Went to Mercer County this morning to get a nonresident CC permit. They have a simplified procedure and don't want half the stuff some PA jurisdictions like Philly do. All I had to bring was a photocopy of my driver's license and CCW license (they won't make copies), have the application form filled out with names and phone numbers of two references (which go on the form, not on separate forms like Philly requires with answers about your background as to your character and suitability), and $20 in cash or check (they didn't know about any charge of $40 for a hard copy of the permit). You can check the Mercer County Sheriff's website (be careful you don't get Mercer County, MO though!) and it will tell you these requirements. I would advise anyone from another state to just check the sheriff's website of the county they want to apply at for local requirements. This is the first county in PA over the Ohio border in the middle of the state north-south so it was convenient for me, and a previous post said they're friendly to out of state applicants which is true. The days and hours are on the website. Mercer County presently takes applications Monday through Thursday mornings and Saturday mornings but they have a bunch of posted closures around Thanksgiving and Christmas. One last benefit is Mercer County WILL mail your out of state permit to you if it's granted. You don't have to come back to pick it up. How do you get to Mercer County? It's just two miles north of I-80 on US 19, about 20 miles from Ohio.

One possible snag however is this county anyway uses the PA State Police to check criminal records. They're kind of big and faceless if you needed to make an explanation or appeal. I'm not clear on whether all PA County Sheriffs now use the PSP instead of the FBI's NICS or if it's a local option.

Good luck brothers and sisters.

Bill in Cleveland