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How would you argue this?

This is a discussion on How would you argue this? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How would one carry a revolver for self defense in an unloaded fashion? I under sticking a mag in a semi auto and racking it, ...

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Thread: How would you argue this?

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    How would one carry a revolver for self defense in an unloaded fashion? I under sticking a mag in a semi auto and racking it, but a revolver, or worse yet a single action revolver?

    To answer your question, fathers tend no to learn from sons, so stop trying. Just dont let him try to instruct anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NMB View Post
    Does the military go unloaded?
    Actually, quite often.

    And in war zones, no less...

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    Take a defensive course together.

    Any instructor worth his salt will be able to explain it.

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    If someone is threatening your life, or has a knife or gun, you are already way behind the power curve.... let alone then having to load a mag and one in the chamber.
    It's time you may and probably are NOT going to have. The bottom liine question in this, DO YOU .... want to bet your life on it that you'll have "time" ??? I don't, and my experience says... keep that sucker loaded and one in the chamber.

    Now, to put another spin on this...... sounds like he's been exposed to the "old school" (so am I) , when police and everyone constantly told people to NOT have a loaded gun.... too many ND's, lack of safe handling, and the way some of the guns were made at that time. it was because they were more afraid people would accidentally shoot themselves or a loved one when mishandling a gun , or the lack of safety features in comparison to today's guns.

    I know ... I can waste the first 2.5 seconds to pull a mag and load the gun, or I can draw and shoot every round in it in about 2.5 seconds. I'll stick with the later.
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    Ask ur dad whos side is he on ur side or the bad guy? LOL. i carry mine cocked and locked...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMB View Post
    Tueller Drill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Name one police department in America that carries unloaded. Does he go hunting unloaded? Does the military go unloaded? What kind of gun does he own that isnt safe loaded and holstered?

    I honestly cant think of one good reason to carry unchambered, let alone unloaded!

    ^^^^^^^^^^Nailed it^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    To OP;

    Your dad and all his so-called instructors need some more schooling.

    Who did he take his classes from Michael Bloomberg?

    Anyone who doesn't carry with one round in the chamber and a mag inside the pistol(unless utilizing the mag disconnect while at home for safety around children) is afraid of firearms, thinks they "just happen to go off all by themselves", and shouldn't carry until they lose their apprehension.
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    He is making that up... no way an instructor would say that.
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    Your dad would be safer if he kept the rounds OUT of the magazine too, preferably in the original box. The box of ammo would go in one pocket and the gun in the holster. The empty mag should be stored in a third separate location on your body. This keeps the boxed ammo from mixing with the gun and magazine and accidentally chambering itself. When confronted with danger, it is a simple matter of unpacking the ammo and loading the magazine. Then insert mag. Then chamber the round. It is polite to ask the bad guy to wait while this is being done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyDTrigger View Post
    He is making that up... no way an instructor would say that.
    Way. I have heard it personally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noway2 View Post
    Limatunes has a youtube video on this. Show him that. Doubt it will change his mind, though.Sent via mental telepathy
    Should You Carry A Round In The Chamber? - YouTube

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    If you can afford it buy a side of beef or a pig. Why? Simple, hang it up then give your dad a knife that would be somewhat common in an attack. Now give him 3 seconds to as much damage as possible. After he sees for himself how much damage can be done in 3 seconds he may change his mind. After the day is done you can have a BBQ with whats left. Also he needs better instructors. Every instructor I have had said exactly the opposite of his.

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    Have him call David Medlin, Ochiltree County sherrif in Vega TX. He taught us to carry cocked and locked, safety optional depending on the weapon. He is a certified CHL instructor. Been teaching for 15 years or so.
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    Just agree to disagree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Discuss his desires and expectations for your funeral.
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    Tell him that if he were to take a basic pistol class they would teach him that, "All guns are loaded all the time."

    It shouldn't matter if it's "loaded" or "not loaded." It's a gun and it should be treated the same no matter what. And if you treat it with that kind of respect 100% of the time then there will be no need to worry about it.

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