
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    Beware also... soon your favorite gun will mysteriously become "hers"...

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    I think it's great that your wife is taking this interest.

    Some points, (these are just my opinions based on experience.):
    - we (husbands) make bad teachers for our wives. My wife likes to shoot with me at the range, but I'm her worst teacher. She freely takes advice from my brother (an NRA instructor), but my pointers are not as welcome.
    - rent a .380 or 9mm for her at the range. A .38 can kick a little hard for a newb.

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    Oh sure... now you're excited! But wait till she starts taking your favorite guns and out shooting you with them!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Well That's Nice to Hear...

    and I hope her interest continues to peak...

    Stay safe...

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    wah hoo!! once she's shooting the bug will hit.
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