My wife dropped her gun on purpose.

This is a discussion on My wife dropped her gun on purpose. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A strange turn of events left us with a few hours without the kids so my wife and I decided to have dinner and a ...

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Thread: My wife dropped her gun on purpose.

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    My wife dropped her gun on purpose.

    A strange turn of events left us with a few hours without the kids so my wife and I decided to have dinner and a movie together. She was dressed up in a good skirt and shirt and the skirt, like many women's clothes, isn't made with concealed carry in mind. Instead of her usual Fist holster IWB on a good belt, she put her Glock 26 in a cheap nylon clip holster IWB. As we were standing up from the table at dinner she got a concerned look on her face and I heard a "clunk". A combination of cheap holster, butt-heavy gun, and lack of a secure belt let it drop to the floor. She quietly brushed it over to the table and I bent down and picked it up as casually as possible. I moved it to my front pants pocket, nothing else in that pocket to interfere with it, and we went on with dinner. She was a bit stressed but the first thing she said was "safer to let it drop, right?". A lesson well remembered from a class we took a long time ago. Safer to let it fall than to fumble while trying to catch it and grab at a trigger by mistake. Luckily for us we were at a table near the back, and most of the tables around us had customers either facing away or up at the salad bar at the time.

    And this is why I married her.....
    When she realized she wouldn't be able to safely carry the Glock in her waistband, she opened her purse and took out the Ka Bar TDI knife she recently bought and clipped that to her skirt. She wasn't about to go completely unarmed for the rest of the evening. Since she didn't want to purse carry her BUG (a Seecamp .25) she had put the knife in there instead. I sure do love her....

    Anyway, we were lucky and managed to learn a lesson from the whole thing. I think next we will try to find a better holster for situations like that (not that we get to dress up much with two 5 year old twins), and we have tossed the old holster. Maybe a belly band/thunderwear kind if thing is next? Maybe a dedicated holster purse? Maybe another option. I know she is looking for an excuse to buy another gun.

    As always, your comments are welcome (and yes, she has a sister. Single, but a granola eating tree hugger flake from Oregon)
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    Is your wife related to Lima? Sounds like she really gets it.
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    Lucky man. Maybe look into some thigh holsters? My wife likes to shoot but doesn't carry (yet, hopefully) so I don't know much about them, but I'm sure someone here does.
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    Very nice. Smart woman.

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    Sounds like you have a keeper there.
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    Your wife is way cooool at the point of "letting it drop" and discretely sliding it over, but then moving the TDI from purse to skirt - freakin' awesome. Check out faliaphotography on youtube for holster options.

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    It's always in the 'moment' and how we react that determines the outcome. A persons immediate reaction would be to reach and grab. Training prevented that knee-jerk reaction and quite possibly saved someones life. And at the very least it prevented one of those embarrassing accidental discharge gun headlines.

    Kudos to your wife!

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    You scored a real keeper with that one.

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    When I wear a skirt or dress I wear shorts under it with my IWB and belt attached to it. It makes me feel about 5 years old with the shorts under and isn't sexy at all but it totally works - with some practice it's not bad to draw. One of the days I plan to pick up a pair of compression shorts so it doesn't feel as bulky UnderTech UnderCover Woman's Compression Shorts - Master Of
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    Sounds like you two are very much on the same page. Well done to you and her!

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    Yes she was absolutely correct by just letting the gun fall. Need I bring up the Plaxico Burress incident?

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    As the saying goes, "Live and Learn". Glad it all worked out.
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    I'm glad I read this thread. Honestly, I have never thought about what I would do if I accidentally dropped my firearm or if it fell out of the holster. My gut reaction probably would have been to grab it.

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    She ever think of a flashbang? My wife uses one of those...
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