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I think my entire post was about some possible alternatives.

And you kinda said yourself what the bottom line is for us in this story, and it's like what I said above "Maybe these steps WERE taken...", with what you wrote that I've bolded.

If I got that phone call, in MY opinion, the way I live MY life, I've already failed. If my little girl cannot defend herself through whatever means necessary, she will not be alone, and if she is, she will be secured through whatever means I can (meaning good doors, good locks, security system, barking dogs, etc...). If I leave her in a defenseless position, I have failed by my own standard. And telling her the combination to the safe to get and use a gun she has no knowledge of is no defense; I can pretty much expect she's got a 50% chance of shooting herself and if she doesn't, she has 10% chance of shooting the BG at anything more than point blank.

If your plan A or B come after the bad guy is already at your home, kicking down your door, well on his way to to kidnapping/murdering/raping your daughter, while you're on the phone with her, then that is a massive failure in planning to keep your family safe. Same reason we carry a gun; we plan AHEAD, and make provisions do defend ourselves if need be. Just like your weapon can't magically appear on you if you left it at home, a solid defensive strategy can't be made and put into action over the phone while the crime is already in commission.
I think we are on the same page, and I have to agree with the part in bold.