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States' requirements on acquiring a firearm?

This is a discussion on States' requirements on acquiring a firearm? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Oregon: Pretty simple. No registration; no waiting period; no listing the firearm on the CHL; no NICS check if private purchase; no documenting sales, if ...

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Thread: States' requirements on acquiring a firearm?

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    Oregon: Pretty simple. No registration; no waiting period; no listing the firearm on the CHL; no NICS check if private purchase; no documenting sales, if private sale; though, NICS check if sold/bought via FFL, or importing to state via purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmed3 View Post
    TX only NICS check. if you have a TX CHL NICS is waived.
    This. Plus filling out form 4473, of course.
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    upstate NYS
    Good old NYS, still has an assault rifle ban, large cap mag ban and of course the noxious NYC rules that do not allow anyone with a otherwise valid NYS permit to carry in NYC without the blessing of the city - you need to be a politician, wealthy political doner or big celebrity to get a NYC carry permit.

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    Missouri is very simple. Fill out the form and approval is quick. Then out the door with your shiny new gun.

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    New York State required a 3-minute background check...and a drivers license for all long guns.

    handguns? that's another story. :)

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    SD - nope, nada, zilch. 4473 and call for NICS and away you go.

    Used to have a three day wait and form to the sheriff for handguns, waived with LCCP. Even that has been rescinded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ksgunner View Post
    Kansas, nope!
    Yep, agree.
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    Purchasing and Registering a Pistol in Michigan
    In Michigan, a person "shall not purchase, carry, or transport a pistol in this state without first having obtained a license for the pistol," as prescribed in MCL 28.422. These licenses shall be obtained by the local police agency. If the city, township, or village does not have an organized police agency, the license shall be obtained by the county sheriff department.

    There is an exception for a person licensed in Michigan to carry a concealed pistol. He or she must obtain a Pistol Sales Record (RI-060) any time he or she purchases or otherwise acquires a pistol, pursuant to MCL 28.422a.

    The police authority will check for any criminal record at both the state and national level.

    MSP - Purchasing and Registering a Pistol in Michigan

    So, basically

    When buying from a GS or Show, you will have the NICS and 4473 filled out, no matter what(handgun/longun) , even if you are a CPL holder, but for a handgun you must have a license to purchase form from the local police with you, CPL holders will have an RI-60 filled out on them.

    If you purchase a handgun from a private seller, AND DO NOT have a CPL, you must go to police or sheriff office, fill out 10 question safety test,they do a NICS, you get your license to purchase permit, then you have 10 days to buy it and return the local and MSP copies back to them{you keep one as well as the seller}.

    If you have a CPL you can buy from a private seller, just having the seller fill out what is called an RI-60 form, and then the buyer turns in the two copies to the local police, who in turn send one to the MSP.

    Long guns there is nothing to wait on or permit/form to fill out when buying from a private seller.

    Seems confusing, but its no where near as hard as Cali or NY or MA or the like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phreddy View Post
    In SC, must fill out 4473 unless you have CWP. No other restrictions.
    You have to fill out a 4473 no matter if you have a CWP or not. They simply do not have to call and get it approved if you have a CWP. A copy of the CWP serves as the call.

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    CA - Very Bad and getting worse. Besides having to pass a $25 CA State DOJ Handgun Safety test (administered at FFL run Firearms Shop) that is only good for 5 years, extremely restrictive visible carry (not just open carry) of any firearm in sight of the public, starting Jan 1, 2013, all long guns will be 'Registered' with the CA DOJ as handguns are now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogre View Post
    Alabama nothing extra, takes longer to fill out the form than it does to walk around the store. But, you must fill it out each time, CCP or no.
    Agreed. And some of the best carry laws around. Most of them are common sense which is very "uncommon" these days.

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    Anchorage, AK
    Alaska you can buy a gun and leave with it in 20 min. Love my state!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiphted View Post
    Alaska you can buy a gun and leave with it in 20 min. Love my state!
    Pretty much the same here in Vermont!

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    Nassau, NY(Long Island)
    Here in Nassau County submit your applacation and 6 months get approved. Once you get you license you can purchase a purchase order valid thru dec 31 of that year. Buy as many as you wish. Go to gun store pick out what u want. buy it and they fill out PO and take firearms home and you have 10 days to return to HQ to add to your permit.
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    Idaho, No, just NICS check.

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