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Concealed Carry at Doctor's Offices

This is a discussion on Concealed Carry at Doctor's Offices within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by NC Bullseye Did you forget about the annual "Date with the Doc" where you don't even get kissed first? Or are you ...

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Thread: Concealed Carry at Doctor's Offices

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC Bullseye View Post
    Did you forget about the annual "Date with the Doc" where you don't even get kissed first? Or are you not quite old enough to run with the gray dogs yet?
    Not yet. I will get there soon enough though. But with those visits you can leave your clothes in a descrete pile in your private room, still under your control. A backpack might also be handy in those cases. If you are going under for some reason though, probably best to leave it in the car.
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    If your going to bring your gun into the docs office even though you know you're going to be physically examined and adjusted, just be calm cool and collected about it, don't make it a big darn deal. If you don't make a big deal about it, neither will the doc. Having said that, if I knew I was going to an appointment where I would be lying prone with someone else in control of the situation, I would simply not bring my gun in. Lastly, unless I was a 10 year old kid, a bike messenger, or in business attire, I would not bring in a backpack, satchel, or briefcase as it would just look odd and suspicious.
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    Cool weather is here in Granville County so I'm sure it's the same in the foothills. Wear a jacket and pocket carry in the jacket. No need to freak the doc. They tend to be an interesting crowd anyway, in a different way. Think of it, room to room everyday, year after year, you see all kinds of crap but suddenly a handgun!? That might tip him or her over. They could end up in therapy. Just my opinion. I want the doc focused completely on me and not twitching. Even a bone cracker can slip.
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    Many medical facilities in Gainesville are attached to the University of Florida and the carrying of a firearm in one of those places is a big
    That said, my chiropractor didn't mind my Glock because he has one, too.
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    My wife isn't a chiropractor, but she is an osteopathic physician so some of the same ground is covered from time to time. I first have to comment on the thought that the doctor is oblivious to whether you carry or not. We're talking about people that are trained to look at you and figure out what is causing problems- whether the problem is back pain or in the case of a physician a persistent cough. Add to this that we're dealing with people of above average intelligence and you get someone that notices far more than you give them credit for. Just by seeing your belt, the way it is made, that you have it buckled in a different place than normal, that it is an instructor belt, etc will tell them a great deal. I know when my wife sees someone that carries a gun, whether they told her or she figured it out herself, she'll ask how heavy it is and the location they carry because that could well be causing pain that they are having.

    As far as the situation goes, I'd ask ahead of time if I was to consider carrying into the office. I'd hate to be dismissed by my doc or chiropractor because I made him feel uncomfortable. But then I usually assume that any visit is going to include things that would cause the gun to get in the way and I leave it in the car.
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    Luckily, I had the occasion to discuss people carrying in the office with my chiropractor (I jokingly call him the witch doctor) before I started carrying.

    I asked as an opening to the 'discussion' about how he feels about it, and he went on to tell me about a long-time patient who brought in a box full of his guns (one of those large aluminum carrying cases) to show him . He was quite animated in telling me about the different types he had in there, which was a good sign for me. I told him about my pistols and that I was thinking about applying for a permit to carry...asking how he'd feel if I were to leave my gear on the chair in the exam room during my adjustments. He was/is totally cool about it.

    When going to my other doctors or to a health club for a massage (only the club has 'no gun' signs, which in Mn don't carry weight of law), I just leave my gear under my pile of clothes on a chair.
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    I would suggest that you carry it as usual and inform the Dr. before you disrobe. That way you will:

    1. Find out if the Dr. objects.
    2. Allow the Dr. to determine if the way you carry is having a detrimental effect on your condition.
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    My doc knows I carry and she doesn't have a problem with it. That being said, every hospital that I am aware of in my area has signs prohibiting firearms.
    Recently I took my mother to a doctors appointment in her town. The office was off a central hall. This doc didn't have any signs, but the office across the hall had a sign about 1 foot square (overkill?) which said no weapons of any kind allowed.

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    My Doctor carries her firearm daily while at her office. It is a small practice were each patient is seen by the office nurse and then the Doctor. Generally my wife is in the room also to take notes (she too is a Nurse) so when I see my Doctor there is a at least three firearms in the exam room. If I am in for a Colonoscopy, upper GI examination, Dental Surgery or some proceedure where the patient is put to sleep for short period if time, the firearm stays locked in the vehicle as well as my wifes in case of a medical emergency. I had a heart cath done a few years ago. The proceedure was that if they find a blockage you go directly from one building to another in order to install a stint. That would, for example, put the firearm that was in your pants pocket in to a number of hands before you are dismissed 6-10 hours hours later or perhaps the next day.

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    I carry right up to the handicapped parking space and then transfer it to the glove box or under the seat. The doctor always weighs me first and I'm not about to give him an extra pound to rag on me about. It's been a long time since I've not had to disrobe during the examination so I figure it's not worth trying to find out if the Dr. or nurses are gun friendly. It was hard enough to find a doctor I like!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyz_grace View Post
    Second amendment aside, as the wife of a chiropractor and DIL of two more, you may want to leave it in the car (or just take it off if you've spoken with the doc and (s)he doesn't mind) for no other reason than it can mess with your adjustment. If you have a good chiropractor, they rely a lot on studying the way your body stands/lays at rest and having a gun under one hip while you're on the table is going to alter their readings.
    My wife is an office manager for a very busy (75-90 patients /day) chiropractors office with 2 doctors. They have both adjusted me several times while I was carrying and never once complained about my firearm altering their readings or asked me to remove my firearm. They have several patients who carry. Any time I get a new carry gun her boss wants to see what I've got. It could cause problems if an x-ray is needed of the area where the firearm is. My wife's boss also lets her and any other employee with a ccw permit to carry if they wish. My wife always has her 642 with her.

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    I carry to the office every day, but it stays in my desk as I see no need for it during the normal day any more than I see a need to carry around the house. Nobody in my office would pay any attention or care about anyone carrying.
    Of course when I have an appointment I leave mine in the car. Other than the ER I have never felt anything other than safe at a doctors appointment. If it is an appointment that requires you to undress you have the issue of what to do with it. For me just not a bi issue.
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