What do you do while you're on the can?

What do you do while you're on the can?

This is a discussion on What do you do while you're on the can? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First of all... this a serious post. It does sound kinds funny though. Ok, so the other day I am out and about. I have ...

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Thread: What do you do while you're on the can?

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    What do you do while you're on the can?

    First of all... this a serious post. It does sound kinds funny though.

    Ok, so the other day I am out and about. I have my S&W 642 on my hip and I have sudden urge to go see a man about a horse. We have all been there.

    So I find myself in a public bathroom stall... pants on the floor. Needless to say this puts your gun on the floor for the guy in the next stall to see and you in a prone position for something bad to happen.

    Now I decided to pull my piece and keep it off the floor. I think this is the obvious answer, but where do you put it? Do you hold it? Do you balance it on the TP holder or drop it in the crotch of your pants? If you balance it you could bump it and to the floor and out of sight it goes... or worse.

    I have heard of wallets being stolen this way too. If someone does decide to mess with you, your options are definitly limited.

    I think they should start installing holsters in the bathroom.

    OK... so where do you put your piece when you have to dump some groceries in a public place?
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    I set it out of sight inside my jeans….

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    As to the holster in the bathroom idea. I'm already there (in my personal bathroom anyway). In all seriousness though, I usually just go with leaving it in the crotch of the pants OR keep your belt buckled and keep your pants riding high up near the top of your calfs (takes practice and depends a lot on your holster - goofy yes, but sometimes works when the first method doesn't).

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    Being in my profession, (trucking) I am an expert on public restrooms. I don't want to be one, but there it is.

    As you turn your back to the seat and are about to drop your pants, firmly hold both sides and the belt. Only lower them to the knees. Do not let them hit the floor, ever.

    This is a habit of people who only go at home where the floor is clean. If your pants are on the floor when the toilet next door floods.... uggg...

    So you held the pants to the knee level as you seated your self. This takes practice as it uses lots of leg strength to maintain balance as you use both hands. The added weight of a weapon makes this important to use both hands

    Now that you are seated, take the moment to get into the "Comfortable position". Pull the pants up as high as you can with out the back of the pants belt line to interfere with the bowl/seat.

    Now re buckle the belt to its loosest setting around your lap. This will support the weight of the weapon and free up your hands while you finish "can duty" and clean up. Only when ready to stand do you undo the belt. On the way up, use 2 hands on the belt and pants.

    I highly recommend placing a couple of sheets of paper over the infrared sensor on the toilet, if equiped, to allow you more freedom of movement while on the toilet. If it goes off while on the seat, some high pressure systems will wet your backside and the top of the back of your pants. When you are buckled and standing, flush the toilet.

    If you feel the need to do a "courtesy flush" be sure to test the water splash before sitting down. You don't want to learn this the hard way.

    The best thing to do is go for the handicaped stall as it is far larger and is usually next to a wall. While not P.C., I think PC is what sits on the desk and does not belong in my daily approach to life.

    Besides having a concealed weapon is a handicap in a public bathroom stall.....
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    This is a good old fave Had at least one thread in past.!

    packinnova has the idea - so does Lew as well.

    Do not drop gear to floor - keep only just below knees and place piece securely in underwear crotch - it is secure if done properly. Hoisting everything up again takes a knack but - and don't laugh - try this at home folks, where you are in a controlled environment - a few practice runs (no pun intended LOL) and the public rest room will be a breeze (another no pun intedned!).

    All down to technique folks
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    Is what your describing to keep the holster hidden from view from under the door? I would think simply placing the weapon on the back of the tank would be enough?


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    There have been several well documented cases of a weapon being left on the back of the tank, or hanging by it's trigger guard on the back of the door...

    I prefer to keep my firearm on my person at all times. I don't want to set it down anywhere except in the safe at my house.

    If I have a belt holstered weapon on me, I unholster and lay the firearm in the crotch of my pants. If I'm wearing my Smartcarry, I just pull it up around my belly.

    The P3AT stays in it's pocket holster.
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    Depends on the holster. My normal holster is an IWB with a big leather backer, and leg pressure is enough to keep it secure. I drop my pants to around knee level, hold my holstered gun stable as I sit. When I'm seated, I spread my feet outward, and keep leg pressure against the holster.

    When I was carrying with an OWB, I had to re-buckle my belt to keep the holster from flipping upside down and potentially dumping the gun on the floor.

    I don't trust my memory enough to take my gun out and set it down. I'm pretty sure I'd wind up leaving a gun behind once a year or so if I did that.

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    Every time you take your gun out of holster increases chance of AD.
    Since I was raised in the sticks and we used Outhouses most of my younger years I never got in the habit of droppoing my pants on the floor. Always used the belt to keep tension with my legs to hold them up at calf height. It was just natural to do the same when I started packing. Just SOP.

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    This is rarely a problem for me since I rarely go in public rr's to do numero dos..heh But if I must then keep it above the knees
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    set a weapon on any tank or shelf, etc. It's is too easy to forget, and we have all read threads on someone leaving a gun behind in a restroom.
    I always 'de-holster' my weapon and place it in a pocket. The pocket is then bulky, but it can be easily reached and is not going to be left behind!


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    I'd rather pull off the side of the road to lay some cable before I hit a public restroom.

    My anal cavity has to be on the verge of a massive explosion before I'll EVER think of a PR.

    If and rarely when I have to use a PR----always hover. Don't ever let your cheeks touch--even with toilet paper. You'll end up with swamp ***** from people peeing on the seat, etc.
    Mighty HD

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    I wear a genuine double thick gun belt and it will hold my holster and my gun securely with my pants down, but as mentioned previously - keep the waist up around the knees.

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    As for putting the gun in the crotch of your undershorts, it doesn't do too well in boxer shorts. Pockets and careful actions work very well.
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